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IoT Slam XX Agenda

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Day 1
19 Aug 2022
08:45 - 09:00


IoT and the Things You Buy

Session Abstract: Edge and IoT technologies continue to enhance the on-premises retail shopping experience. A key driver is the retail store’s twofold competition — with each other, and with online buying. IoT related applications are serving both the consumer and the retailer, from ease of product location and availability, to theft and inventory management, and in-store customer behavior analytics. Join Dr. Tom Bradicich, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Fellow, and his special guests as they share deep insights into the emerging and extant retail shopping experience, improving customer satisfaction, and enhancing retail business outcomes. Speakers: Dr. Tom Bradicich is VP, Hewlett Packard...
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Alex Siskos, SVP Strategy, Everseen
Alex Siskos
Tom Bradicich, PhD, Tom Bradicich, PhD VP & Hewlett Packard Fellow, Global Head, IoT and Edge CoE & Labs, Hewlett Packard Enterprise; Tom Bradicich, PhD VP & Hewlett Packard Fellow Global Head, IoT and Edge Hewlett Packard Enterprise; Chairman of IoT Community Advisory Board
Dr. Tom Bradicich

Leveraging a Diverse IoT Ecosystem to Drive Innovative Solutions

Session Abstract: Every IoT practitioner is faced with a series of complex challenges to navigate on the way to market adoption. Leveraging the IoT Ecosystem is the key to successful development and is a critical step in helping practitioners solve complicated challenges. In this presentation, SAS’ Craig Foster and Exacter’s John Lauletta will explore how a strong IoT ecosystem played an important role in developing a first-of-its-kind IoT solution in the utilities industry and how this model for success can be replicated to solve challenges in other industries. The duo will share insights and key learnings on the complexities of...
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John Lauletta, CEO, Exacter Inc
John Lauletta
Craig Foster, Principal Business Development Executive, SAS
Craig Foster

Dancing with Data Science at the Edge

Abstract: Realizing when mechanical devices (e.g. pump data, manufacturing devices)  are having mechanical issues and are showing signs of failure (via sensors) are important items to know when you need to keep your mechanical devices running 24/7.  Therefore creating failure prediction algorithms and/or model(s) are essential parts of your mechanical equipment maintenance toolbox.  But how do you get started? Is it hard to curate sensor data? How do you create, train and deploy failure prediction algorithms and models?  What kind of platform do you use for these items? Failure prediction in real time on time series data (gathered by sensors)...
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Cory Latschkowski, Senior Specialist Solutions Architect, OpenShift, Red Hat
Cory Latschkowski
Audrey Reznik - Sr. Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat
Audrey Reznik

Realising real-time insights for the Digital Twin

Session Abstract: During this session we discuss the key role of Digital Twins to provide real-time insights for users and enterprise processes resulting from the acquisition of IoT data users to create a comprehensive picture of the past, present and likely future health and state of their high value entities. The session will illustrate how templates can provide capabilities to represent entity structure, relationships with other entities, associated telemetry and meta-data as input into AI/ML techniques that provide insights and predictions that enrich the Digital Twin and enable the automatic triggering of enterprise processes. Speakers: Saurabh Thapliyal is responsible for...
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Saurabh Thapliyal, Director, Product Management, Oracle Intelligent Applications Development
Saurabh Thapliyal
Simon Nicholson, Senior Director, Product Management, Oracle Intelligent Applications Development
Simon Nicholson

Intelligent Manufacturing – Preparing for the Disruptions and Beyond

Session Abstract: Continuing from where Sath Rao left the IOT Slam Session earlier this year, (https://iotpractitioner.com/surviving-and-thriving-in-a-vuca-world-iot-and-beyond/ ) Zebra Technologies will expand on how transformative approaches are helping industries prepare for the future. Zebra Technologies is a manufacturer and enables manufacturing companies to accelerate digital transformation. First phase of IIoT was focused on enabling intelligent insights and the coming era will require industry leaders to leverage at machine vision, augmented workflows and embedded AI that will redefine human-2-machine convergence. Join Zebra Technologies as it shares lessons from its managed partner transformations that was recognized with the ML Award at the Manufacturing...
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Anthony Lasala - Sr. Director Manufacturing and Test Engineering Zebra Technologies
Anthony Lasala
Sath Rao, Director Global Manufacturing Strategy, Zebra Technologies
Sath Rao
Guy Merritt, VP of Solutions and Consulting, SoftServe
Guy Merritt

HIoTCoE Panel – Charting the New Frontier: Health and Wellness at Home

Session Abstract: Enabling technologies combined with new reimbursement models and incentives are paving the way to deliver cost-effective and scalable workflows to provide a range of acuity care levels for health / wellness @ home opportunities. Speakers: Eric Abbott is a seasoned technology executive with a deep understanding of digital services, healthcare IT solutions, and connectivity infrastructure. Eric is Healthcare Business Executive at Cisco Systems, leading the healthcare services practice in Cybersecurity and Digital Transformation practices including Performance IT, Collaboration and Communications, Smart Hospital, and Location Based Services. He is also an executive advisor to Analytics4Medicine, a Consumer Digital Health startup...
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Rich G Kenny, RN, MMCi, Health Care Industry Executive Advisor, SAS
Rich G Kenny, RN, MMCi
Catherine (CJ) Robison BSN, RN, Health Innovation Scientist, Oracle
Catherine (CJ) Robison, BSN, RN
Jasen Thacker Regional Business Development Manager Link Labs
Jasen Thacker
Eric Abbott, Adjunct Faculty, School of Professional Studies, Northwestern University
Eric Abbott
Julian Durand, Vice President, Product Management and Chief Information Security Officer, Intertrust
Julian Durand

Points of Interest Along Your Edge AI Journey

Session Abstract: The journey to Edge AI nirvana can take many paths, and you may make many stops along the way as you progress towards your destination. There are many decisions to be made and experiences to be had, all with the end goal of achieving success. How to plan your journey is completely up to you, and there are many things to consider.  Where do you want to go?  Why are you going on your trip? Is anyone going along with you on your journey? What are your expectations? How much is this trip going to cost? How hard...
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Eric Simone, Founder and CEO of ClearBlade Inc
Eric Simone

How To Implement a Successful IoT Strategy: Key Principles of Technology-Driven Operations

Session Abstract: When developing an end-to-end industrial internet of things (IIoT) solution, it’s important to have both a vision and a plan. Setting objectives and benchmarks will help guide you and your company through the journey. Register for the session to learn how you can implement a successful IoT strategy and hear how our customers are optimizing their operations. Speakers: Sean McCoy joined CBT as a Solutions Manager – Worker Safety & Security in 2021. CBT applies their expertise in integration at the point where IT and OT converge leading to sustainable and real business transformation. After graduating high school Sean spent...
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Sean McCoy, Solution Manager - Worker Safety & Security, CBT
Sean McCoy
Charlie Stack, Chief Technologist (CT) for Operational Technology, CBT
Charlie Stack

Build It, Be It! How to Create a Powerful Personal Brand

Session Abstract: First impressions have always been critical, and today your first impression is likely to be a digital one. The key difference? You have far more control over the perception you create online versus the snap judgement made when you meet someone in “real life.” In this interactive session, Cisco IoT marketing leader, national speaker, and social media expert Amanda Healy will share the recipe to building a powerful personal brand online. Focusing on LinkedIn, she provides the steps that you can take to create a strong, memorable, and lasting digital impression. You’ll walk away with a clear roadmap...
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Amanda Healy, Head of IoT Global Demand Generation, Awareness, Marketing Operations, Cisco
Amanda Healy

Smart Home and Industry 5.0 Demand Trusted Distributed Data

Session Abstract: Partly as a response to the COVID-19 and climate change crises, the European Union (EU) has come out with a new industrial initiative it is calling Industry 5.0. While the business world has largely absorbed the goals of Industry 4.0, which can be summed up as the transformation of industry through digital technologies, Industry 5.0 can be summarized as calling for redesigning industry around a human centric approach. Some major points of the Industry 5.0 initiative include: Ensuring that digital technologies such as robots and AI (artificial intelligence) used in industry are designed with human workers in mind...
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Julian Durand, Vice President, Product Management and Chief Information Security Officer, Intertrust
Julian Durand

Early Warning System for Innovation

Session Abstract: We live in an age where if you’re not driving your innovation initiatives through rigorous data analysis, you are running the risk of missing out on opportunities. In this presentation we will look at how Artificial Intelligence enables systematic workflows to explore new businesses and exploit existing ones. Speaker: Dennis Poulsen is the CEO of Valuer. Mr. Poulsen began his career as product manager for mobile device intelligence company Mobilethink. In 2009, he co-founded Tweakker together with Mobilethink and took up the role of Tweakker’s CEO in 2011. In September 2014, Tweakker was acquired by Spirent Communications plc,...
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IoT Slam 2015 Virtual Internet of Things Conference - Dennis Juul Poulsen Tweakker
Dennis Poulsen

Expanding Industrial IoT Applications With Digital Twins

Session Abstract: Two industry segments, Manufacturing and Agriculture are successfully using Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and now rising in maturity to the next stage by leveraging Digital Twins to expand upon their capabilities. These industry verticals have moved from science experiments to realizing materially significant operational benefits as a result of deploying Industrial IoT (IIoT) applications coupled with Digital Twins. We will share a brief overview of the different types of Digital Twins, when to use each type and a design pattern of fusing IIoT solutions with Digital Twins. Benefits that are being realized in these two industry segments...
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Shaun Greene, Director of IoT, SoftServe
Shaun Greene

Rethinking Production: Digitalization for Phoenix Contact’s PLCnext Factory

Session Abstract: Companies such as Netflix, Amazon, and Alibaba, Tesla and SpaceX are successfully utilizing new methods to realize complex projects at incredible speeds. What all of these have in common is that they use agile working methods and employ digital technologies. We now need to look closely and ask ourselves how they are using digital technologies and benefiting from agile methods. We can learn lessons from this and apply them to our own working practices. Back in 2017/18 Phoenix Contact, set an important milestone on the road to digital  transformation, with the management team developing a common dialog model...
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Dave Eifert, Sr. Business Development Manager - IIoT, Phoenix Contact, USA
Dave Eifert

IoT Case Studies in Real-Time Operations: Why “Good Enough” Isn’t “Good Enough”

Session Abstract: The promise of the Internet of Things (IoT) rests on a foundation of real-time location and/or condition information, and the actions that can be taken to improve business performance with that information.  Yet, often due to the inherent nature of connectivity challenges or the inherent nature of the location technology, real-time visibility falls short of 99+% location accuracy and reliability.  In this session, we will explore the following: Shortcomings of various RTLS solution types Case studies of companies achieving 99+% accuracy Benefits of greater system performance The bottom line: 80-90% location accuracy may sound “good enough,” but for...
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Bob Proctor, Co-founder and CEO, Link Labs
Bob Proctor

Device-Focus: Connecting Big Pharma’s Scientific Lab Instruments

Session Abstract: Phizzle CIO Michael Patrick will appear for the first time at IoT Slam to deliver a deep-dive on Big Pharma’s lab instrumentation and hardware. Mike’s hands-on experience operating new tech in critical drug production labs allows him to answer a key question for the IoT industry: what does it take to succeed as a 3rd-party technology provider with Fortune 100 Pharma? This discussion will be technical and cater to IT architects, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and those interested in solutions for drug manufacturing digitization / automation. Speaker: Michael Patrick, Chief Innovation Officer, Phizzle. Michael started with Phizzle in 2008 and...
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Michael Patrick, Chief Innovation Officer, Phizzle
Michael Patrick
16:45 - 17:00

Conference Closing Remarks / End of Event

Digitalizing Mining: Connecting The Unconnected With IoT

Session Abstract: The mining industry faces increased pressure today. It grapples with skilled labor shortages, increased mining accidents, commodity price fluctuations, economic volatility and shifting customer demands. Also, with these issues accelerated by the pandemic, it is high time the mining industry breaks the barriers of its traditional ways to maintain efficiency, product quality, and safety for its onsite personnel. The mine operators need to break down old operational silos and pursue safer and smarter business methods. It is possible through wired and wireless network solutions that connect to sensors and devices to provide visibility and control over data and...
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Richa Daga, Software Engineer, Cisco
Richa Daga

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