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IoT Slam 2020 Agenda

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Day 1
19 Aug 2020

Real-Time Conference Broadcast Starts

IoT Slam 2020 welcome and opening remarks

Session Abstract: A welcome and introduction to the twelfth IoT Slam conference, by former IoT Community Advisory Board Chairman Bill Mortimer, and new Chairman of the Advisory Board, Dr. Tom Bradicich, who will provide an update on current conditions for our IoT Community members, as well as set the stage for the rest of the day. Speakers: Bill Mortimer is the former, first Chairman of the IoT Community Advisory Board a role he held for 5 working with the esteemed IoT Community board of advisors. He is the former Vice President of Strategic Marketing for the wireless, positioning, service assurance...
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Tom Bradicich, PhD, Tom Bradicich, PhD VP & Hewlett Packard Fellow, Global Head, IoT and Edge CoE & Labs, Hewlett Packard Enterprise; Tom Bradicich, PhD VP & Hewlett Packard Fellow Global Head, IoT and Edge Hewlett Packard Enterprise; Chairman of IoT Community Advisory Board
Dr. Tom Bradicich
Bill Mortimer, Former Chairman of IoT Community Advisory Board, Now Chair Emeritus
William (Bill) Mortimer

Keynote; IoT Community Diamond Member Panel

Session Abstract: The Edge-to-cloud and IoT markets and technologies are rapidly advancing. To continue this accelerated pace, an industry ecosystem of visionaries, innovative technologies, and novel collaborative partnerships are essential. Dr. Tom will share his views on the set of new challenges associated with moving IoT and edge-to-cloud solutions forward — to deliver the next generation of business and societal outcomes. In addition, Dr. Tom will host a panel discussion with experts from the IoT Community’s Diamond membership, who are contributing to a collaborative industry ecosystem necessary to advance the edge and IoT markets. Joining Dr. Tom (HPE), will be...
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Jerry Baulier, Vice President of IoT R&D, SAS
Jerry Baulier
Tom Bradicich, PhD, Tom Bradicich, PhD VP & Hewlett Packard Fellow, Global Head, IoT and Edge CoE & Labs, Hewlett Packard Enterprise; Tom Bradicich, PhD VP & Hewlett Packard Fellow Global Head, IoT and Edge Hewlett Packard Enterprise; Chairman of IoT Community Advisory Board
Dr. Tom Bradicich
Dr. Sarah Cooper GM IoT at AWS & Internet of Things Community Vice-Chair
Sarah Cooper
Vernon Turner - IoT Thought Leader
Vernon Turner
Chris Sullivan - Healthcare Practice Lead at Zebra, Chair of the Healthcare IoT Advisory Board
Chris Sullivan

Keynote: COVID-19’s Impact on Retail & the IoT Implications

Session Abstract: A clear feast or famine dichotomy rapidly emerged in retail this spring as COVID-19 forced lockdowns and stalled spending throughout the globe. While economies have slowly begun to bounce back, consumer shopping patterns have been dramatically altered and retailers have had to rapidly evolve or face an uncertain future. Zebra Technologies Chief Marketing Officer Jeff Schmitz will share insights on how IoT will play a key role in helping retailers on both sides of this dichotomy navigate the current market conditions and emerge stronger, more efficient and more customer centric. Speaker: Jeff Schmitz became senior vice president and chief...
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Jeffrey Schmitz

Accelerating IoT outcomes: Analytics + Partnerships + Democratization

Session Abstract: IoT is forcing a fundamental rethinking of business and operational strategies. Whether your data are on-premises, in a public or private cloud, at the edge, or anywhere in-between – analytics needs to be there with it. And democratization — making data, analytics and AI available and accessible to everyone in the organization – is crucial to realizing value and ensuring Digital Transformation success. You can see the beginnings of this wave in citizen data scientists and citizen application developers who use visualization, low-code and no-code environments to build models and applications. While the quality and robustness of algorithms...
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Josh Becker, Senior Global Director and Head of IoT Commercial, SAS
Josh Becker

Keynote – Top 3 Essential Trends in IoT

Session Abstract: We know that IoT is a top focus for businesses and organizations given COVID and the new normal. But what are the critical elements that companies and organizations need to understand – either for direct application or for learnings. Come and hear Sandy Carter speak about security and IoT, as well as best practices from healthcare and smart cities from her work with partners. Speaker: Sandy Carter is the AWS Vice President, Worldwide Public Sector Partners and Programs. In her new role, she will be responsible for driving next-generation partnering. Her responsibilities include evolving partner models to intensify...
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Sandy Carter - AWS Vice President, Worldwide Public Sector Partners and Programs
Sandy Carter

Keynote: The New Direction of IoT

Session Abstract: IoT is evolving. The paradigm of extending the network to things and devices is enabling radically transformational new business models. IoT is increasingly becoming the key to process digitization and business outcomes for line of business executives. This session will cover three new or accelerating trends in how IoT is being used as the key to unlock business value that is relevant for industries from manufacturing to mining, to oil and gas, smart cities, and transportation. It will cover case studies of IoT meeting new business challenges in 2020 around business resiliency, worker safety, XaaS, and changing supply...
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Bryan Tantzen, Senior Director, IoT Solutions, Cisco
Bryan Tantzen

Healthcare IoT Center of Excellence Panel: Community Health

Session Abstract: A panel discussion hosted by Chris Sullivan, Chairman of the IoT Community’s Healthcare IoT Center of Excellence, featuring Dr. Mark Wolff, SAS, Dr. William Paiva, CHSI, Ted DellaVecchia, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Partner of Symbotix and Timothy Washburn, Electronic Caregiver. Full abstract to follow shortly. Speakers: Chris Sullivan is the Global Healthcare Practice Lead for Zebra Technologies. With an acute understanding of the needs of patients and their caregivers coupled with robust technical knowledge of healthcare operations, Chris balances the personal and professional needs of the industry to create an inspirational point of view on healthcare technology....
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Timothy Washburn RN, BSN, MBAHCM, Electronic Caregiver
Timothy Washburn
Ted DellaVecchia, CEO, Symbotix
Ted DellaVecchia
William Paiva - Executive Director of the Center for Health Systems Innovation (CHSI).
William D. Paiva
Dr Mark Wolff, Advisory Industry Consultant Chief Health Analytics Strategist Global IoT Division SAS Institute
Mark Wolff
Chris Sullivan - Healthcare Practice Lead at Zebra, Chair of the Healthcare IoT Advisory Board
Chris Sullivan

Fireside Chat: IoT Platform: A Customer’s Foundation for Success

Session Abstract: Developing and implementing IoT solutions can seem like a daunting task and often expose new challenges when deploying a point-based solution approach. During this fireside chat centered around a recent success story, learn how implementing a platform-based strategy can not only extend rigid vertical applications, but serve as a flexible and open foundation for solving common challenges around interoperability, scalability, and standardization to achieve a system of systems methodology. Executives from Microsoft, SAS and Town of Cary will demonstrate how a local municipality was able to accelerate innovation and time to value, while implementing an underlying infrastructure that...
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Tony Shakib GM/Partner, Microsoft Azure IoT
Tony Shakib
Nicole Raimundo, CIO, Town of Cary
Nicole Raimundo
Jason Mann

Keynote: Edge Data and Categorizing the Edge Marketplace

Session Abstract: What are the differences between the multitude of edge offerings in the market today? In this session I will describe the features enterprise-grade edge software must have to effectively manage and process edge data for several industries including transportation, aerospace, agriculture, construction, and chemical processing. Edge computing is at the forefront of technology but what actually is edge computing and what capabilities does an “edge” need to have? Depending on your frame of reference the term “edge” can mean many different things. Some edge offerings are hardware based, some refer to cloud infrastructure, and yet others refer to...
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Eric Simone, Founder and CEO of ClearBlade Inc
Eric Simone

Panel: Women in IoT Center of Excellence

Session Abstract: A panel discussion hosted by Roxy Stimpson, F5, and joined by Amanda Healy, Cisco – and newly appointed Co-Chair of the IoT Community’s Women in IoT Center of Excellence, Michele Null, SAS, who will now serve in the capacity of Vice-Chair, Lisa Seacat-Deluca, IBM, Kelly Ireland, Founder, CBT and Vijji Suryadevara, CIO and VP of Engineering, Phizzle. This panel is pursuant to the IoT Community’s commitment to the practice and advocacy of gender diversity, inclusion, fairness and equal opportunities across the IoT and broader business, technology and societal landscape; promoting diversity of thought to realise impactful outcomes. The...
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Vijji Suryadevara, CIO & Head of Engineering, Phizzle
Vijji Suryadevara
Kelly Ireland – Founder, CEO and CTO, CBT, Vice-Chair of the WIoTCoE
Kelly Ireland
Amanda Healy, Head of IoT Global Demand Generation, Awareness, Marketing Operations, Cisco
Amanda Healy
Lisa Seacat DeLuca Director Emerging Solutions, Weather Business Solutions & IBM Digital Twin Exchange Founder, Agile Accelerator & Spotlight Distinguished Engineer & Master Inventor IBM AI Applications
Lisa Seacat DeLuca
Roxy Stimpson, OCTO Sr. Director of Engineering – Cloud Service and Analytics, F5
Roxy Stimpson
Michele Null - Co-Chair of the IoT Community’s WioTCoE, Principal Product Marketing Leader, Ansible Automation, Red Hat
Michele Null

How Edge Computing Delivers ROI in Process Manufacturing

Session Abstract: Modern connected business demands that we deliver faster, safer, more reliable and lower cost compute platforms than ever before. In this session, we’ll review how Edge Computing is quickly becoming the optimal architecture for addressing these desired attributes in industries such as Manufacturing, Automotive, Healthcare, Construction, and Retail, as well as cite some of the leading companies investing in Edge Computing. We will share a real-world example of a Process Manufacturing Plant that has deployed HPE’s Edgeline products which contributed direct and indirect ROI for solutions of Condition Monitoring, Video Analytics, Connected Worker, and Operational Analytics. Finally, we...
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Stan Galanski, SVP of Engineering Services, CBT
Stan Galanski

Panel: Flipping Healthcare on its Edge

Session Abstract: This discussion will provide insights into how the dominant design of healthcare has evolved and how big-tech is collaborating to accelerate a 180⁰ flip of the axis. Mac Devine (IBM Fellow) moderates a discussion with Ted Tanner Jr., (Global CTO Watson Health), Heather Cartwright ( Microsoft, General Manager, Microsoft Health Cloud), Cole Crawford, (Founder of vapor.io) and Kimberly Powell (NVIDIA, Vice President, NVIDIA Healthcare) to explore the advancement of smart-edge ecosystems for the execution of trusted/efficient transactions in concert with ubiquitous consumer access to personalized care. Unintended consequences resulting from decades of highly regulated industry evolution have exacerbated...
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Kimberly Powell, VP of Healthcare at NVIDIA
Kimberly Powell
Heather Cartwright, GM, Healthcare NExT: Artificial Intelligence & Research; Microsoft Healthcare
Heather Cartwright
Theodore C. Tanner Jr, Global CTO and Chief Architect for Watson Health, IBM
Theodore C. Tanner Jr.
Cole Crawford, founder and CEO of Vapor IO
Cole Crawford
Mac Devine, Vice President & CTO, Cloud Native Center of Competency, Strategic Client Success IBM Fellow, Master Inventor, IBM Cloud Division
Mac Devine

Mobility, Connectivity IoT Center of Excellence Panel (MCIoTCoE)

Session Abstract: A panel discussion hosted by Rahul Vijay, Chairman of the IoT Community’s Mobility and Connectivity in IoT, Center of Excellence, featuring: Stephen Douglas, Spirent, Rod Cruz, AT&T, Wayne Irwin, Ericsson, Anja Obradovic, Infobip, and Ken Davidson, Cisco. Speakers: Rahul Vijay is a key partner to business development teams in managing partner-supplier ecosystems. He is also a Key partner to CFOs to successfully achieve total cost of ownership reduction goals, a Key partner to CTOs for technology renting and buying strategies, a Key partner to chief legal officers for risk reduction, compliance and contracting. Rahul has end-to-end source to...
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Ken Davidson, Director Product Manangement, Cisco
Ken Davidson
Anja Obradovic, Product Manager, IoT, Infobip
Anja Obradovic
Rod Cruz, General Manager, Healthcare Solutions, at AT&T
Rod Cruz
Rahul Vijay | Head of Global Telecom Sourcing | Uber
Rahul Vijay
IoT Slam 2015 Virtual Internet of Things Conference Stephen Douglas
Stephen Douglas
Wayne Irwin VP – Operations – Emerging Business at Ericsson
Wayne Irwin

Location, Location, Location: The Power of the Edge

Session Abstract: Moving computing workloads to the edge can have surprising benefits that lead to entirely new ways of interacting with data. Take one classic edge exercise: bringing millions of time series records per second into a time series database from varied IoT data sources. High-performance time series databases require data to be inserted in order. Geographically decentralized networks then lead to significant delays in delivering data to the database. This delay is measured not just in milliseconds but seconds. The larger this window, the more data must be sorted before insertion into the database. This problem of windowing and...
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Ryan Brady, CTO at Phizzle
Ryan Brady

Solving the Data (Meaning) Dilemma for IoT

Session Abstract: The IoT Community has made significant progress in developing competencies for data collection – but we haven’t quite figured out how to make all the data we collect useful at scale. This is partly because we have not implemented strong methods that provide us with a shared and trusted understanding of what the data means.  The “data dilemma” for IoT is a solvable problem.  Applying the principles of Enterprise Knowledge Graph (EKG) can significantly enhance the value from your investment in IoT connectivity.  The pathway forward is linked to mature data content standards that were developed specifically for this...
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Jacobus Geluk, Chief Technology Officer, agnos.ai
Jacobus Geluk
Michael Atkin, Director, Enterprise Knowledge Graph Foundation, Inc.
Michael Atkin
Dessa Glasser, Ph.D. Principal at FRG and Independent Board Member at Oppenheimer Holdings Inc.
Dessa Glasser, Ph.D.
Dr. Adam T. Drobot, Chairman of the Board of OpenTechWorks
Dr. Adam T. Drobot

Real-Time Conference Broadcast Ends

IoT Slam 2020 On-Demand Agenda

Day 1
19 Aug 2020

The keys to IoT success: learning the lessons of real-world IoT deployments

Session Abstract: Which Internet of Things (IoT) projects should you implement and how can you ensure your project and strategy is successful? Matt Hatton, Founding Partner of Transforma Insights, and former CEO of Machina Research, will share the answers, based on extensive new research on real-world IoT deployments. In his recent book ‘The Internet of Things Myth’ Matt Hatton shared some of the slips and trips that befell organisations as they tried to implement IoT. Poorly conceived products, immature ecosystem, technology gaps and lack of strategic thinking were just a few reasons why many IoT projects never went past the...
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Matt Hatton, Founding Partner at Transforma Insights
Matt Hatton

IoT Scale & Promise, what is the holdup?

Session Abstract: This “SPECIAL” session will be joined by the IoT Coffee Talk group including Stephanie Atkinson, Leonard Lee, Rob Tiffany, Marc Pous, and David Vasquez. The list of experts and IoT enthusiasts will explore what is getting in the way of IoT promise, scale, and adoption across sectors, use cases, and applications. We have all seen the numbers and the inflation, but what are we really looking at in terms of adoption and scale issues and the roadblocks. What progress is being made and what are some of the core recommendations for the industry, ecosystem, and enterprise/government customers as we...
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Marc Pous, Developer Advocate, balena.io
Marc Pous
David Vasquez, Global Practice Lead - Manufacturing, Energy & Utility Verticals, Verizon
David Vasquez
Stephanie Atkinson, CEO & Founder, Compass Intelligence
Stephanie Atkinson
Rob Tiffany, Vice President and Head of IoT Strategy, Ericsson
Rob Tiffany
Leonard Lee - Managing Director, neXt Curve
Leonard Lee

Detecting faults before they happen

Session Abstract: myma – the science behind the appliance Using their custom IoT platform they can make your washer, drier or dishwasher smart, which is the exact remit of the OEM corporates right now. Myma understands customer usage and feeds it back to the manufacturer via a dashboard giving detailed analysis and insight to up sell D2C and send preventative notifications in real time. The patented smart meter is now able (Thanks to ML) to detect faults, before they happen! Speaker: Leon Doyle CEO at myma.io Leon the CEO is a seasoned Entrepreneur, he has had 3 Technology startups and...
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Leon Doyle, CEO at myma.io
Leon Doyle

Identity. Proofing + Data Privacy & Security = Transactional Bliss

Session Abstract: This session will focus on key elements of creating secure transactions between people & connected devices as well as device to device using identity proofing from NIST 800.63 standard to ensure integrity without exposing PII. Creating a world where you know someone is really who they say they are but not having to. know who they are to do business with them, and then auditing the transactional record in an immutable log to ensure traceability. All of this is possible today with connected devices and technology that already exists. Along with a US State we have spent the...
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Eddie Satterly, Co-Founder at DataNexus
Eddie Satterly

Combining Digital Health and the Trusted Doctor – Patient Relationship to Improve Health and Reduce Utilization

Session Abstract: Low self management is driven by two key factors: knowledge and motivation. Companies spend significant amounts of money on programs to help people manage their chronic conditions and improve their health with little uptake. Combining a digital health solution to increase knowledge and using the trusted doctor-patient relationship to motivate people achieves the Quadruple Aim of better health, healthcare, lower cost and doctor and patient fulfillment. This session will educate attendees on how to properly motivate people to learn and self-manage, producing lower costs and a return on investment for the employer/payer. Speaker: Jeff Greene CEO & FOunder...
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Jeff Greene, CEO & Founder at MedEncentive
Jeff Greene

Tackling the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals with IoT and Analytics

Session Abstract: It all starts with connecting people, machines, and environmental systems to facilitate communication and the sharing of knowledge. I believe thoughtfully capturing data about the world around us will make the invisible, visible. The unknown will become known. The remote, local. Our ability to digitize and analyze the planet and its ecosystems will help us solve the world’s most challenging problems and achieve many of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Speaker: Rob Tiffany VP and Head of IoT Strategy at Ericsson Rob Tiffany is Vice President and Head of IoT Strategy at Ericsson where he drives strategy...
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Rob Tiffany, Vice President and Head of IoT Strategy, Ericsson
Rob Tiffany

The 5G IOT Era – Wireline Networks will enable the future

Session Abstract: Year 2020, Covid-19 outbreak has paved way for the new normal towards a digital world. As a ray of hope amidst these tough times, the hype of 5G is finally real and countries are deploying their own 5G networks. Ever since the inception of Internet of Things (IoT), it has come a long way and today, is a reality on a massive scale, empowering major industries. As we discuss about these technologies further, shall we take for granted the backbone behind all these limitless possibilities? Proliferation of IOT relies on the future that 5G promises. But what is...
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Richa Daga, Software Engineer, Cisco
Richa Daga

CyberSecurity -Spotlight on IOT Forensics

Session Abstract: The Session describes about the IoT forensics, branch of digital forensics, deals with crimes related to IoT. It deals with identification, analysis, processing, extraction, preservation, processing, documenting, and presenting the evidence in court of law of a digital device that uses IoT. This requires investigation of connected devices, sensors & data stored on the cloud. This is more complex in practical than theory. The required evidence could be collected from home automation sensors, automobile sensors, wearable devices. This session focuses on the privacy, security, and forensics challenges in IoT environments along with innovative solution that flags the way...
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Hima Bindu Vejella, Core Member, CyberPsy
Hima Bindu Vejella

Unbundling the interface mess to enable scalable AI & IoT applications

Session Abstract: The number of IoT devices is skyrocketing and companies are evolving from creating transparency into their operations (remote monitoring and predictive analytics) towards their vision of autonomous operations. But several challenges exist: – AI models rely on homogenous data models – Incoming data streams need to be interpreted, aligned, and transformed into the common models – Data needs to flow between edge and cloud – across various cloud and IT system providers Solving one of the biggest IoT challenges requires systems to be polyglot. We will highlight approaches from the automotive and manufacturing industry how fleet companies and...
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Christian Umbach, CEO, xapix.io
Christian Umbach

Capturing Hidden Value from IoT and Advanced Analytics

Session Abstract: Organizations planning to implement IoT and advanced analytics often fail to capture the envisioned value of these initiatives. This is rooted in 1) not rigorously identifying and quantifying up-front all of the potential value levers, and 2) failing to carefully operationally validate the ability to capture each pocket of value. This talk will share a detailed case study of how a multi-billion dollar industrial and residential services company drove hyper-growth and profitability through an IoT/data strategy, applying a methodical approach in transforming a traditional asset intensive company with a blue-collar workforce into a modern, digital data-driven company. We...
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Sugath Warnakulasuriya, Managing Director at Thalamus Labs
Sugath Warnakulasuriya

Using Zero Trust to Protect Cellular IoT devices

Session Abstract: More than ever we need the Internet of Things to drive reliable and secure automated means of production, monitoring and control when facing up to the challenges of environmental concerns and a global pandemic. Ensuring supply chains can scale to adapt to massive peaks of demand while production can be made more efficient and create less waste is good for the health of our economy and planet while ensuring the air we breathe and the water we drink is clean and the driver-less cars are safe are vital for the safety of our population. Cellular IoT is the...
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Stuart Mitchell, Chief Evangelist and Head of Product, ZARIOT
Stuart Mitchell

How 5G Communications Supercharges Enterprise Gains from IoT and Sensor Networks

Session Abstract: As “Maverick” Mitchell (Tom Cruise) said in Top Gun, “I feel the need — the need for speed!”. Today, smart factories are adopting 5G Private Networks. One of the biggest benefits it to fulfill firms that mimic “Maverick” — with today’s IoT sensor networks, firms can wait 20 milliseconds or more to see results from data analysis. 5G gives firms immediate — 1 millisecond — access to key variables. I will discuss how “knowledge synthesis” serves as a tool to understand the economics of IoT and how network effects within firms and between firms are likely to be...
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Robert Cohen Senior Fellow at Economic Strategy Institute
Robert Cohen

Keynote: 6 pioneers who are delivering IoT-enabled disruption NOW

Session Abstract: Having led the cross-company global transformation teams of two multi-billion-dollar companies, HP and Cisco, from hardware-led to software-led business models, Nick Earle has been at the forefront of significant technology led business transformation. As CEO of innovative IoT start-up Eseye, Nick will outline why ubiquitous global connectivity is not only fundamental to the IoT business case, but how it is being adopted by leading companies to drive radical business advantage. Join Nick Earle’s session to learn how 6 pioneers from different industries have embraced IoT and applied its full potential to transform their business processes, disrupt markets and gain...
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Nick Earle, Chairman and CEO, Eseye
Nick Earle

Role of Cognitive Digital Twins Today

Session Abstract: Digital Twins are a digital replica of assets. When combined with AI they offer connectivity and predictive power to assets. Come find out how Digitaltwins is a hot area of innovation, and job opportunity today during covid times. – Learn What are Cognitive Digital Twins – Role of Digital Twins in Autonomous Vehicles, Workplace, Industry 4.0, Construction and Real Estate and more. – Career Pivot to DIgital Twins – How can you get started Speaker: Sudha Jamthe is the CEO of IoT Disruptions and an entrepreneurial mobile product leader with 20+ years experience building Consumer Mobile and eCommerce...
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Sudha Jamthe, CEO, IoTDisruptions.com
Sudha Jamthe

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