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Atif Hussein

Director of IoT Strategy & Technology at Intel Corporation
IoT Slam 2016 Internet of Things Conference Atif Hussein

Atif Hussein

Director of IoT Strategy & Technology at Intel Corporation


Atif Hussein

IoT Slam 2015 Virtual Internet of Things Conference -IntelAtif Hussein is a high tech veteran with over 20 years experience and executive leadership in product, engineering, strategy and marketing. His primary focus has been in wireless, applications, mobile payments and cloud architecture for both startups and large companies. He has entrepreneurial experience from both, founding and running venture-backed Internet startups, as well as senior management positions such as Nokia and Seven Networks.

At Intel, Mr. Hussein is in the Internet of Things Group and is part of the Strategy and Technology Office. His charter is to directly interface with key Mobile Service Providers as well as industry leaders and enterprise customers to define IoT use cases and a comprehensive connectivity strategy, which is key to the Internet of Things.

Prior to joining Intel in 2014, Mr. Hussein has successfully designed and launched saleable, secure messaging solutions for the Carriers worldwide. His startup experience has spanned from Carrier grade solutions to disruptive mobile payments partnering with key financial institutions.

Mr. Hussein also held senior leadership positions at Nokia, Seven Networks, and successfully raised VC funding for several startups, which he co-founded. In these roles Mr. Hussein led the product strategy and delivered compelling solutions to the market.

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