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IoT Day Slam 2020 Agenda

We have assembled another exclusive agenda for the IoT Day Slam 2020 conference, featuring world class thought leaders, from movers and shakers of the IoT industry. Join us at this not-to-be-missed event April 9th, Online, FREE.
Day 1
09 Apr 2020

IoT Day Slam 2020 Welcome and Opening Remarks

A welcome and introduction to the Eleventh IoT Slam conference, by IoT Community Advisory Board Chairman Bill Mortimer, and COO, Nancy Shemwell, who will provide an update on current conditions...
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Nancy Shemwell, Nancy Shemwell, COO of IoT Community
Nancy Shemwell
Bill Mortimer, Chairman of IoT Community Advisory Board
Bill Mortimer

Headline Keynote: Two Dynamics Revolutionizing the Edge and IoT — Converged OT/IT and as-a-Service

Abstract: IoT and edge solutions continue to evolve with new use cases and advancements in many areas. For several years, while at National Instruments and now at Hewlett Packard Enterprise,...
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Dr Tom Bradicich, VP & Hewlett Packard Fellow, Global Head, IoT and Edge CoE & Labs, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Dr. Tom Bradicich

Panel: Healthcare IoT Center of Excellence

Abstract: Discover how the Healthcare IoT Community Center of Excellence Advisory Board is leading the way towards best practice industry adoption.   This session will include the following Healthcare IoT Community...
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Rod Cruz, General Manager, Healthcare Solutions, at AT&T
Rod Cruz
Jim Sabogal
Chris Sullivan

Keynote: The Rise of AI in the Internet of Things

Abstract: The amount of data being generated in the Internet of Things from sensors, devices, equipment, and infrastructure is on a very rapid incline. Thus, there is an ever-increasing need...
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Juthika Khargharia, Ph.D, Global IoT Evangelist, SAS
Juthika Khargharia, Ph.D

Panel: Smart Tenant Solutions For Smart Buildings Operations

Abstract: Smart buildings not only help building owner’s reduce costs, they also help tenants with smart solutions that keep them happy. Applications for personal control of lighting, HVAC, access control,...
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Leonard Lee - Managing Director, neXt Curve
Leonard Lee
Harry Smeenk - Founder, Smart Buildings Online LLC
Harry Smeenk

Enabling the Age of Autonomy with the Internet of Moving Things

Abstract: The IoT Slam series of discussions about IoT and the Age of Autonomy continues with a look at how companies need to prepare for an Internet of Moving Things....
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Cole Crawford
David Bruemmer
Mac Devine_
Mac Devine

Keynote by Chris O’Connor

Abstract: Waiting session details: Speaker Biography: Christopher (Chris) O’Connor is the Chief Executive Officer at Persistent Systems and is responsible for the strategic direction of the Company. Until recently, Chris...
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Chris O'Connor CEO, Persistent Systems
Chris O’Connor

Panel: Infrastructure Principals for Ultra-fast low-latency Connectivity and Ubiquitous Mobility

Abstract: The IoT Community® presents a Mobility, Connectivity in IoT Center of Excellence (MCIoTCoE) panel will discuss the first steps in the digital transform process that a company must do to...
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Virgilio Fiorese
Rahul Vijay
and Member of IoT Community Board of Advisers Amazech Solutions
Brenda Boehm
IoT Slam 2015 Virtual Internet of Things Conference Stephen Douglas
Stephen Douglas
Wayne Irwin VP – Operations – Emerging Business at Ericsson
Wayne Irwin

Keynote: Industrial IoT: Tracking Planes, Trains, and Critical Assets

Abstract: Asset Tracking is at the forefront of the Internet of Things. In its most simple form, asset tracking is placing “dots on a map” in real-time to identify the...
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Eric Simone, Founder and CEO of ClearBlade Inc
Eric Simone

Panel: Women in IoT Center of Excellence

Abstract: In the world of Digital Transformation – where does the employee fit?  The work environment is undergoing constant change and automation.  How does the employee maintain their relevance and...
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Deborah Sawyer
Dr. Brenda Connor, Director of IoT Enterprise Services, Ericsson North America
Dr. Brenda Ann Connor
Amy Wheelus, Vice President – Broadband and Video Systems
Amy Wheelus
Nancy Shemwell, Nancy Shemwell, COO of IoT Community
Nancy Shemwell
Michele Null - Global Marketing Leader IoT Division at SAS
Michele Null
Florence Hudson, Founder and CEO at FDHint
Florence D. Hudson

Panel: Security, Privacy & Trust in IoT Center of Excellence; Reducing your risk in a virtual world of ‘things’

Abstract: The IoT Community® presents a panel discussion on the ever-changing digital security threat landscape, hosted by technology and security expert Jason Cook, Cyber Defense Labs COO and IoT Community...
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Kevin Cassidy - Data Privacy Expert, Cyber Defense Labs
Kevin Cassidy
Kate Kuehn
Jason Cook, Chief Operating Officer & Managing Partner at Cyber Defense Labs (CDL)
Jason Cook

Keynote by David Tennenhouse

Abstract: Awaiting details. Speaker: David Tennenhouse leads the research & innovation activities that are accelerating and extending VMware’s technology leadership. He also represents VMware’s technology strategy to government customers worldwide....
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David Tennenhouse - SVP, Chief Research Officer, VMware Inc.
David Tennenhouse

Panel: Managing the hidden imperatives of IoT: Software and Application Quality, Teamwork, and Legal Compliance

Abstract: Speakers: Moderator: Dr Adam Drobot Panelists: David Tennenhouse – SVP, Chief Research Officer, VMware Inc. Martin M. Zoltick Patent Attorney, Rothwell, Figg, Ernst & Manbeck, P.C. Dr. Adam T....
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Martin Zoltick
David Tennenhouse - SVP, Chief Research Officer, VMware Inc.
David Tennenhouse
Dr. Adam T. Drobot, Chairman of the Board of OpenTechWorks
Dr. Adam T. Drobot

Closing Keynote & Final Remarks

Wrap up of the IoT Day Slam 2020 event, with Dr Drobot, IEEE and Nancy Shemwell, IoT Community – to reflect on this first of it’s kind collaboration in the...
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Dr. Adam T. Drobot, Chairman of the Board of OpenTechWorks
Dr. Adam T. Drobot
Nancy Shemwell, Nancy Shemwell, COO of IoT Community
Nancy Shemwell

Bonus On-Demand Sessions

Day 1
09 Apr 2020

Connected Healthcare Opportunities and Challenges – TIPPSS for IoT (Trust, Identity, Privacy, Protection, Safety, Security)

Session Abstract: Connected Healthcare systems leveraging Clinical Internet of Things technologies, wearables and implantables are expanding around the world, as we leverage more data and technology to improve health outcomes....
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Florence Hudson, Founder and CEO at FDHint
Florence D. Hudson

IoT “Smart” for Agriculture – What plants can tell us

Session Abstract: What can plants tell us? There is a science to their existence. It starts with the basics: Sun for photosynthesis, Soil for growing medium full of nutrients and...
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Tanja Lewit, President at Alternate E Source
Tanja Lewit

Holistic Top-Down Automated Design Approach for Effective IoT Product Development

Session Abstract: IoT applications will benefit from rapid development of cost-effective semiconductor designs that include advanced operational features. Edge-computing features need increased processing capabilities that are Machine Learning (ML) friendly...
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Bob Ledzius

What do I do with my data now? Integrating an AI/ML approach

Session Abstract: IoT generates a significant amount of data that can drastically impact business operations. Collecting and analyzing the data to inform business decisions changes dramatically with the big data...
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Megan Branch - COO CertNexus
Megan Branch

Developing Low Cost Edge Devices for the Manufacturing Floor – Challenges & Opportunities

Session Abstract: With the advent of low cost connectivity options for IoT (“Internet of Things”), there has been a surge in the number of connected devices deployed by organizations. This...
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Sai Yamanoor, IoT Applications Engineer at Linde
Sai Yamanoor

The Rise of the Decentralized Platform Economy

Session Abstract: Today Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, and Alphabet (Google) are the four largest public companies in the world, each valued at over $1 trillion. Facebook and Alibaba are number five...
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Brad Kirby, VP at EDJX
Brad Kirby

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