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Tiny-Edge Computing Unlocks Wirefree IoT

11 Dec 2020
16:00 - 16:15
Keynote Room

Tiny-Edge Computing Unlocks Wirefree IoT

Session Abstract:

Servers drove Cloud Computing, mobility drove Edge Computing and now IoT will drive Tiny-Edge Computing. Tiny, battery powered, wireless computers integrating a host of cameras and sensors are answering some of the most interesting business process problems. Discussion will include real-world Tiny-Edge use cases for the DoD, smart cities and the Enterprise. Also being covered are which technologies are playing a key role and what CIOs think of assimilating potentially thousands of mini computers all in one project. Kerry Shih, Founder of Ripl Networks is both a fan and a leading expert in the Tiny-Edge and promises some real world insight on where it’s at and where it’s going.


Kerry Shih, is a serial product creator and have built 5 technology companies to date. Kerry’s wins and losses have taught him how to find what the market will care about in the context of a solution and not the other way around. Kerry’s product interests tend to be in Enterprise and IoT. Kerry has had a blast working with the ever impressive talent in Southern California and Los Angeles is where he calls home. History: SyncVoice, Servera, RiverBox, TrustedSky, Ripl Networks.

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