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Keynote: Exploring the Art of the Possible Through Industrial IoT

Charlie Stack, Chief Technologist (CT) for Operational Technology, CBT
09 Apr 2021
16:15 - 16:45
Keynote Room

Keynote: Exploring the Art of the Possible Through Industrial IoT


So, exactly what is the art of the possible relative to Industrial IoT or IIoT? Today, more and more people and organizations are embracing IIoT technologies like smart meters, automated asset distribution systems, self monitoring electrical generation and transmission systems. Production lines, farm equipment and even the human body are being outfitted with smart sensors that tie to MLOps (machine or deep learning) systems integrating with model generation (software development lifecycle, continuous integration/continuous delivery), orchestration, and deployment, to health, diagnostics, governance, manufacturing and business. As complex as this may sound, it is actually as easy today as elemental arithmetic. The secret is maintaining a vision while engaging in the connectivity necessary to accomplish the dream, or making the impossible possible. In this session, we will explore how CBT connects the dots to make the art-of-the-possible into the art-of-reality, leveraging IIoT for the benefit of people, both as individuals and as a community.


Charlie Stack is CBT’s Chief Technologist (CT) for Operational Technology bringing years of experience in operational roles across many industries. Some of his previous experience includes Plant Manager, Engineering Manager, Operations Manager, Maintenance Manager, Operations Shift Supervisor, Engineer, Adjunct Professor, Operator, Maintenance Technician, and Water Chemist. Charlie’s extensive knowledge goes deep within Process Optimization, Engineering, Operations, Risk, Logistics, PSM, MI, and Six Sigma. Charlie considers his role as CT at CBT to be more of a leader, listener and coach. A fun fact about Charlie: his most cherished job experience was teaching elementary school to first and second grade blind and deaf children!