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IoT Day Slam 2021 Agenda

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Day 1
09 Apr 2021


IoT Day Slam 2021 Conference Open: Keynote: Video at the Edge and IoT – From Smart Manufacturing to Smart Homes

Session Abstract: A welcome and introduction to the fourteenth IoT Slam event – the IoT Day Slam 2021 Conference, by Chairman of the Advisory Board, Dr. Tom Bradicich, who will provide an update on current conditions for our IoT Community members, as well as set the stage for the rest of the day. Additionally Dr. Tom will host special guests showcasing end-user case studies of edge-to-cloud powered by IoT. Keynote: Video at the Edge and IoT – From Smart Manufacturing to Smart Homes Dr Tom Bradicich, has asserted “Its said, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, but a video...
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Tom Bradicich, PhD, Tom Bradicich, PhD VP & Hewlett Packard Fellow, Global Head, IoT and Edge CoE & Labs, Hewlett Packard Enterprise; Tom Bradicich, PhD VP & Hewlett Packard Fellow Global Head, IoT and Edge Hewlett Packard Enterprise; Chairman of IoT Community Advisory Board
Dr. Tom Bradicich

IoT Community Diamond Member Panel

Abstract: IoT and Edge Predictions – What We See in the Next 5 Years The edge is a place where the “things” (the “T” in IoT) reside, which contain valuable pent up data. As the things are connected, the data computed and analyzed, and action taken to control the things and the enterprise — the business and societal benefits can be astounding. There is much more to come in the future as confidence in edge/IoT solutions builds, experiences mount, and the technology advances. Hear leaders from Cisco, HPE, SAS, and Zebra offer their specific predictions, their reasoning, and the resulting...
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Matt Bolick, Technical Marketing Leader, Cisco
Matt Bolick
Tom Bradicich, PhD, Tom Bradicich, PhD VP & Hewlett Packard Fellow, Global Head, IoT and Edge CoE & Labs, Hewlett Packard Enterprise; Tom Bradicich, PhD VP & Hewlett Packard Fellow Global Head, IoT and Edge Hewlett Packard Enterprise; Chairman of IoT Community Advisory Board
Dr. Tom Bradicich
Jason Mann
Chris Sullivan - Healthcare Practice Lead at Zebra, Chair of the Healthcare IoT Advisory Board
Chris Sullivan

Keynote – Transitioning to the Internet of Intelligence (IoI): How to Leverage IoT as an Enablement Layer to Develop IoI Solutions

Session Abstract: Join Zebra Technologies’ Global Futurist, Drew Ehlers, to further understand global trends influencing the current supply chain landscape and the emerging use case problems that need to be solved. Discussion will include an in-depth look at the evolving development approaches to solving problems, as well as best practices and use cases for leveraging IoT/IIoT as an enablement layer to create opportunities for IoI (Internet of Intelligence) solutions. Drew will illustrate usage of sensors, on-premises software, hybrid, cloud, microservices, edge computing, computer vision, machine vision, point cloud data, and Machine learning, to name a few, used to solve these...
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Drew Ehlers, Global General Manager of SmartPack™, Office of the CTO at Zebra Technologies
Drew Ehlers

Keynote – Closing the Loop

Abstract: We are all living and operating in a world of increasing information overload. The only way to overcome this is through analytics and closing feedback loops. SAS Chief Technology Officer Bryan Harris explores how we can help scale human observation and decisioning, and advance the future of IoT. Speaker: As Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Bryan Harris is responsible for setting the technology direction for SAS and working with the executive leadership team to translate the organization’s strategic objectives and priorities into products and solutions. Harris has more than 20 years of experience researching and developing analytic...
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Bryan Harris, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, SAS
Bryan Harris
11:00 - 11:15

Break / Virtual Networking

Keynote: Time to Reboot IoT Security

Session Abstract: The Internet of Things offers tremendous opportunity for innovation and productivity, but in an increasingly complex world, IoT devices need to be protected in order to deliver transformational business outcomes. As industrial networks converge with enterprise networks and the volume of connected devices grows every day, IoT Security is becoming the fundamental foundation for achieving transformational goals such as Industry 4.0 or increased business resiliency and agility. This session will describe the accelerating transformational opportunity IoT is driving with real world use cases as well as how new capabilities and processes are key to unlocking this value. Participants...
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Bryan Tantzen, Senior Director, IoT Solutions, Cisco
Bryan Tantzen

Edge Computing in Space, The Next Frontier of Innovation

Abstract: As missions being planned like Artemis, going back to the moon, lunar gateway, and satellites launched into orbit for tasks like earth observation, scientific experiments, the need to perform computation where the enormous amount of data is being produced is becoming inevitable. IBM developed the edge computing solution in space, eliminating the need to move the massive data being produced on the ISS by the DNA Sequencing project, by presenting containerized analytical code right where the data is being produced by leveraging the local compute to be available on ISS, reducing the time to get results. Speakers: Naeem Altaf,...
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Naeem Altaf, IBM Distinguished Engineer, CTO Space Tech
Naeem Altaf
Mac Devine, Vice President & CTO, Cloud Native Center of Competency, Strategic Client Success IBM Fellow, Master Inventor, IBM Cloud Division
Mac Devine

Healthcare Provider IoT Strategies: Center of Excellence Discussion and Real Time Location Solutions

Abstract: In this interactive session we will discuss how patient and medical asset real time location solutions are playing an important role in the SMART hospital vision of the future and increasingly becoming a Healthcare IOT implementation success story. This discussion will highlight early industry adoption wins, identify industry learnings to date, and share healthcare provider implementation strategy and best practice guidance. Speakers: Chris Sullivan is the Global Healthcare Practice Lead for Zebra Technologies. With an acute understanding of the needs of patients and their caregivers coupled with robust technical knowledge of healthcare operations, Chris balances the personal and professional...
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Mary Jagim, Chief Nursing Officer, Infinite Leap
Mary Jagim
Eric Abbott, Adjunct Faculty, School of Professional Studies, Northwestern University
Eric Abbott
Rod Cruz, General Manager, Healthcare Solutions, at AT&T
Rod Cruz
Chris Sullivan - Healthcare Practice Lead at Zebra, Chair of the Healthcare IoT Advisory Board
Chris Sullivan

Keynote: Tiny Computer Vision

Abstract: The camera has become the default IoT sensor. Thanks to tiny edge computing it has gone wirefree, unlocking the power of video AI that you can deploy anywhere. Learn the value proposition, use cases and solutions available in this pithy presentation by Ripl CEO Kerry Shih. Speaker: Kerry Shih is a serial product creator and have built 5 technology companies to date. Kerry’s wins and losses have taught him how to find what the market will care about in the context of a solution and not the other way around. Kerry’s product interests tend to be in Enterprise and...
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Kerry Shih

Intelligent Assets – A No Code Revolution in IoT

Abstract: What are Intelligent Assets? What does No Code mean? How do these technologies fit into the complex ecosystem of the Internet of Things? These are the questions I will answer in this session on the revolution of Intelligent Assets that is happening right now. The industry is shifting – Intelligent Assets is driving IoT by combining edge computing, no-code, artificial intelligence and hardware to deliver an experience that doesn’t require a computer science degree to roll out. Companies are adopting and scaling in weeks with Intelligent Assets as business units do their own automation. It’s time to step up...
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Eric Simone, Founder and CEO of ClearBlade Inc
Eric Simone

Women in IoT Center of Excellence Panel – WIoTCoE

Abstract: Michele Null, leads an all-star panel discussion from the IoT Community’s Women in IoT Center of Excellence featuring Jenn Gamble, Very, Kelly Ireland, CBT, Mitra Best, PwC and Gul Ege, SAS. Speakers: Jenn Gamble: As the Data Science Practice Lead at Very, Jenn leads machine learning and AI initiatives on client projects, which includes problem formulation, scoping, and defining the analytical approach for each project. Before joining Very, Jenn was Director of Data Science at Noodle.ai, where she led multiple client engagements in the transportation and manufacturing industries, architecting and leading implementation of the data-analytical pipelines of AI applications...
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Gul Ege - Senior Director IoT R&D, SAS
Gul Ege
Mitra Best, Lead Principal for Strategic Innovation and Technology, PwC
Mitra Best
Jenn Gamble
Kelly Ireland – Founder, CEO and CTO, CBT, Vice-Chair of the WIoTCoE
Kelly Ireland
Michele Null - Co-Chair of the IoT Community’s WioTCoE, Principal Product Marketing Leader, Ansible Automation, Red Hat
Michele Null

Keynote: Polymorphic Medicine – A New Model of Healthcare

Abstract: The rapid and widespread adoption of virtual care since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the tipping point for virtual care technologies and presents us with a once in a generation opportunity to radically transform our healthcare system by moving to an approach that we call Polymorphic Medicine. Polymorphic Medicine represents a paradigm shift towards the next evolution of healthcare. If the first decade of the 21st century was characterized by the “systemization” of healthcare with the introduction of electronic medical records, and the last decade saw the rise of genomic-based personalized medicine, we are now on...
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Patrick Quinlan, M.D., CEO and Co-founder, Hippo Technologies, Inc
Patrick Quinlan, MD

Smart Building IoT Center of Excellence Panel (SBIoTCoE) – How AI & IoT Will Safely Lead Occupants Back to Buildings Post-Pandemic

Abstract: The world has never thought about physical space as much as it did in 2020. Where we will work, where we will shop and where we will live is going to change and IoT will have the answers. Many organizations and government agencies have recommendations for distancing, air quality but it will be up to industry to deliver solutions that truly make the world safe again. Commercial office buildings, schools, universities, restaurants, places of worship, hospitality and all other building types must find innovative solutions to drive people back to their buildings. Many industry organizations, government agencies, and others...
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James Caton, Global Leader, Smart Infrastructure & Smart Cities, SAS
James Caton
Kerry Shih
Matthew Foust
Journey Williams
Harry Smeenk - Founder, Smart Buildings Online LLC
Harry Smeenk

Keynote: IoT Maturity Model

Abstract: If you’re leading an IoT initiative and want to set yourself up for continued success, you need an IoT strategy that connects better experiences for consumers with more repeatable revenue for your business. That’s why we developed the IoT Maturity Model to help companies set the stage for profitability over the long haul. In this talk, we’ll explore: What the six stages of the IoT maturity model look like, and how they affect consumers and businesses The technical challenges to climbing the IoT maturity model How to build new disciplines of engineering and design that are tailor-made for IoT...
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Ben Wald

Keynote: Exploring the Art of the Possible Through Industrial IoT

Abstract: So, exactly what is the art of the possible relative to Industrial IoT or IIoT? Today, more and more people and organizations are embracing IIoT technologies like smart meters, automated asset distribution systems, self monitoring electrical generation and transmission systems. Production lines, farm equipment and even the human body are being outfitted with smart sensors that tie to MLOps (machine or deep learning) systems integrating with model generation (software development lifecycle, continuous integration/continuous delivery), orchestration, and deployment, to health, diagnostics, governance, manufacturing and business. As complex as this may sound, it is actually as easy today as elemental arithmetic....
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Charlie Stack, Chief Technologist (CT) for Operational Technology, CBT
Charlie Stack

The Era of Interoperability is Here: Automating Core IIOT Processes

Session Abstract: At this April’s IoT Slam, Phizzle will debut a fully automated fleet of scientific particle counters. This event will be the first in history to demonstrate multi-vendor particle counter automation. The presentation will cover the technical process for connecting and automating scientific devices from different vendors with a single cloud-based UI. Interoperability challenges and the compelling ROI for remotely operating these core business functions is covered. This will be a live exhibition of functionality from Phizzle’s lab environment. Speaker: Ryan Brady Chief Technology Officer at Phizzle Ryan’s ability to architect and build backend systems which make the IoT...
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Ryan Brady, CTO at Phizzle
Ryan Brady

Closing Panel: The Digital Twin and the Internet of Things

Abstract: Panel Title: “The Digital Twin and the Internet of Things” Panel Moderator: Adam Drobot, Chairman, OpenTechWorks, Inc. Panel Summary: The Digital Twin is an important part of the IoT landscape and the focus of attention across multiple verticals. The purpose of the panel is to shed some light on, what the “Digital Twin” label connotes, the value that the use of Digital Twins can bring, the resources necessary for a successful implementation, and the likely impact that Digital Twins will have on business models and the Internet of Things. The panel will first hear a brief presentation from each...
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Dan Isaacs, Chief Technology Officer - Digital Twin Consortium
Dan Isaacs
Larry Schmitt, Founder and Principal the Inovo Group
Larry Schmitt
Flavio Bonomi, Advisor to the Board of Directors, Lynx Software
Flavio Bonomi
Dr. Adam T. Drobot, Chairman of the Board of OpenTechWorks
Dr. Adam T. Drobot


IoT Day Slam 2021 On-Demand Agenda

Day 1
09 Apr 2021

An IOT security awareness and system hardening advisory tool for smart home devices.

Session Abstract: To present my current undergraduate research project regarding an IoT security awareness and system hardening advisory tool. The main audience is the manufacturers/retailers of such devices with an end user engagement function to allow for live feedback from end users on their devices or any security concerns. The nature of the project is to design and implement this tool to allow manufacturers/retailers to assess the security state of their IoT’s in line with the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) Database and provide recommendations and solutions to any possible vulnerabilities. It is important to have an element of user...
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Aimee Shepherd, Student, Bournemouth University
Aimee Shepherd

Diagnosis: Do You Have a Software Testing Problem?

Session Abstract: Is your software testing moving as fast as you’d like it to go? Do you feel confident that your next product release will be bug-free and delight users? If your answer is not “absolutely,” it’s possible you have a software testing problem, and hiring more testers is likely not the answer. Speaker: An educator-turned-developer, Daniel got his start in the software industry testing embedded automotive infotainment systems for Johnson Controls in 2014. While he was there, Daniel created new components for and maintained the company’s Python automated testing framework. Daniel held other QA-related roles until becoming a Software...
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Daniel Lindeman

The Evolution of Chip to Cloud Security and Future Threats

Session Abstract: IoT promises an ecosystem where the connected devices will share massive amounts of data. Many of these devices are becoming intelligent with ability to analyse and implement actions. However, there is a simultaneous need to secure these devices from malicious attacks. This needs the provision of robust hardware and software at the device, in the network as well as in any cloud-level servers. We expect that AI, Machine learning and, potentially, blockchain, will emerge as valuable solutions to protect IoT data. However, before that lets fact-check the current security landscape. Traditionally, security circled around securing network and software...
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Satyajit Sinha, Senior Analyst, IoT Analytics
Satyajit Sinha

Panel: Leveraging IoT to Stop COVID at the Door

Abstract: We are amid the greatest global pandemic. COVID has entered our world and we will never be the same. We understand to keep apart, wear masks, observe the slightest effect on our health to be able to discern as soon as possible did we catch COVD -or are we in fact fine. The latest facts are the development of a much more contagious and deadly variant. The latest news doe does not clarify if the newest prescribed vaccine will be able to protect us, and the information around getting a vaccine is- there is not enough for all at...
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Frank Ille, Founder and CEO of HealthSaaS
Frank Ille
Bret Martin Chief Solutions Officer Alternate E Source
Bret Martin
Dr. Cathy Grellet Physician Internal Medicine
Dr. Cathy Grellet
Dr. Steve Datena CEO AkeLex
Dr Steve Datena
Tanja Lewit, President at Alternate E Source
Tanja Lewit

The surge in Adoption of Mobile Robots, the Aftermath, and Possible Solutions

Session Abstract: Mobile robot adoption has been increasing over the last couple of years across a wide range of industries. Some of the top leaders in this adoption have been the warehouse and manufacturing facilities, from automotive plants to fulfillment centres. As the robot fleet grows, the range of applications and tasks the robot performs is diversifying. No one manufacturer produces all types of robots and therefore the fleets are becoming heterogeneous. The issue arises in the communication between the robots from different vendors, the ability to work collectively rather than individually, and the integration to the facility IoT. Meili...
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Aldus von der Burg, CEO & Founder, Meili Robots
Aldus von der Burg


Session Abstract: In today’s world, an increasing number of applications such as Industrial IoT, Autonomous Driving, Video Streaming, Cloud Gaming, AR/VR can be made possible by solutions supporting high bandwidth and low latency. With the countries starting to roll out 5G deployments, the question that lies in front of us is how to achieve its use-case of Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency Communications (URLLC). Edge Cloud which is interconnected storage and compute resources physically situated much closer to end-users can give us an answer to enable these technological advancements. But at which area in the network is the edge cloud located? In the...
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Richa Daga, Software Engineer, Cisco
Richa Daga

Achieving Accuracy and Affordability in IoT Asset Tracking

Session Abstract: Ranging has long been the gold standard for precision location systems, powering technologies such as GPS and Ultrawideband (UWB)—but at a cost: these systems are often too expensive for tracking most items and have onerous power requirements or finicky install procedures. This summer, Link Labs launched its next generation Real-time Location System (RTLS) that dramatically improves accuracy and affordability. With seven patented or patent-pending Link Labs technologies, it features accuracy everywhere at the sub-meter level, improved battery life at the tag level, reduced latency and reduced cost. Bob is the founder and CEO of Link Labs, a leading...
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Bob Proctor, Co-founder and CEO, Link Labs
Bob Proctor

Business-Critical Devices and the Constraints of Regulation

Session Abstract: All industries have their business-critical functions, but as we see a shift of operations from traditional methods to the Internet of Things on a massive scale, the opportunities for terrorism, espionage, ransom, and other high-profile devastating attack scenarios are chilling. We can all imagine a doomsday-style attack that threatens the national power grid, exposes millions of medical records or holds a city hostage with a keystroke, but one step below these dramatic and unlikely scenarios, lie real threats to individual enterprises, and the customers they serve. These scenarios may not be the plot of a Hollywood thriller, but...
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Stuart Mitchell, Chief Evangelist and Head of Product, ZARIOT
Stuart Mitchell

Securing IoT Data at the Edge

Session Abstract: Security concerns are listed as one of the top blockers to IoT adoption. Devices continue to be the weakest link in the IoT ecosystem, with customers relying on IoT data platforms to provide some level of protection. IoT device management platforms are underutilized with many legacy devices incapable of being patched or updated. Join Rob as he describes a different method of delivering IoT security that leverages networks and edge computing. Speaker: Rob Tiffany VP and Head of IoT Strategy at Ericsson Rob Tiffany is Vice President and Head of IoT Strategy at Ericsson where he drives strategy...
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Rob Tiffany, Vice President and Head of IoT Strategy, Ericsson
Rob Tiffany

Global Market Access Risk Management

Session Abstract: As the proliferation of connected devices continues to grow on a global basis and coupled with over 200 countries and territories with mandatory product certifications, companies may be missing a critical piece of the risk management puzzle. We contend most would agree the economics of an IoT business works best when a global footprint can be attained. However, we continually observe companies are facing unknown product certification risks that are lurking just beneath the surface. To help companies anticipate potential certification risks for IoT devices we will present a risk management methodology especially designed for global market access....
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Guy Merritt, VP of Solutions and Consulting, SoftServe
Guy Merritt

Zero Trust Security for IoT

Session Abstract: The proliferation of connected devices like IoT, IoMT and OT has transformed businesses. But these devices also introduce a new attack surface, because they cannot be easily managed or protected with traditional security technologies. You cannot install security agents on unmanaged devices. You also cannot burden security operations by monitoring and investigating every issue on every device when are hundreds of thousands of these devices deployed. Enter Zero Trust security. The Zero Trust framework advocates for least privilege access, continuous monitoring and granular access control. It is in fact ideal for unmanaged devices like IoT because they have...
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Craig Hyps Principal Engineer, Ordr
Craig Hyps

No-Code AI: Datascience for Business Users

Session Abstract: AI is pervasive in every industry. AI Technology is accelerating with research and models from Datascientists. Business Innovation is waiting for YOU the business user to learn DataScience. Now you can learn Datascience as a business user using No-Code AI. So you can contribute your business knowledge to bring AI to your business. Come find out 1. What Is No-Code AI? Is it really with zero coding? 2. What business problems can you solve with No-Code AI? 3. What is No-Code AI the same as Auto ML and how does it change the role of business user in...
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Sudha Jamthe, CEO, IoTDisruptions.com
Sudha Jamthe

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