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Why Attend an IoT Slam Conference?

If you are one of the 10,000+ attendees of our past IoT Slam events you already know that our next event production will be our best yet, as we are constantly seeking to raise the bar, setting new heights year after year. IoT Slam advances the dialogue around the Internet of Things spectrum from a (horizontal industry perspective), delivering exclusive, cutting edge content that is catered for CxOs, executives and business line management, as well as technology oriented executives. Our events focus on the rapidly changing landscape driven by the emergence of the Internet of Things extending to widely accepted models such as cognitive computing, smart cities, blockchain, edge / cloud computing, platforms, big data, analytics and much much more. IoT Slam delivers exclusive, cutting edge content and provides actionable insights catered for CxOs, and IoT practitioners who are seeking to better understand how to leverage best-practice IoT strategies within their organization. The event features the most compelling topics in IoT – from a horizontal industry perspective, featuring highly acclaimed speakers, impartial, on-topic, user centered content and interactive workshops.

Who should attend IoT Slam?

IoT Slam is where the new multi-disciplinary community is forming around the convergence of software and hardware—engineers, researchers, roboticists, makers, developers, designers, founders of startups, and innovators—will gather in the Cloud – to explore what lies ahead as software increasingly interacts with the physical world. This includes:

  • Company leaders who want to; understand the actual revolutionary interruption of IoT, keep competitive, and understand a uncharted enterprise model involving IoT exactly where end-points can also be solutions
  • Business Line Executives who are seeking to leverage the power of IoT and take ownership of driving change within their enterprise cultures
  • Hardware designers who want to better align their IoT strategy to be connected, smart, and adaptive
  • Software programmers who produce smart, cost-effective, and intelligent applications
  • Innovators and Start-ups creating the latest solutions to improve efficiencies, increase productivity, attract finance, and mature across the partner eco-system
  • Sales and Marketing Executives trying to find new, cost effective methods to identify and meet with new / existing clients
  • Government Policy Makers and Regulators who define, legislate, implement, and build smart / connected infrastructure to improve the consumer way of life
  • Investors who want to find their next big investment opportunity and stay ahead of their competitors
  • Academics undertaking research in engineering and computer sciences that will enable the connected world


  • Experience successful strategies for migration and integration of IoT with legacy / cloud and edge / mobile systems
  • Learn how to leverage IoT to streamline and improve data delivery models
  • Gather impartial, current and practical insights across the broader IoT value chain
  • Gain an objective overview of the current standing of IoT spectrum
  • Watch real-world case studies focused on the lessons learnt and challenges faced Smart City, Industrial, and Enterprise IoT Implementations
  • Understand the key trends transforming and driving IoT, cloud, mobile and big data
  • Connect with hundreds of IoT decision makers, vendors, analysts and developers – all from the comfort of your machine
  • Explore the ROI potential of IoT deployment and adoption without having to shell out thousands of $$ attending pay for play events
  • Understand the key trends transforming and driving IoT, cloud, mobile and big data
  • All content is free from any Sales pitches! Every session contains real world, objective, informative content that viewers can take something meaningful away

Audience focused content is aimed at the following industries:

Retail, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Banking & Finance, Insurance, Life Sciences, Government / Public services, Telecommunications, Rail, Automotive, Media & Entertainment, Utilities, Engineering, Construction, Retail / CPG, Pharmaceutical, Consumer Electronics, Business Services amongst others.

When are the next IoT Slams?

IoT Slam 2022, August 19, 2022, Online, the twentieth edition.


IoT Grand Slam 2022, December 10, 2022, Online, the twenty first edition.









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