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IoT Grand Slam 2020 Agenda

Broadcast live and real-time across US Eastern Timezone
Day 1
11 Dec 2020


IoT Grand Slam 2020 Welcome and Opening Remarks

Session Abstract: A welcome and introduction to the twelfth IoT Grand Slam 2020 Conference, by Chairman of the Advisory Board, Dr. Tom Bradicich, who will provide an update on current conditions for our IoT Community members, as well as set the stage for the rest of the day. Speaker: Dr. Tom Bradicich is VP, Hewlett Packard Fellow. Beginning his career at IBM, Tom was an IBM Fellow, VP, Distinguished Engineer, and Server CTO. Prior to HP and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Tom was an NI Fellow at National Instruments, an Operational Technologies (OT) company. HP / Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE): Tom is...
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Tom Bradicich, PhD, Tom Bradicich, PhD VP & Hewlett Packard Fellow, Global Head, IoT and Edge CoE & Labs, Hewlett Packard Enterprise; Tom Bradicich, PhD VP & Hewlett Packard Fellow Global Head, IoT and Edge Hewlett Packard Enterprise; Chairman of IoT Community Advisory Board
Dr. Tom Bradicich

Keynote: IoT and Edge – advancing the way we live and work

Session Abstract: Downtime, high operational expenses, and personal illness are enemies of improving the way we live and work. Emerging and extant IoT and Edge solutions are key ways to counter these barriers to success, contributing to “why the edge is where the action is”. Along with expert guests, Dr. Tom Bradicich will review use cases that directly help lower costs, reduce liabilities, and enhance personal wellbeing — from healthcare to manfufacturing. Dr. Tom will close this session sharing his vision for the future of IoT with specific predictions. Speakers: Dr. Tom Bradicich is VP, Hewlett Packard Fellow. Beginning his career...
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Tom Bradicich, PhD, Tom Bradicich, PhD VP & Hewlett Packard Fellow, Global Head, IoT and Edge CoE & Labs, Hewlett Packard Enterprise; Tom Bradicich, PhD VP & Hewlett Packard Fellow Global Head, IoT and Edge Hewlett Packard Enterprise; Chairman of IoT Community Advisory Board
Dr. Tom Bradicich
Sergio Farache, Executive Vice President, Strategy, Innovation, Cloud, and M&A, Tech Data
Sergio Farache

IoT Community Diamond Member Panel – The Future of as-a-Service in IoT and at the Edge

Session Abstract: The Future of as-a-Service in IoT and at the Edge Two dynamics at play today are the growth of the Edge/IoT, and, as-a-Service (aaS) consumption-based models. “Things” (the “T” in IoT) are becoming smarter, more efficacious, and better connected, resulting in a growing reliance on the edge – the “third place” which complements the on premises data center, and remote cloud. Current and future edge and IoT infrastructure deployments may benefit from aaS consumption models that are similar to the cloud. Bringing the cloud experience to the edge exposes several challenges not seen in the data center or...
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Mirko Graebel, Senior Manager, Technical Marketing - IoT, Cisco
Mirko Graebel
Tom Bradicich, PhD, Tom Bradicich, PhD VP & Hewlett Packard Fellow, Global Head, IoT and Edge CoE & Labs, Hewlett Packard Enterprise; Tom Bradicich, PhD VP & Hewlett Packard Fellow Global Head, IoT and Edge Hewlett Packard Enterprise; Chairman of IoT Community Advisory Board
Dr. Tom Bradicich
Jason Mann
Chris Sullivan - Healthcare Practice Lead at Zebra, Chair of the Healthcare IoT Advisory Board
Chris Sullivan
Mac Devine, Vice President & CTO, Cloud Native Center of Competency, Strategic Client Success IBM Fellow, Master Inventor, IBM Cloud Division
Mac Devine

Keynote: Finding harmony for IT/OT convergence when IT is from Mars and OT is from Venus

Session Abstract:  Industry 4.0 is a digital transformation which intends to bring together the IT and OT domains. But how can this convergence be done when there are so many fundamental differences between them. What lessons can we take from the digital transformation of IT while adapting to the new OT challenges? How should Hybrid Cloud, Edge Computing, IoT and 5G be leveraged for this convergence? Can the locked down and siloed data environments of the traditional OT domain be transformed in a way so that they are more open yet more secure? Will the real-time data within the OT...
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Jerry Chen, Head of Global Business Development for Manufacturing & Industrials, NVIDIA
Jerry Chen
Mac Devine, Vice President & CTO, Cloud Native Center of Competency, Strategic Client Success IBM Fellow, Master Inventor, IBM Cloud Division
Mac Devine

Digital Transformation Journey: Success Story of Redefining Power Plant Performance

Session Abstract: Digital transformation often means looking for new ways to leverage technology and IoT data to generate revenue. Industrial organizations are quickly finding benefits in servitization. As a result, services are an increasingly important part of manufacturers’ digital transformations. Learn how SAS and The Grain are collaborating to help SPG Dry Cooling achieve their aftermarket service goals, differentiate and optimize their assets. Speakers: As Senior Global Director and Head of IoT Commercial in SAS’ IoT Division, Josh Becker is responsible for the development and execution of the global IoT commercial strategy. He leads a diverse team of business development...
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Pascal Bejstrup Commercial and Finance Director, The Grain
Pascal Bejstrup
Frédéric Anthone, Manager Aftermarket, SPG Dry Cooling
Frédéric Anthone
Josh Becker, Senior Global Director and Head of IoT Commercial, SAS
Josh Becker
11:00 - 11:15

Break / Networking / 1:1 meetings

Manufacturing the Future: How to Add Edge to the Build

Abstract: Some of the biggest challenges facing architects and administrators deploying IoT is the sheer scale and complexity of managing the tens of billions of devices expected to come online in the next few years and doing so in a secure manner. This session explores how machine manufacturers (or operators) can integrate any edge device right into their machine. You’ll leave with an understanding of how edge compute can pre-process and evaluate the data from all sensors directly on the machine, opening possibilities for predictive maintenance, as well as remote monitoring and management. This will ultimately increase Overall Equipment Effectiveness...
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Todd Gurela

Keynote by Mark Forman, former US federal CIO, The Growing Role For IoT in Government’s Pandemic Response

Session Abstract: The pandemic has rapidly brought government agencies into the Digital World. This presentation provides survey data on how government has changed the way it does its work, its challenges, and long-term adjustments such as the movement out of buildings for day-to-day work. The presentation concludes with how IoT can and is being applied to address the current challenges that agencies are facing, such as safe workplaces and distribution of vaccines. Speaker: Mark Forman is an accomplished executive with more than 30 years of professional work experience, including a Presidential appointment to be the first U.S. Administrator for E-Government and...
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Mark Forman - Vice President Digital Government Strategy, SAIC
Mark Forman

Healthcare Provider IoT Strategies: Center of Excellence Discussion

Session Abstract: In this interactive session we will discuss how virtual care platforms when combined with IoT Technologies offer limitless possibilities and transformational patient care delivery change. Speakers: Richard M. Montmeny PhD, CEO, California Rehabilitation Institute. He has over 30 years’ experience in health care across several environments. His career includes private practice physical therapy owner, consulting business entrepreneur, educator and clinician in an academic medical center, and hospital operations in a community hospital. He has also lead payment innovation and care redesign efforts essential to improving population health. He currently serves as chair of the Provider Advisory Council for...
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Dr. Olawale Sulaiman, CEO, Chairman RNZ Global Ltd & Founder RNZ Foundation
Dr. Olawale Sulaiman
Brian Hamilton, President, Hippo Technologies
Brian Hamilton
Ted DellaVecchia, CEO, Symbotix
Ted DellaVecchia
Kerri-Lynn Primmer Morris
Richard M. Montmeny PhD, CEO, California Rehabilitation Institute
Richard M. Montmeny PhD, PT
13:00 - 13:15

Break / Networking / 1:1 meetings

Rheem’s Connected Water Heater Journey

Rheem has long been at the forefront of technology, whether it be winning awards for innovation, efficiency or industry firsts. So it’s no wonder their vision for creating a smart connected family of products, branded Rheem EcoNet®, needed a flexible, scalable edge IoT cloud platform. Unfortunately, they appeared to be ahead of their time and the market’s ability to provide an adequate platform. The challenge was how to get all their smart HVAC and water heaters connected to the cloud in the best, most scalable and stable way. Their system at the time, like many enterprise systems, faced too many...
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Bill Brown
Eric Simone, Founder and CEO of ClearBlade Inc
Eric Simone

WIoTCoE Panel Discussion

The Women in IoT Center of Excellence is setting a blazing trail of innovation across the IoT landscape. Hear from these leaders in their respective fields, coming together to move the needle. The WIoTCoE aims to collectively provide women in the IoT arena with strategy development and how to implement best practices which promote equality, fairness and meaningful outcomes. The goal of the Women in IoT CoE is to engage and enable organizations and leaders to create and sustain an inclusive culture to advance the development of IoT solutions globally. The WIoTCoE facilitate discussions, knowledge sharing, learning, best practices and...
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Mitra Best, Lead Principal for Strategic Innovation and Technology, PwC
Mitra Best
Jenn Gamble
Vijji Suryadevara, CIO & Head of Engineering, Phizzle
Vijji Suryadevara
Kelly Ireland – Founder, CEO and CTO, CBT, Vice-Chair of the WIoTCoE
Kelly Ireland
Amanda Healy, Head of IoT Global Demand Generation, Awareness, Marketing Operations, Cisco
Amanda Healy
Michele Null - Co-Chair of the IoT Community’s WioTCoE, Principal Product Marketing Leader, Ansible Automation, Red Hat
Michele Null
Sandy Carter - AWS Vice President, Worldwide Public Sector Partners and Programs
Sandy Carter

Making the Case for Agile IoT Development

The Internet of Things (IoT) offers huge potential economic impact across sectors (especially in a post-COVID world). However, Gartner estimates that 75% of IoT projects today take twice as long as planned. The industry is in need of agile development and processes — but that’s easier said than done. How can organizations make it happen? In this keynote presentation, you will: Learn the top five most common reasons IoT projects fail See an honest comparison of Waterfall vs. Agile for IoT Discover 10 major steps to completing an Agile IoT project successfully Speaker: As the Founder of Very, Ben has...
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Ben Wald

Security, Privacy and Trust in IoT Center of Excellence Panel

Session Abstract: A panel discussion hosted by Dipto Chakravarty, Chairman of the IoT Community’s Security, Privacy and Trust in IoT Center of Excellence In Healthcare: TRUST Equates to VALUE This discussion will provide insights into how and why the emergence of a new dominant design of healthcare is accelerating in environments where trusted knowledge is used to enable business model reinvention. Dipto Chakravarty, (Amazon), Ted DellaVecchia (Symbotix), Kerry Shih (Ripl) collaborate to openly explore a thesis. In healthcare where data challenges have contributed to consumer apathy, clinical practitioner burnout, and other challenges to a healthier society, it is evident that...
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Navid Rezvani, VP of Engineering Effectiveness at Splunk
Navid Rezvani
Tom Anderson, CEO, Devvio Inc
Tom Anderson
Kerry Shih
Ted DellaVecchia, CEO, Symbotix
Ted DellaVecchia
Dipto Chakravarty CTO at Exostar
Dipto Chakravarty

Tiny-Edge Computing Unlocks Wirefree IoT

Session Abstract: Servers drove Cloud Computing, mobility drove Edge Computing and now IoT will drive Tiny-Edge Computing. Tiny, battery powered, wireless computers integrating a host of cameras and sensors are answering some of the most interesting business process problems. Discussion will include real-world Tiny-Edge use cases for the DoD, smart cities and the Enterprise. Also being covered are which technologies are playing a key role and what CIOs think of assimilating potentially thousands of mini computers all in one project. Kerry Shih, Founder of Ripl Networks is both a fan and a leading expert in the Tiny-Edge and promises some...
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Kerry Shih

Breaking out of the PoC Purgatory – From Analytical IoT to Operational IoT

The promised revolution of “50 billion IOT devices by 2020” hasn’t happened. Instead there are 9 billion, many of which are not doing much. For every Next or Ring there are hundreds of products like connected washing machines or connected refrigerators yet to prove their value. In Enterprises, there is an even larger rift between potential and realized value. Enterprise IT boneyards are filling up with IOT POCs that didn’t deliver the value they promised. The primary cause of failure is the choice of business use case. The human aspect of digitization through IOT is arguably the next biggest factor,...
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Vijji Suryadevara, CIO & Head of Engineering, Phizzle
Vijji Suryadevara

Integrating Connected Worker Technologies to Drive Safety While Improving Efficiency

Session Abstract: Enterprises have been presented with the complex challenge of improving employee efficiency while keeping the work environment safe. Whether it is enabling contract tracing within the work environment or deploying a full-scale Connected Worker solution, enterprises are evolving. Contact tracing serves an important role identifying at-risk employees in environments where reducing density is not an option. If a reduction or redistribution in the number of on-site employees is an option, then how do we deliver higher efficiency and safety? This is one of the areas where Connected Worker solutions can answer the bell. This presentation will discuss how...
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Lonnie Ludwig, VP, Solution Services, CBT
Lonnie Ludwig

Panel – Applications of AI to Telecommunications; AI approaches, Data, and Research

Session Abstract: A panel discussion hosted by Dr Adam Drobot Core themes incude: Ethics and AI Collection of data for AI 5G + AI + Autonomous Systems Privacy Preserving Distributed AI Speakers: Dr Adam Dobot, Chairman, OpenTechworks Anne Lee, Bell Labs Corporate Chief Technology Office, Nokia Nageen Himayat, Principal Engineer, Intel Sujata Banerjee, Sr. Director of Research at VMware Dr. Adam T. Drobot is a technologist with over forty years of experience in industry, the public sector, and in research. Today his activities include strategic consulting, start-ups, and participation in industry associations and government advisory bodies. He is the Chairman...
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Anne Lee, Bell Labs Corporate Chief Technology Office, Nokia
Anne Lee
Nageen Himayat, Principal Engineer, Intel
Nageen Himayat
Sujata Banerjee Sr. Director of Research at VMware
Sujata Banerjee
Dr. Adam T. Drobot, Chairman of the Board of OpenTechWorks
Dr. Adam T. Drobot


IoT Grand Slam 2020 On-Demand Agenda

Day 1
11 Dec 2020

Mission-Critical IoT to disrupt smart grids – A revolution in the power sector

As the future would have more connected devices than people living on the planet, it becomes imperative to understand the IoT landscape to maximize the business potential of any sector. Changing the way to deliver power in the Utility sector can boost its efficiency, safety, reliability, and ultimately profitability. Modernizing the grid has enormous potential to improve performance. The upgraded network will enable the utility to deliver modern applications such as a smart grid and Internet of Things (IoT) services. The day is not far off when the IoT based energy-consuming devices in our smart homes would communicate with the...
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Richa Daga, Software Engineer, Cisco
Richa Daga

Complete COVID-19 Cold Chain Solution for a Hospital

Session Abstract: The pandemic has changed lives globally. In early April 2020, the US government initiated a public-private partnership to speed up the development of new vaccines, under the name OPERATION WARP SPEED. The goal of the program is to deliver millions of doses of safe and effective COVID-19 immunizations by January 2021. These novel vaccines pose many challenges, especially to the US Drug supply chain. These vaccines must be maintained at a negative temperature, any deviation from that specification could render the vaccine useless. Join us to learn how IoT devices play a crucial role throughout the drug supply...
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Dwight deVera SVP & General Manager, Healthcare at Inmar Intelligence
Dwight de Vera
Jim Sabogal

Democratizing Personal Health

What is actually cutting edge in healthcare and what is truly moving the needle? Shaving off a percentage point here or there doesn’t even get us facing the right direction. But what if we tear open the lid on this little black box and make HEALTH clear and understandable… as opposed to making healthCARE slightly less expensive. Once you understand how your epigenomics, environment, and ethnicity are impacting your body’s physiology, all you need is the building blocks and exact components to make great health work again. Stop asking what the disease is, what is the treatment, what are the...
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Pamela Nygaard CEO & Chief Integrator Genexy Health
Pamela Nygaard

5G Is No Exception: Cellular Is Still Insecure

Cellular connectivity from 2G to 4G has been unsecured, and 5G is no magic bullet. For cellular IoT to operate securely, we must all understand the dangers of the global mobile infrastructure and accessible solutions. Virtually all verticals will use cellular connectivity for IoT and M2M devices at some point in their digital transformation. Whether remote sensors, smart city edge-routers, asset-trackers, point of sale devices, or medical monitors, cellular data provides the most ubiquitous terrestrial coverage and remains the most commonly available technology. Cellular is here to stay. We have a moral responsibility, not only to protect user data and...
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Stuart Mitchell, Chief Evangelist and Head of Product, ZARIOT
Stuart Mitchell

Saving Lives or Risking Lives? Security Implications for IoT technology and devices:

The presentation will be focused on both the physical and electronic security weaknesses common in many IoT healthcare devices, where the life of a patient or user is at risk. If a medical device of any kind is accessible or connected it’s vulnerable – be it physical tampering or communication: Wireless (4 and 5G), Bluetooth, Near Field Communication (NFC), or any future technologies. We will review incidents that have happened and the impacts, as well as methods and measures that could have been implemented to mitigate these (or other) events. Concluding with an interactive discussion about methods to test for...
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Aaron Birnbaum

Now I see you now I don’t : Computer Vision Cognition to the rescue

Cameras have become our eyes and ears for building security, at traffic lights, city streets, factories, autonomous vehicles and even as nanobots inside our bodies. Computer Vision on images and videos has become the new normal to monitor everything looking for anomalies. In this talk, you will learn about the new concept of Computer Vision Cognition: 1. How is computer vision creating new Cognition for AI. 2. Computer Vision combined with Deep Learning emulates human sight. 3. Computer Vision predictions are improving fault detection in Industry 4.0 and healthcare. Learn how can you innovate in your organization using Computer Vision...
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Sudha Jamthe, CEO, IoTDisruptions.com
Sudha Jamthe

Short Circuit IoT Development with Nerves

Internet of Things projects are challenging because they contain comical exaggerations of the pitfalls you find in distributed systems. In the case of developing a Solar Microgrid Controller, like I did, you’ll face bonus challenges like, “When will the internet be in town?”, “How do I create clean architecture when the hardware is shifting under my feet?”, and “How do I quickly pivot to a different peripheral?” In this talk, I’ll share some of the ways our team leveraged Elixir, Nerves, and NervesHub to build robust Solar Microgrid Controller firmware. I’ll also share development patterns and practices that you can...
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Daniel Lindeman

What the Internet of Things Looked Like in the Stone Age (The 1990s)

The Internet of Things was truly living in the Stone Age during the early 90s when I first started my IoT journey. The Internet and TCP/IP had finally been made available to the general public. Slow, primitive, wireless data networks were beginning to emerge. Embedded software and hardware allowed machines to talk, while high-level software running on early Windows PCs allowed us to listen and make sense of what we heard. Join me as I take you on a tour of the visionary moonshot engineering effort that ushered in the dawn of IoT. Speaker: Rob Tiffany is Vice President and...
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Rob Tiffany, Vice President and Head of IoT Strategy, Ericsson
Rob Tiffany

Actionable real-time IoT Network Analytics

This presentation explores current service assurance practices, the drivers for real-time analytics and what the future holds. The digital transformation and Industry 4.0 are bringing tremendous change and many historical methods of network service operation will become less effective. When one closes one eyes and imagines a world of 1 trillion sensors and individual network operations managing > 1 billion sensors the scaling challenge is obvious. Automation with analytics becomes essential as does the necessity for real-time due to the dynamic nature of advance networks utilizing SDN, network slicing and self-healing. Will explore the challenges, how they can be addressed...
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Michael McCallen

Data Intelligence in the Built Environment: Adopting a Systems Thinking Approach

The availability of data and understanding of what data can be collected, analyzed, and used to communicate with stakeholders and make data-driven decisions is the most significant benefit of a smart building populated with IoT solutions. Data provides quantifiable, actionable insight to solve problems, realize opportunities, and continuously improve. However, one of the biggest challenges the IoT industry faces is unwinding the current practice of implementing one solution at a time without stepping back and stepping up to change the way we design and plan. For data intelligence to work effectively and impact an organization, leaders need to move from...
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Bill Moten

Real-time IIoT PLC Monitoring

Every industrial enterprise, from wastewater treatment plants to glass manufacturers, are continually trying to find new ways to improve operational efficiencies. Utilizing IoT to monitor equipment PLCs gives all of these companies the ability to get real-time performance and condition information. This real-time data can be used to reduce unplanned downtime, prioritize maintenance schedules, and improve repair times. All of these outcomes can help businesses reduce costs and increase revenue. In this presentation, you’ll learn how you can collect data from a wide variety of PLCs, visualize the information, and act on the insights – all in real-time. These new...
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Charlie Key

Trust Architectures in IoT

Enterprises need to trust the data that informs their business operations. Increasingly, vast amounts of mission critical information is being collected by machines at the edge, outside the data centers, by the Internet of Things. Connected machines also take actions as part of automated business processes. These actions and the algorithms that drive them must also be trustworthy and dependable. This talk will be a deep dive into system architectures and protocols that allow us to bootstrap, scale and maintain trust between fleets of devices and enterprise services. We’ll dig into architectures for scaling device enrollment, bootstraping secure and private...
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Mrinal Wadhwa

How to Turn Chaos into Order in Healthcare by Putting IoT into Action

Session Abstract: The healthcare environment is chaotic by its nature, which often leads to a compromised patient experience and staff burnout. There are many factors that impact this situation, from staffing shortages to budget constraints; however, what is also prevalent in healthcare is the lack of visibility into what is happening from the patient flow and resource capacity perspective. IoT solutions, including Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS), provide hospitals with a situational awareness of patient location and their status, and the availability of “resources” – clinical and ancillary staff, and medical equipment. As we say here, “You can handle the cards...
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Mark Rheault

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