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IoT “Smart” for Agriculture – What plants can tell us

Tanja Lewit, President at Alternate E Source

IoT “Smart” for Agriculture – What plants can tell us

Session Abstract:

What can plants tell us? There is a science to their existence. It starts with the basics: Sun for photosynthesis, Soil for growing medium full of nutrients and ideal composition for root development. Water the essential for all life including ours, at the right times, the correct levels. The fact is an un unbalance or lack of any of these basics, and there is nothing to grow.
Today’s IoT technology delivers the new version “garden tool kit” The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical devices, web based with sensors, actuators, and connectivity which enables these things to connect – creating opportunities for more direct integration of the physical world, resulting in improvements, and in the case of plants can provide us new sustainability, new information from the soil, and at the very level of the plant itself.
Its starts with monitoring for providing the right environment, and managing it for optimum temperature, humidity, air quality, and ensuring that they are maintained. Whether we are growing indoors which has become popularized due to an easier way to maintain controls, or whether we are growing outdoors in a field; we can measure and derive the analytics to know what the plant will grow, we can further “ tune in the volume “ and creating the ultimate grow.
Knowing continuously how the plant is reacting and being able to immediately alert when conditions are adverse is one way of crop optimization. For indoor applications, incorporating LED grow lights and their 3 varying bands of color provides a management of the “essence” of photosynthesis to increase yield and potency: so important for agriculture that services medicinal needs.
Understanding this and how the role of lighting plays in fostering regenerating cell power, helps us to maintain potency and encourage the best the plant can offer us.
In an indoor garden, having plants indoors with IoT monitoring and incorporating algorithms for grow lighting throughout the cycle makes it easier to manage variables.
Outdoors we have a different challenge when considering the unknown or perhaps unexpected weather and sunlight conditions. So, monitoring changes – it becomes mobile, thermally sensitive and multifocal lens manufactured on a movable IoT and sensor device. The latest sentry to come along and deliver an ultimate focused view is the drone.


Tanja Lewit
President at Alternate E Source

Tanja Lewit- is founding member of PC&S Inc, a company that manufactures and Supplies Electrical Equipment for the Measurement and Control of Power. Serving as a Principal under the firm specializes in Power Measurement and AC and DC Control Systems. PC&S has partnered with customers to design, develop, manufacture and distribute Instrumentation Solutions for industries including US Military, Power Generation Manufacturers, Industrial Equipment, Transit Systems and Data Center Infrastructure.
In 2010 Tanja has taken her passion for new technology – forming Alternate E Source; a company providing solutions to the Data Center space, and the growing need for maintaining compliance, uptime, and efficiency.
Introduced in Oct 2013 – the focus changed to “Internet of Things” and new monitoring platforms. Environmental monitoring, physical security for IT server rooms, distributed equipment management and systems protection , IoT technology systems that reports with phone app, for increased security of physical environment, power, network and more.
At the helm of Alternate E Source, Tanja continues to provide client success in numerous new verticals and has expanded services to meet the growing needs of IoT in critical infrastructure applications.
As an avid speaker on IoT as past presenter:
SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS Nagios World Showcase – Fall 2014 NJTC Smart Building Technologies- Panel Moderator Sept 14, 2014 NJTC Women in Technology- June 2015 AFCOM Data Center World Spring 2015 AFCOM Data Center World Fall 2015 IoT Evolution -Security Panel (AXIS, Cisco IoT) Spring 2016 DCD Enterprise NYC IIoT and IoT Security Spring 2017 WEEC Charlotte, NC Oct 17-19, 2018 (Educational Track)-Future Trends: Metering in the New IoT Landscape IoT Grand Slam Virtual Conference December 11, 2018 New Degrees of Security – IoT Innovation for Infrastructure

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