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Day 1
28 Apr 2016

IoT Slam 2016 Welcome Remarks

Slide Deck A welcome to the Second International IoT Slam 2016 Internet of Things Conference and an introduction from Chair / and Internet of Things Community Advisory Board Chairman – Bill Mortimer. During the intro, Bill will highlight key details and updates on directions and community efforts for 2016. Bill will also share an overview of the event framework and highlights, before handing over to the headline opening keynote speaker. Speaker: Bill Mortimer Vice President Strategic Marketing , Spirent Bill is Vice President of Strategic Marketing for the wireless, positioning, service assurance businesses at Spirent Communications. He is currently working on...
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Bill Mortimer, Former Chairman of IoT Community Advisory Board, Now Chair Emeritus
William (Bill) Mortimer

2016 Mastermind Headline Keynote – Weathering the IoT Storm

Slide Deck Session Abstract: With the frenzy to digitize everything, just abundant compute power or a digital platform is not enough for big corporations. There are multiple cloud providers that can provide those commoditized services cost-effectively. Instead, values for business come from providing data, and, more importantly, insights into the future, predictable results along with actionable intelligence. Routine weather cost US businesses over $500 billion in 2014. Outside of political turmoil, weather is the most powerful force that can interrupt a business. Predictable weather information—using the three billion global forecast reference points—and its effects on business in the near or far future,...
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IoT Slam 2016 Internet of Things Conference Bryson Koehler
Bryson Koehler

IoT Data and Analytics – where the value is in IoT OD

Slide Deck Session Abstract: IoT data and analytics are emerging as significant and important aspects of IoT solutions. As more and more ‘things’ are connected, the opportunities and advantages for enterprises to capture, analyse and create value from the growing amount of data has become the next big thing in IoT. But getting this right involves substantial changes to the way we think about data ingestion, data storage, data analysis and visualizations. The purpose of the session will be to share many of these changes to be considered and explored by enterprises, and ultimately help guide many enterprises through this...
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IoT Slam 2015 Virtual Internet of Things Conference emil-berthelsen
Emil Berthelsen

The IoT and Make: A view from the White House

Slide Deck Session Abstract: The President and the White House Staff are keen on Make and the IoT. In fact for the past 2 years the White House has hosted Maker Days and held the Smart America Challenge on IoT. But to the administration is is not so much about cool technology (though that is the fun part of it), it is about how these technologies are going to impact our economy, and improve the daily lives, safety and health of Americans. The session will be about lessons learned about role of Make and the IoT with a perspective from...
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IoT Slam 2016 Internet of Things Conference Geoff Mulligan
Geoff Mulligan

It is not the size, it’s what you do with it that counts

Slide Deck Session Abstract: Companies have now collected petabytes of IOT data, but are we actually leveraging them to gain actionable insights? Given the scale of this problem, traditional manual approaches don’t work very well in the domain of IOT. This session will talk about real examples where Fortune 500 firms used IOT data and Smart Pattern Discovery to generate real revenue and profit benefits. Speaker: Arijit Sengupta Founder and CEO of BeyondCore Arijit Sengupta is the Founder and CEO of BeyondCore. Before founding BeyondCore, Arijit held a variety of technical and management positions at Oracle and Microsoft. Arijit has been...
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IoT Slam 2016 Internet of Things Conference Arijit Sengupta
Arijit Sengupta

Maintaining Personal Privacy, Identity and Security in the IoT era

Slide Deck Session Abstract: Devices that are connected to the Internet, or Internet of Things (IoT) devices, constitute a booming segment of the tech industry. By 2020, Cisco estimates that 50 billion objects will be connected to the Internet. Do you know where all the data collected about you and your activities is being stored? Do you know what it’s being used for? Do you know how it impacts your identity? Chances are, you don’t. And that means that existing issues of privacy and security are only going to get more complex. Here are two examples: Your Fit Bit collects...
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IoT Slam 2016 Internet of Things Conference Marc-Anthony Signorino_
Marc-Anthony Signorino

A Healthy Smart Home

 Slide Deck Session Abstract: Something is changing with how we manage our health. Value-based care, access to just about any information via smartphones, and the Internet of Healthy Things are creating new data sources that vie us insight into our health. In this talk, we’ll discuss what devices, artificial intelligence, user experience, chronic illness, and health system issues can now be addressed at home with the Internet of Things. Speaker: Sean Lorenz Founder & CEO of Senter Sean Lorenz is Founder & CEO of Senter, a startup creating an IoT cognitive assistant for longer and healthier aging in place. Dr....
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IoT Slam 2015 Virtual Internet of Things Conference - Sean Lorenz
Sean Lorenz

Laying the foundations for Smart Cities

 Slide Deck Session Abstract Smart Cities could save the world $22 Trillion by 2050 according to the Global Commission on Economy & Climate. It is estimated that there is over 200+ Smart City projects already active and planned for the next 2-3 years. Due to the complexity and diversity these projects encompass including transportation, environment, housing/offices, energy, healthcare, security, education and governance it is paramount for their success that the technology building blocks used guarantee the flexibility, security, interoperability and standardisation required to deliver success. The following keynote presentation discusses the opportunity, the enablement technology architectures, best practices and learnings...
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IoT Slam 2015 Virtual Internet of Things Conference Stephen Douglas
Stephen Douglas

Panel Discussion: Securing IoT Bringing transparency to Risk verse Reward

Slide Deck Abstract: A couple weeks back it was revealed that 53 MILLION Smart Meters to be installed in the UK shared a single decryption key. Think about that for a minute. A critical infrastructure device, the first with active remote energy management in addition to passive monitoring, was designed to let a single successful hacker or bored teenager shut down the entire network. No BBC. No heat. No fish and chips. In short, mayhem.  This should have been an easy IoT security risk analysis and yet reward incentives seem to have derailed common sense security best practices. In this...
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Dr. Sarah Cooper GM IoT at AWS & Internet of Things Community Vice-Chair
Sarah Cooper
IoT Slam 2016 Internet of Things Conference Alastair
Alasdair Allan
IoT Slam 2016 Internet of Things Conference Atif Hussein
Atif Hussein
IoT Slam 2015 Virtual Internet of Things Conference - brian witten
Brian Witten
IoT Slam 2016 Internet of Things Conference Muddu
Muddu Sudhakar

IoT: Managing the Connectivity Conundrum

Slide Deck Session Abstract: This presentation will provide a framework and methodology for how to best assess, select, and deploy the right infrastructure to support IoT enterprise applications with a focus on network connectivity options and key issues. With the adoption of Software Defined Networking (SDN)/Network Function Virtualization (NFV), SDx, multi-spectrum heterogeneous networks, the telco “multi-cloud” and mobile edge computing by carriers, the complexity and risks surrounding IoT connectivity selection and deployment has created a high-challenge environment. This presentation will incorporate lessons learned from Booz Allen Hamilton’s Strategic Innovation Group (SIG) research and Innovation Labs projects surrounding pervasive computing, next-generation...
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IoT Slam 2016 Internet of Things Conference Brian Love_
Brian Love

M&A and Corporate Finance Trends in the IoT Sector

Slide Deck Session Abstract: This session focuses on current consolidation and financial trends in the IoT sector, including recent mergers and acquisitions and capital formation activity.  The session will also focus on valuation drivers and methodologies as impacted by growth, business model, scale, profitability and other factors. Speaker: James Turino Partner of Redwood Capital James Turino is a co-founder and Partner of Redwood Capital and a Managing Partner of LD&A Redwood. Over the past 20 years, he has advised numerous companies in the technology and communications industries on over $5 billion in mergers and acquisitions and corporate finance transactions. Prior...
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IoT Slam 2016 Internet of Things Conference James Turino
James Turino

Case Studies on how IoT helps Firms Optimize their Digital Performance and how IoT will have a large Economic Impact in the Future

Slide Deck Session Abstract: Using several case studies and quantitative analysis, this talk offers examples of how businesses are using IoT to improve their performance and optimize digital operations. It also explores how moving to IoT pushes firms to become more involved with analytics for big data lakes and delivering software upgrades through using enhanced workflows, such as DevOps and Continuous Service Delivery (like Netflix and Amazon). The talk also explores how much industries such as finance, healthcare, aircraft and autos plan to invest in IoT over the next decade. It describes what this is likely to mean for revenues, economic...
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Robert Cohen Senior Fellow at Economic Strategy Institute
Robert Cohen

Keynote – Preparing for the Internet of Things 50 Trillion Gigabyte Challenge

Slide Deck Session Abstract We are in the midst of the biggest challenge to IT since the emergence of the Internet, as businesses scramble to mine actionable insights from everything around us – phones, cameras, cars, appliances, accessories, and industrial sensors. As the world marches toward the 50 trillion Gigabyte data mark, the gap between the data that can be collected and the data that can be analyzed in time to be useful is growing wider by the day. When it comes to carving out your competitive advantage with the IoT, you can never be too fast or too efficient. In this keynote presentation, Pat McGarry, an...
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IoT Slam 2015 Virtual Internet of Things Conference - Patrick McGarry
Pat McGarry

Headline Panel Discussion – Plotforming IoT: What makes an IoT Platform Transformative

Slide Deck Session Abstract: We all know the essentials. A basic IoT platform must connect devices, must be able to collect data, must handle thousands of vendors, hundreds of standards and must be able to scale to millions of devices sending billions of messages.  To deliver true value beyond the basic platform, we can add security, privacy, insight generation and close loop automation. But what are the capabilities and the supporting technology advances that allow an IoT Platform to become an agent of transformation for a business? We’ll explore these key capabilities, features and technologies that are moving IoT Platforms...
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Dr. Sarah Cooper GM IoT at AWS & Internet of Things Community Vice-Chair
Sarah Cooper
Chris O'Connor CEO, Persistent Systems
Chris O’Connor
IoT Slam Virtual Internet of Things Conference - David Bartlett
David Bartlett
IoT Slam 2015 Virtual Internet of Things Conference - Sam George
Sam George
IoT Slam 2015 Virtual Internet of Things Conference - Steve Blackwell
Steven Blackwell

Enhancing Aviation Industry Experience using IoT

Slide Deck Session Abstract: Aviation industry can drive efficiency and improve overall airline passenger experience using IoT. This session will focus on some of the use cases around the airport, airline and the passenger, leveraging IoT. Today six to seven bags are delayed / damaged / lost for every thousand bags, eroding the passenger experience and speed of door to door travel. As the regulatory landscape changes, airlines will be required to have better visibility of the bags end-to-end. We will dig deep into the working of such a connected bag solution. Such solutions can be extended to other part...
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Shyam Varan Nath

Integrated Digital Services in Business Digital Transformation

Slide Deck Session Abstract: The Digital Transformation triggers considerable changes in our daily life and in many business areas. These changes may be considered sometimes evolutionary whereas other times they are simply natural, though linked with a disruptive rethinking of the business models. The usage of ICT became meanwhile common-sense. Products, processes and services are increasingly digitally transformed and bound through innovation with the Smart Services, which are used by customers at their individual pace and as needed. The traditional business models of the German leading industries such as Automotive, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Chemistry, Medical Devices, Logistics or Energy...
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IoT Slam 2016 Internet of Things Conference Ulrich Ahle
Ulrich Ahle

IoT protocols for the Things

Slide Deck Session Abstract: The overriding goal of this session is to help prepare the design of an IoT system starting with the device, up to the Cloud and other components between them. Embedded systems using sensors and connectivity are not new to embedded developers. Using these elements with multiple additional Internet technologies is. Adding these new system requirements to constrained devices is a challenge. In this presentation, we will spend more time looking at the impact of specific IoT protocols. There many IP protocols competing to become IoT protocols. We can list: HTTP and HTTPS Websocket COAP MQTT DDS...
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IoT Slam 2016 Internet of Things Conference Christian Legare
Christian Legare

Using Swarm Intelligence to prepare for the next Carmageddon

Slide Deck Session Abstract: Southern California recently experienced a 55-hour closure of the 91 Freeway, resulting in a 6-mile stretch that intersected State Route 71 and Interstate 15. The closure was called the Coronageddon (it ran through the heart of Corona). Just a few years before, a big closure of Highway 405, dubbed Carmageddon, resulted in a traffic jam that reached immense proportions. These are extreme instances of massive traffic congestion, but more commonly, we all deal with daily traffic jams created by early morning traffic as people get to work, school traffic, the lunch rush hour, and the all-too-familiar...
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IoT Slam Virtual Internet of Things Conference Kuruvilla Mathew
Kuruvilla Mathew

Business Disruptions with Algorithms, Drones and Robots

Slide Deck Session Abstract: We are entering the Automation Economy where Internet of Things is going past things to automate our world. Self Driving cars will take us around in a world where nanobots inside our body monitor our vitals and kill harmful pathogens, drones take care of transportation in difficult terrains, Robots build machines in factories and AI personal assistants help us with managing our time, travel and shopping. Come learn from this session about how Machine Learning and Deep Learning are propelling businesses forward creating competitive advantage and increasing customer trust. What can you do to survive, manage...
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Sudha Jamthe, CEO, IoTDisruptions.com
Sudha Jamthe

Using multiple sensor data to devise water conservation strategies for agricultural producers in California’s Central Valley

Slide Deck Session Abstract: Agricultural producers in California’s Central Valley face big challenges in the face of multi-year drought conditions. One response is to devise water conservation strategies that balance yield and quality against resource use.  We show a low cost approach to blending sensor data, energy cost information, and production data in a single database environment for ongoing optimization of water use. Speaker: Keith Peterson President and CEO of Halo Keith Peterson, Ph.D. is President and CEO of Halo, a supply chain analytics software company based in San Diego, CA. Halo helps companies gain deep visibility into the cost...
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IoT Slam 2016 Internet of Things Conference Keith Peterson
Keith Peterson

Closing Keynote Session: Reaching the Healthcare Internet-of-Things

For Slide-Deck Please request directly from Dr-Sotos, please contact us at info@iotslam.com and we will forward your request. Session Abstract: The Internet of Things promises the ability to monitor multiple physiological functions of humans outside of the hospital — continuously, accurately, conveniently, economically, and on a large scale.  This presentation will discuss several factors that will influence how and when this vision can be achieved, including: (1) Questions about the benefits (and harms) of IoT data, from both a clinical outcomes perspective and a cost-effectiveness perspective, (2) The effect of governmental regulation on sensors, connections, and analytics, and, from this,...
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IoT Slam 2016 Internet of Things Conference John Sotos
John Sotos


Even more exclusive sessions at IoT Slam 2016, so you get even more top quality content, value, and ROI from your experience
Day 1
28 Apr 2016

Your Thing is Pwned

Session Abstract The Internet of Things is growing exponentially, and it is creating a virtually infinite attack space for hackers, government snoops and others. In this session we will explore the challenges of security for IoT, including reviewing some existing attacks and predicting others. We will explore, hardware, software, network and cloud attacks. We will look at what solutions there are and how to create a better environment for secure IoT. Speaker; Paul Fremantle Co-Founder of WSO2 Paul Fremantle is the Co-Founder of WSO2 and an active board observer and advisor. He was CTO of the company until early 2015....
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IoT Slam 2016 Internet of Things Conference Paul Fremantle
Paul Fremantle

Performance and security challenges and solution for positioning in IoT commercial applications

Session Abstract: This session will discuss the considerations for ensuring reliability and availability for positioning technology in IoT applications. Performance and security issues will also get covered. Speaker: Rahul Gupta Market segment manager at Spirent Communications Rahul Gupta is a Market segment manager at Spirent Communications’ Positioning Technology division, leader in GNSS test solutions. Prior to joining Spirent, he has held various marketing and engineering roles in leading wireless test and measurement companies. He holds a 1st Class Honours degree from the University of Hertfordshire in electronics & communications engineering and an MBA from University of Cranfield.
IoT Slam 2016 Internet of Things Conference Rahul Gupta
Rahul Gupta

Why IoT is no longer enough

Session Abstract: Gartner says that 6.4 billion connected “Things” will be in use in 2016 and 43% of organizations are using or plan to implement IoT this year. But the reality is that over two-thirds of IoT projects will fail, according to IBM. How can you become a winner? This presentation examines and pinpoints the critical challenges in this evolving space. We will dissect the key barriers in the current IoT initiatives, leading to the new trend of Internet of Applicable Things (IoAT). The characterization of IoAT is differentiated in comparison with traditional IoT: contextual, instantaneous, relevant, containerized, actionable, secure,...
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Tony Shan - Chief IoTologist
Tony Shan

New challenges in Software Testing the IoT

Session Abstract In a complete interconnected world, all areas are touched by challenges given by the IoT, and software testing is definitely one of them. Although a very broad subject, the presenters are depicting four key testing topic while supporting their ideas with experiences from current IoT big projects. The discussion starts with a short overview of the entire IoT value chain, from devices and communication, up to backend integration or global operations. As testing is present in all these segments, it affects most of the competencies for business transformation: trust, compliance, customer experience, operational excellence or business reinvention. Hence,...
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IoT Slam 2016 Internet of Things Conference Ralf Mack
Ralf Mack
IoT Slam 2016 Internet of Things Conference Ovidiu Ursachi
Ovidiu Ursachi

Why Industrial IoT Enterprise & OEM users need “end-to-end” solutions to realize their potential benefits

Session Abstract: This session will explore how Enterprise & OEM Industrial Internet of Things customers are still typically in the early adopter/early majority side of the adoption curve, and what this means for their behaviors. As a result of being early adopters, the embracing of any technological change or disruptive approach to their business must have internal advocates, but will certainly have internal opponents [terrorists!], as well as a silent majority who watch and wait before deciding where to place their support. Internal advocate[s] at Board level are essential. Not least because budget allocation, fear of mission creep, fear of...
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IoT Slam 2016 Internet of Things Conference Jon Penn
Jon Penn

Role of the Gateway in delivering end to end IoT solutions

Session Abstract: Today’s IoT solutions are based on tens if not hundreds of different standards, from protocol and application logic to the network access layers. Often these different standards and protocols are required to be deployed together to create the required functionality. This points to the important role of the entity traditionally referred to as a Gateway. In this presentation we will take an in-depth look on variety of functions, from managing the access network, to security, to implementation of solution logic – which IoT gateway has to provide for successful IoT implementation. We will also look at potential solutions for...
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IoT Slam 2015 Virtual Internet of Things Conference -Anatoli Levine
Anatoli Levine

The Battle for the Subscriber Edge : The importance of the IoT Hub

Session Abstract Today, there are battle fronts so important the future of many service providers is at stake. One of the most important front lines is The Battle for the Subscriber Edge. Facing the service providers (SP) aren’t other SP ‘s, they are the large, nimble and aggressive web companies. Controlling the Subscriber Edge gives the winner a wide array of “smart” / IoT billable services, trusted and preferred brand status and access to a slew of consumer data to monetize. The key to winning this battle is to own and control the IoT Hub . In this market the...
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IoT Slam 2016 Internet of Things Conference Greg Whelan
Greg Whelan

SIM Without the Card

Session Abstract: Dejan RASUO will discuss Spirent’s SIM without the Card strategy, will go over with current state of affairs in the SIM industry in some detail as well as the related predicament that is stifling IOT uptake and finally will finish with a section on how Spirent’s approach differs allowing for customers and partners to utilise the full IOT potential today. Speaker: Dejan Rasuo VP of IoT Connectivity and Subscription Management Business at Spirent Communications Dejan Rasuo began his career with embedded security software company Oberthur Technologies and held various positions during his 11 year tenure with the firm,...
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IoT Slam 2016 Internet of Things Conference Dejan Rauso
Dejan Rasuo

IoT in Risk Management: Putting your data to work thru superior insurance products

Session Abstract: The increased applications of IoT technology are quickly changing the way we live, the way we travel, and the way we work. As we identify disruptive and secure ways to utilize and share this data from connected homes and buildings, vehicles, and equipment, service providers are also looking for ways to provide value-add services, better customer segmentation, and more accurate product models. The insurance industry is an early adopter of IoT via telematics data from connected vehicles, fostering improved rating models via more precise and frequent feedback. Personal and commercial carriers are looking to propagate this business model...
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IoT Slam 2016 Internet of Things Conference Zack Schmiesing
Zack Schmiesing

IoT strategy and architecture in harmony

Session Abstract: Establishing sound strategy and aligned technical direction is important to sustained solution success. Accomplishing these goals in the context of the rapidly changing IoT business and technical environment requires an agile framework. This session will describe key program elements for establishing and sustaining IoT system architecture alignment with business strategy over time. The program elements involve the identification of key business goals, use cases, and technology direction and the creation of a flexible architectural model that guides detailed system of systems engineering and implementation. The guidance framework allows for evolution and change of system elements while preserving important...
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IoT Slam 2016 Internet of Things Conference howard kradjel
Howard Kradjel

Securing the Internet of Things: Defense-in-Depth

Session Abstract: The Internet of Things creates the possibility for the next economic revolution, but also offers an environment rife with security holes. In order to sustain and reap the benefits of IoT, security must be part of design DNA and not an afterthought. This discussion will take a 360 degree approach to learning how to protect your IoT networks and devices from threats, including: Prevent: Implement best practices with authentication, authorization, access Control, site-to-site VPN and a dedicated IP address and APN for enterprise traffic isolation Shield: Go beyond best practices by disabling Internet traffic and direct thing-to-thing communication,...
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Amit Khetawat

Autonomous streaming intelligence for the Internet of Things

Session Abstract: Developments in IoT have helped us build smart devices of all kinds, integrate them with a variety of sensors, and efficiently plug them into the Internet. We have a world of data at our fingertips like never before. But data is only so useful as what we can do with it, and the challenge now is to explore how we should be leveraging the data we are reading from these sensor networks, and how to extract the most value from it. Most IoT platforms provide basic functions like recording data, accessing raw data streams, and occasionally even basic...
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IoT Slam 2016 Internet of Things Conference Alvaro Agea
Alvaro Agea
IoT Slam 2016 Internet of Things Conference Marco Laucelli
Marco Laucelli

Supply Chain Operations Visibility and Management with IoT

Session Abstract: The world is witnessing the 4th industrial revolution driven by the phenomenal adoption of IoT in various industrial sectors. Among the several areas that are impacted by this revolution, is the supply-chain operations and management. Putting the IoT maturity into perspective, and considering its fast-paced adoption for business transformation, it is of paramount importance for supply-chain strategists to explore the potential it has to offer. We worked with a Food Services giant based out of UK who wanted to implement IoT Solution using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Sensors. They wanted to upgrade their existing GPS enabled PDA based...
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IoT Slam 2016 Internet of Things Conference Dhavan-Rathore
Dhavan Rathore

IOT in Action – Fast Transformation Enablers

Session Abstract: This presentation content is collaboratively developed with Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) members – GE (WurldTech) and Dell. This presentation will focus on two Fast Transformation Enablers (FTE): 1. Security in Action: Sustenance of a smart, connected ecosystem is impossible without built-in security capabilities. Every IOT solution needs to integrate security ground up. IOT architectural security is crucial at the device, infrastructure and server layers. A “security gating algorithm” can be employed to evaluate security readiness at every layer before deployment. I will discuss 2-3 case studies to highlight their security robustness as a success factor. These case studies will...
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IoT Slam 2015 Virtual Internet of Things Conference - sravani
Sravani Bhattacharjee

As IoT in the consumer sector experience wireless crowding, are backbones the key to its savior?

Session Abstract: There is a surge of wireless connected devices in a home.   Anywhere from the latest antenna ar-ray filled wireless home router to tablets, home camera’s, microwaves, and even talking barbie’s.  Consumers are more aware of the “dead zone” phenomenon where your Wireless Access Point cannot clearly reach certain areas of your home or the Wireless Access Point have a hard time filling in the gaps between one another.  G.hn a multi-medium wired solution is key to securing a stable freeway lane to Wireless euphoria.  The HomeGrid’s efforts ensure the fastest, simplest, and most secure means to connect...
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IoT Slam 2016 Internet of Things Conference Donna Yasay
Donna Yasay

Securing the Internet of Things: Defense-in-Depth

Session Abstract: The Internet of Things creates the possibility for the next economic revolution, but also offers an environment rife with security holes. In order to sustain and reap the benefits of IoT, security must be part of design DNA and not an afterthought. This discussion will take a 360 degree approach to learning how to protect your IoT networks and devices from threats, including: Prevent: Implement best practices with authentication, authorization, access Control, site-to-site VPN and a dedicated IP address and APN for enterprise traffic isolation Shield: Go beyond best practices by disabling Internet traffic and direct thing-to-thing communication,...
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Amit Khetawat
Day 2
11 Dec 2019

Panel: How does 5G revolutionize your IoT Capabilities?

Session Abstract: The IoT Community® presents a panel discussion on the transformational aspects of 5G and how it can enable new capabilities for your IoT communities. We have brought together a group of leaders that build, test, and provide the 5G services. 5G with its promised speeds, ability to manage latency, and software defined flexibility can deliver changes the IoT landscape. Speakers: Moderator: Brenda Boehm, Interim Chief Innovation Security Officer, Board Advisor at Amazech Solutions Panellists: Caroline Chan, VP and GM, 5G Infrastructure Division, Network Platform Group, Intel Stephen Douglas, Head of 5G Practice at Spirent Communications Tom Wolf, VP,...
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Shay Phillips
Tom Wolf
Caroline Chan
and Member of IoT Community Board of Advisers Amazech Solutions
Brenda Boehm
IoT Slam 2015 Virtual Internet of Things Conference Stephen Douglas
Stephen Douglas
Wayne Irwin VP – Operations – Emerging Business at Ericsson
Wayne Irwin

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