Welcome to the IoT Grand Slam 2018, VIRTUAL Internet of Things Conference, December 11th 2018 held in the Cloud.

Benefits of Speaking at the IoT Slam Live 2018

IoT Slam Live is positioned as an essential resource for CxO’s, business executives, scientists, engineers, researchers, developers, and IT professionals seeking knowledge and insights on the emerging world of IoT. Attendees take part in our event seeking insights, exclusive, and world-class education, from bespoke industry thought leaders getting exposure to the most innovative IoT products and solutions on the market today. 

Just like the inaugural event last year, and prior events, IoT Slam 2015 & 2016 as well as the IoT Grand Slam and Health Slam 2016, IoT Slam Live 2018 will again attract top professionals from Global 1,000 companies, Medium Sized Enterprises, Innovative Startups, the investment community, as well as influential government agencies, and highly regarded journalists from mainstream press channels and “niche” publications.

A tried and tested formula

  • IoT Slam Live 2018 is the sixth international (Second Annual In-Person) conference organized and produced by the IoT Community.
  • IoT Slam Live 2018 is organized by leaders in the event production field who collectively have previously produced dozens of “world class” and “iconic” events.
  • The event is produced in collaboration with key IoT stakeholders
  • IoT Slam Live 2018 is backed by the largest C-level IoT community on Linkedin
  • It is a great opportunity for speakers to increase their positioning and awareness among their clients, peers in the industry, colleagues, and high profile IoT channels.
  • Our conference attracts senior representatives from global 1000 companies.

Reach a global targeted audience

  • Speakers enjoy improved recognition globally
  • IoT Slam drives global IoT-centric traffic constantly to our event websites via email marketing, promotional campaigns on across our direct and affiliated networking sites, press releases and other channels.
  • IoT Slam employs in-house delegate acquisition agents across the world to help promote our events, reaching countries you otherwise may not, including emerging markets.
  • IoT Slam works in conjunction with various media channels to help co-promote, raise the profile, and impact of our event. Speakers will be seen across relevant trade press in the industry, giving you extra exposure in valuable parts of IoT coverage media.

Market and Content-driven topics and themes

  • We work with the industry to drive themes and focus for our agenda
  • Timely content is key and stimulates constructive interaction and debate.
  • We are always targeting major and emerging growth areas of IoT

Targeted Content Distribution and Proliferation

All presentations will be available post event for our attendees view on-demand. This means you not only get the impact at the event, but also post event and for years to come. We also disseminate all content through our various integrated IoT channels. IoT Slam has built a world class community of supporters and participants and is fast becoming a  center of aggregation for IoT.

Unrivalled Networking

We provide you with an ideal networking environment to forge new business/ research partnerships or simply catch up with colleagues. Whether thats in the confines of our networking hall, or during your presentation, you will have the opportunity to mingle with all of the attendees over the course of the event.

Pre, during and post-event promotion

  • We will promote your session across our IoT channels and social channels including Linkedin, and Twitter.
  • Speakers get additional prominence by being listed as a featured speaker on the event website
  • Delegate packs are provided to all event attendees and contain speaker biographical details, session descriptions, and access to your PowerPoint or PDF presentation. These delegate packs will enjoy a long shelf life.

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