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IoT Day Slam, April 9th, 2019 Virtual Conference Agenda

We are thrilled to publish a world class and exclusive agenda for the inaugural IoT Day Slam Virtual Conference, in celebration of World IoT Day on April 9th 2019. Elite speakers, presenting cutting-edge IoT thought leadership. Click session link to expand. All times are in US Eastern Time. Registered attendees will be send access details by email.
Day 1
09 Apr 2019

IoT Day Slam 2019 Headline Keynote – IoT designs and key considerations learned from AWS customers, by Brett Francis

Session Abstract: At AWS we are constantly excited to learn ways to better help customers. In celebration of IoT World and our customers, we want to share a set of designs patterns and considerations we’ve learned. From AI + IoT to an IoT project team’s organization, from virtuous cycles to the anatomy of successful projects, you’ll leave the session with a better understanding of the breadth of what AWS is seeing customers do to produce real business outcomes with IoT today. Speaker: Brett Francis, Principal Product Solutions Architect of IoT Outcome Driven Engineering at AWS. Brett is a software geek wrapped in a business man and enjoys helping both analysts and AWS’ largest and most innovative customers with IoT solutions. In addition to his current role, he has over 20 years experience as an engineering executive and chief architect across a wide variety of industries including telecommunications (VMX, Octel), finance (National City), mortgage (First Franklin, Merrill Lynch), and renewable energy (Power-One, ABB). Brett has worked for three startups as an executive and has successfully closed multiple strategic funding rounds as well as a corporate exit. He has an Aerospace Engineering background by training and, as a software architect, has multiple patents filed covering large distributed systems, IoT, and IoT + AI. Brett is the creator of the IoT Atlas (https://iotatlas.net).   © IoT Community’s IoT Day Slam 2019 Virtual Internet of Things Conference Join the IoT Community at https://iotslam.com/community
Brett Francis Principal Product Solutions Architect, IoT at AWS
Brett Francis

Headline Keynote by IBM – Regulatory Reality Check: Improve trust, compliance and visibility with IoT and Blockchain

Session Abstract: Today, asset management activities are carried out based on trust, and manual tracking, but what happens in mission critical situations when guarantees and audit trails are required? How do interrelated business networks get the transparency they need to collaborate and communicate across the life cycle of an asset that could span years, and could be in many different geographies over its life? Join Michael Rowe, IBM Watson IoT Director of Strategy & Portfolio, to find out how IBM helps customers manage critical regulated assets with expanded visibility and improved compliance using IBM Maximo Network on Blockchain to complement the industry leading asset management capabilities already offered by IBM Maximo. With the Maximo workflow driving necessary maintenance and inspections in a shared and trusted Blockchain based Business Network, leading companies are transforming their process, roles, authorizations and audits while improving trust, compliance and visibility with their partners. Speaker: Michael Rowe – IBM Watson IoT Director of Strategy & Portfolio –  Mr. Rowe drives business unit strategy for Watson IoT with a focus on Maximo, Blockchain and IoT Platform. He also works with strategic partnerships identifying new and innovative opportunities to work together on cognitive technology for the internet of things. Previously he working in IBM Research identifying mature research offerings which can help IBM’s customers accelerate new technologies, with a focus on the Internet of Things and the cloud. Prior to this, he was a program director in IBM Software Group (Rational) defining and driving Connected Vehicle and Internet of Things offerings for IBM. He focused on the market and customer needs for building Internet of Things offerings, bridging the product engineering teams and line of business needs to ensure companies are able to deliver new and exciting connected products. As a former brand strategist for IBM Rational, his primary areas of focus were those aspects of the Rational portfolio that bridge across the brand and the rest of IBM, including DevOps, Mobile, Cloud, Internet of Things/M2M and business models such as Software as a Service. He enjoys the challenge of understanding how to build businesses and new products within the constraints of uncertainty and risk. Michael has 30 years of Engineering, operations, Integration, development, consulting, and global project management experience. His experience includes a wide range of business areas including Accounts Receivables, Fulfillment, Human Resources, and Payroll, as well as multiple industries including, Computer Technology, Healthcare, Automotive, Manufacturing, and Distribution. His projects have been global in nature, with technical and management responsibility for teams in North America and Europe. He has successfully implemented the consolidation of the Entitled Software and Systems Technology Group’s fulfillment SAP systems into one Cross Brand Solutions system, laying the foundation for IBM’s future Multi-Brand Enablement. He has held both technical and business roles across various divisions in IBM including Global Services and the Integrated Supply Chain. He has managed significant projects in manufacturing, logistics, and fulfillment. Prior to joining IBM, Mr. Rowe was responsible for designing and developing field data collection devices for...
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Michael Rowe - IBM Watson IoT Director of Strategy & Portfolio
Michael Rowe

Smart Buildings Keynote by Marriott – Developing the Connected Building

Session Abstract: What does it mean to have a smart building? We see a smart building as a building where every single device can communicate with each other to become more efficient and enhance the user experience. As a building developer, we’re always seeking for new ways to push the limit of efficiency and intelligence. In our current ongoing Marriott Autograph Hotel project, we’re utilizing a digital electricity backbone to power distributed Cisco Digital Building Switches which then provide PoE power and network connectivity to lighting, motor shades, mini bars, door locks, sensors, phones, cameras, and electric mirrors. In our next project, we plan on pushing the envelope even further by going 100% DC power, move TVs and VRF AC units to PoE, and create a DC micro-grid which could allow us a Net-Zero building. What does all this achieve? A safer, more intelligent, and effectively cheaper building where information and control is at your fingertips. Speaker: Farukh Aslam  CEO of Sinclair Holdings Farukh Aslam is a commercial real estate developer based in Fort Worth focusing in hotels, office buildings and upscale apartments. In 1999 he started in Telecom infrastructure and focused on VOIP when it was still in its infancy. At that time he started a company overseas to set up Asia’s 3 rd largest FTTH (Fiber to the Home) network which today has grown to over 800 employees. Lately his focus is “Digital Building” and “IOT” in the commercial buildings. He has deployed PoE powered lighting and other building infrastructure such as Video surveillance and access control using PoE as well. He is working very closely with LG to make up to 55” LED TVs and inside building AC unit to be powered also using PoE, along with other products such as Somfy window motor shades, a digital mirror from Electric Mirror, and a PoE powered Mini Bar. One of the most fascinating technologies he is working with these days is “Digital Electricity” which holds the possibility of completely eliminating high voltage electricity from a project and it is currently deployed in a Historic building in downtown Fort Worth. Looking forward, Farukh is developing a complete DC apartment building with a DC microgrid including solar power, DC powered appliances, and a complete Digital Electricity Backbone. © IoT Community’s IoT Day Slam 2019 Internet of Things Conference Join the IoT Community at https://iotslam.com/community
Farukh Aslam - CEO & President Sinclair Holdings LLC, The Sinclair - A Marriott Autograph Hotel
Farukh Aslam

Keynote Panel – The IoT Smart Buildings Use Case: Buildings-as-a-Service

Session Abstract: Buildings are evolving into robust IoT communications platforms which will provide a variety of services based on the wishes or needs of its individual users. How will Smart Buildings systems and IoT applications create valuable data on which the Building as a Service (BaaS) model is built? Where are the business opportunities? Learn more about the BaaS model and its potential to transform industries as next-generation technologies emerge in these sectors. Speakers: Moderator: Clarence Reynolds – Director of Editorial and Event Content, TIA Panellists: Wolfgang Werner – Tribe Smart Building at T-Systems Bruce Bailey – Senior Advisor and Program Manager for Smart Buildings at UL (Underwriters Laboratories), Brian Ensign – Vice President – Demand Creation & International, Superior Essex International, RCDD, NTS, OSP, RTPM, CSI Shaquinta Morgan – Director, Solutions Architecture & Sales Engineering (Signify formerly known as Philips Lighting) Byron BeMiller – Vertical Marketing Smart Buildings at Semtech, Head of the LoRa Alliance Smart Building Working Group   Clarence Reynolds has built a career as an Emmy-winning journalist and broadcast professional. He brings more than two decades of broadcast production, on-air hosting and senior communications experience to the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA). Prior to joining TIA, Clarence worked as a News Anchor at NBC Atlanta and FOX Indianapolis. For TIA, Clarence designs and implements digital event communication strategies to educate stakeholders. He also authors and edits content for a variety of events and narrative programming, including live panels, one- on- one interviews, roundtables, case studies, documentaries, and explanatory videos. Wolfgang Werner provides more than 20+ years experience in different industry-verticals with each focusing on IT and M2M/IoT process consulting, project management as well as business development. Now he is responsible for Go-to-Market and Sales Lead within the Tribe “Smart Building” of the Portfolio Unit IoT, at T-Systems International. Wolfgang and his team are enabling customers and partners to digitize their Facility Management business. Before that, he was in charge of Consulting and Change Management, enabling international customers to transform their E2E oriented business. His career Wolfgang started at SAP with focus on Customer Relationship Management, then he moved to debis, a former subsidiary of Daimler, as a Senior Management Consultant. Brian Ensign’s industry experience expands the last 25 years which includes his current position with Superior Essex International as the Vice President of Demand Creation and International and previously with Legrand as the Director of Technology. His experience also includes positions of increasing responsibility with Leviton Manufacturing Co., Inc, including Director of National Accounts and with Intertek Testing Services (ETL) as a Senior Staff Engineer. Ensign holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering Technology from the SUNY Polytechnic Institute along with his RCDD, NTS, OSP, and RTPM designations from BICSI. He is a BICSI Past President. Brian has been an active participant in the TIA, IEEE, and BICSI standards committees and continues to track the progression of such. Ensign is a frequent public speaker of industry, technology, and trends at various industry events and functions. Bruce...
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Clarence Reynolds
Wolfgang Werner - Tribe Smart Building at T-Systems
Wolfgang Werner
Brian Ensign, RCDD, NTS, OSP, RTPM, CSI Superior Essex International Vice President – Demand Creation and International
Brian Ensign, RCDD, NTS, OSP, RTPM, CSI
Bruce Bailey
Shaquinta Morgan Director, Solutions Architecture & Sales Engineering (Signify formerly known as Philips Lighting)
Shaquinta Morgan
Byron BeMiller is Vertical Marketing lead for Smart Buildings at Semtech
Byron BeMiller

Smart Buildings Keynote – Integrating ubiquitous connectivity to smart buildings

Session Abstract: Smart Cities, Smart Buildings and the IoT sector in general rely on the one hand on a robust connectivity and on the other hand on a standardized platform layer to enable the services they wish to provide. Telecommunication carriers are fast on the trail of providing both the high bandwidth, low latency capabilities of 5G, as well as the penetrating capabilities of low power wide area networks (LPWAN), such as LoRaWAN or NarrowBand-IoT. Both levels of capabilities, serve important needs for in-building connectivity. Why there is a need to digitize the buildings and their assets? One of the main challenges within the Facility Management industry is a lack of use-case-comprehensive and standardized TC/IT platform services, to tackle the existing hurdles. Only one example is to get a transparency about the “real” utilization regarding the office spaces. With the end-to-end service, starting from minimally invasive IoT sensors and ending on platform-based service Apps, you do not only gain insights about your office rooms, but you also can optimize your facility services, such as the “demand based cleaning service” or a “near real time conference booking availability”. This keynote presentation will discuss carrier roles in enabling new types of services across different real-world use cases for Smart Building, and how the carriers are readying in themselves to provide these services. Speaker: Daniel Herb Senior Director of IoT Strategy and Partnerships at T-Mobile US As Senior Director of IoT Strategy and Partnerships at T-Mobile US, Daniel leads the teams who bring the voice of the customer and champion Un-carrier principles to the IoT ecosystem. An early advocate for the role of service providers in IoT, Daniel has been instrumental in bringing to life the roadmap and organization within T-Mobile and with industry partners. Daniel has spent his career in wireless and web services building and leading teams to successfully take high risk products to market on time with winning customer propositions. © IoT Community’s IoT Day Slam 2019 Internet of Things Conference Join the IoT Community at https://iotslam.com/community
Daniel Herb - Director of IoT Strategy and Partnerships at T-Mobile US
Daniel Herb

Smart Buildings Session – How Data Centers and Central Offices Co-Exist in the Same Space

Session Abstract The convergence of wireless and wireline will force the different groups to work together. Operating both two different ways won’t work. Being able to support the needs of the traditional central office network and supporting low latency data applications driven by 5G evolution requires different mindsets in the same facility. Operators need to support the “rip and replace” data center mindset while at the same time supporting evolving needs of the incoming outside plant infrastructure for a lifetime. Speaker: Craig Culwell is a market development manager at CommScope, responsible for key Service Provider accounts in North America. The solutions include connectivity for Central Offices, MTSO’s, Data Centers, Outside Plant, and Cell Sites/Small Cell, with additional emphasis on service providers transitioning to SDN/NFV, Edge Data Centers, densification for 4G & 5G, and the value of utilizing Automated Infrastructure Management (AIM) solutions. Culwell’s strategic mind leverages an understanding of customer needs in those vertical markets and driving change in cross-functional product management, engineering, and field application engineering teams to develop the solutions to increase market share now and into the future. Before his nearly 20 years at CommScope, Culwell spent time at AT&T as a network service operations manager. Culwell holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Marketing from California Polytechnic State University, and an MBA from the University of Phoenix. He is based in Sacramento. © IoT Community’s IoT Day Slam 2019 Internet of Things Conference Join the IoT Community at https://iotslam.com/community
Craig Culwell - Service Provider Market Development Manager, CommScope
Craig Culwell

Healthcare IoT Thought Leadership – Center of Excellence Strategies and Applications

Session Abstract: Discover how the Healthcare IoT Community Center of Excellence Advisory Board is leading the way towards best practice industry adoption.   This session will be facilitated by Tim Foley,  CEO of Healthcare Executive Network and include the following Healthcare IoT Community advisor board members: Speakers: Moderator: Tim Foley – CEO Healthcare Executives Network Panellists Vini Jolly – Executive Director Silicon Valley, Woodside Capital: Chris Sullivan – Global Healthcare Practice Lead at Zebra Technologies and Health Slam Advisory Board Chairman William Paiva – Executive Director of the Center for Health Systems Innovation (CHSI). Rod Cruz – General Manager, Healthcare Solutions, at AT&T © IoT Community’s IoT Day Slam 2019 Internet of Things Conference Join the IoT Community at https://iotslam.com/community    
Rod Cruz, General Manager, Healthcare Solutions, at AT&T
Rod Cruz
Vini Jolly - Executive Director Silicon Valley, Woodside Capital
Vini Jolly
William Paiva - Executive Director of the Center for Health Systems Innovation (CHSI).
William D. Paiva
Chris Sullivan - Healthcare Practice Lead at Zebra, Chair of the Healthcare IoT Advisory Board
Chris Sullivan
Tim Foley - CEO Healthcare Executives Network & Health Slam Vice Chair
Tim Foley

Smart Buildings Keynote by SAS – Leveraging AI and digital twins to extract value from data generated from smart buildings

Session Abstract: At SAS, we have been implementing a number of analytic methods on our energy and building management systems to create a Smart Campus. This has enabled us to create a digital twin of many assets on our campus. We have been able to use these digital twins to meet our project objectives, which include: Increased energy efficiency Understand and increase our environmental sustainability Improve control programs for building management To achieve these objectives, we are making use of the vast IoT data available on our campus. This data is analyzed using machine learning, artificial intelligence, and more targeted analytic methods to detect anomalies and optimize operations. In applying these methods, we have seen what works, and what does not. This presentation will review our experiences for the project, and show results of the various analytic methods used Speakers Brad Klenz is Principal Architect in Advanced Analytics R&D at SAS. His responsibilities include the design and integration of technologies required by SAS’ Analytical Solutions. His recent projects include Streaming Data Analysis for the Energy sector, Customer Intelligence, and Asset Performance Analytics. He received a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from North Carolina State University. Chris Beall aligns each customer’s unique needs with Building Clarity and partner technologies to form the best possible solution for each customer. He guides customers through the process of identifying gaps in data and functionality in order to create a cohesive IT application configuration for facility and business support applications. Chris’ experience as a technology consultant allows him to easily identify what systems and functionality need to be combined with legacy systems to drive visibility into building and portfolio operations. Outcomes of Chris’ projects typically include increased visibility, control, and enhanced decision-making through analytical insights, which drive operational cost reduction. Other ways to connect with SAS on World IoT Day 2019 How to partner with SAS IoT and What’s in it for you? Live Virtual Roundtable on World IoT Day. Learn about the combined power of AI and IoT on our new Artificial Intelligence of Things hub – sas.com/aiot. Interested in learning how to get started in IoT – check out this site – sas.com/iotgo What is the Artificial Intelligence of Things? © IoT Community’s IoT Day Slam 2019 Internet of Things Conference Join the IoT Community at https://iotslam.com/community
Christopher Beall
Brad Klenz - Distinguished IoT Analytics Architect, SAS
Brad Klenz

Smart Building Panel – Delivering Buildings-as-a-Service (BaaS): Data and Interoperability

Session Abstract: Data capture and proper usage is key to transforming intelligent buildings into Smart Buildings. Interoperability across systems, platforms and applications is necessary. This panel will discuss industry sector models, like software system integrators, that are being studied as best practice examples to achieve healthy data management and usage with open API interoperability. Learn about the revenue implications of enabling layers of communications infrastructure in buildings, and the role IoT devices and applications will play in bringing BaaS to life. Speakers: Moderator: Limor Schafman – Director Smart Buildings Programs, TIA Panellists: Aparna Jue – Director of Product, Honeywell Connected Enterprise – Connected Worker Alison Hong – Global Market Intelligence Manager, Johnson Controls Tom Davis – Business Acceleration, Ecosystem and Strategic Partnerships at Microsoft Azure IoT Leonard Lee – Managing Director, neXt Curve Limor Schafman is Director Smart Buildings Programs,Limor is an international corporate attorney, market strategist, and entrepreneur, public speaker and panel moderator. She leads TIA’s Smart Building Program, which is creating a marketplace for the ICT and real property ecosystems which together are developing best practices, frameworks, specifications and standards for the smart built environment. In addition to her work in the legal, theme park, video game and technology industries, Limor was former President of the World Future Society DC Chapter; Co-founder, Chair Emeritus of the IPv6 Forum Local Chapter. Limor received her Juris Doctorate from Boston University School of Law; Bachelor of Arts from the University of Pennsylvania; and Executive Program Business Degree from UCLA’s Anderson School of Management. Aparna Jue is Director of Product, Honeywell Connected Enterprise – Connected Worker. Passionate about product with an eye for detailed differentiation, Aparna has been in the product space for 13 years in various capacities exploring, conceptualizing, and managing strategy, product vision and market roadmaps. Her background is in Electrical & Computer Engineer from The Georgia Institute of Technology with concentrations in Material Science. She has had the pleasure of starting and leading Product Management programs in companies ranging from global enterprises to startups.At Honeywell, Aparna is a part of the Connected Worker team leading Product Management. Connected Worker is focused on designing and building device agnostic, software based, digital tools for the deskless worker. Alison Hong – Global Market Intelligence Manager, Johnson Controls,Alison has 15 years of applied research experience working on competitive and strategic questions in partnership with product and sales teams. She has spent the last five years digging into competitive, market and user research in the building controls space.  It has been a great time to focus on a market in transition toward more data intensive solutions.  Professional interests include innovation process for large companies, developing clear understanding of commercial ecosystems, and bringing high-value information to the table to inform risky decisions. Leonard Lee is the managing director and founder of neXt Curve. With over 25 years as a management consultant and industry analyst, Mr. Lee is a former managing partner with Gartner Inc. and associate partner with IBM and PwC who has advised and delivered emerging technology and...
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Senior Director Smart Buildings Programs
Limor Schafman
Aparna Jue - Director of Product Honeywell Connected Enterprise - Connected Worker
Aparna Jue
Alison Hong - Global Market Intelligence Manager, Johnson Controls
Alison Hong
Leonard Lee - Managing Director, neXt Curve
Leonard Lee
Tom Davis, Business Acceleration, Ecosystem and Strategic Partnerships at Microsoft Azure IoT
Tom Davis

IoT Security Keynote – Zero Trust For IoT

Session Abstract: This session will detail and discuss how organizations across the planet are leveraging the tenets of Zero Trust to gain ground on IoT devices. The focus of the session will be on using the strategic points of a Zero Trust approach to securing devices. The presenter will provide specific use cases of customers and clients that have benefited from leveraging Zero Trust tools and technologies to enable better security in device heavy enterprises. Speaker: Dr. Chase Cunningham focuses on helping senior technology executives with their plans to leverage comprehensive security controls and the use of a variety of standards, frameworks, and tools to enable secure business operations. His work focuses on integrating security into operations; leveraging advanced security solutions; empowering operations through artificial intelligence and machine learning; and planning for future growth within secure systems. Previous Work Experience Dr. Cunningham served as a director of cyber threat intelligence operations at Armor. He was the computer network exploitation lead for Telecommunication Systems and the chief of cyber analytics for Decisive Analytics. Dr. Cunningham is a retired U.S. Navy chief with more than 19 years’ experience in cyber forensic and cyber analytic operations. He has past operations experience, stemming from time spent in work centers within the NSA, CIA, FBI, and other government agencies. In those roles, he helped clients operationalize security controls; install and leverage encryption and analytic systems; and grow and optimize their security operations command systems and centers. Education Chase holds a Ph.D. and M.S. in computer science from Colorado Technical University and a B.S. from American Military University focused on counter-terrorism operations in cyberspace.   © IoT Community’s IoT Day Slam 2019 Internet of Things Conference Join the IoT Community at https://iotslam.com/community
Dr Chase Cunningham, Principle Analyst Security & Risk at Forrester, and Master Class Contributor - Security Privacy Trust Center of Excellence - SPTIoTCoE
Dr. Chase Cunningham

The Playbook to Transform your Business Model in Industry 4.0

Session Abstract: Manufacturers are embracing the Fourth Industrial Revolution, embarking on ambitious digital transformation programs to uncover new insights and business opportunities. For the most part, these initiatives are an opportunity to make significant improvements to the company bottom line, and despite their complexity, can unlock new value pools & enable new recurring and predictable revenue streams. Yet the most transformative opportunities will come from business model innovation, with far-reaching impacts on the topline. This requires a mindset shift around value creation and capture – one that ought to be pioneered by industry leaders. Most manufacturers know they must make this shift, but are searching for a “how-to” guide to do so. Attend this session to learn about new monetization opportunities stemming from Industry 4.0 and a model that outlines the critical capabilities & infrastructure required to make the shift successfully. Case studies covered: Schneider Electric Husqvarna Group Caterpillar Speaker  Amy Konary joined Zuora as VP of Customer Business Innovation in 2017 with close to 20 years of experience advising companies on subscription business strategies. She is the founder and chair of the Subscribed Institute, a think tank for the subscription economy. Through the Subscribed Institute, Amy brings together a community of business executives, thought leaders, and industry experts at a series of Executive Summits, and generates research and industry benchmarks on subscription transformation topics. Amy also advises Zuora customers on the subscription business strategy development, execution, and maturity. Prior to Zuora, Amy was an industry analyst with IDC for 19 years, where she launched the company’s SaaS practice and produced the industry’s first SaaS forecast. She also launched a research and advisory practice on subscription strategy and led that for more than 10 years. Amy has worked with many of the largest and most influential technology, manufacturing, and telecommunications companies, helping them to generate millions in subscription revenues. © IoT Community’s IoT Day Slam 2019 Internet of Things Conference Join the IoT Community at https://iotslam.com/community
Amy Konary - VP Customer Business Innovation, Zuora
Amy Konary

How will 5G impact IoT for Healthcare and Life Sciences

Session Abstract: The promise of the Internet of Things (IoT) for Life Sciences and Healthcare will be dramatically improved with the roll out of 5G. As a telecom provider the strategy around 5G and NarrowBand is more than just a technology update. In this session we will cover the following topics: > How does 5G improve the experience for the casual user? Demonstrating what we have today versus when 5G is available. > What to expect from 5G and NarrowBand from a frequency and data transmission perspective, and how does it impact the IoT device itself. We will compare similar IoT devices available today and new devices based on NarrowBand as an example. > Use cases for Life Sciences and Healthcare Your key takeaways: 1. You will know more about why 5G is so important to the adoption of IoT. 2. You will see how 5G impacts the overall size of the IoT device. 3. You will see examples of IoT being used for supply chain visibility for Pharma and Healthcare, how IoT devices are tracking shipping containers, and how IoT is the ‘tip of the spear’ of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) of 2013, plus a preview of a new device for hospitals, and its application that helps providers and patients. Speaker: JIM SABOGAL Senior Director for Healthcare and Life Sciences at T-Systems Jim leads the T-Systems North America Healthcare and Life Sciences vertical. He has been engaging with clients on DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION through numerous projects leveraging: Cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, and SAP. Jim is active in Pharma industry dealing with the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) and the FDA regulatory guidelines. Working with partners to bring new Healthcare solutions that help Providers and Payors leverage the benefits of cloud hosting and IoT. He has a background and experience in Clinical Development; Supply Chain Management; Manufacturing; CRM (Sales and Service); IoT; Big Data / Analytics; Cloud Computing; Blockchain, and Regulatory Standards using SAP, Oracle and Microsoft solutions. At the same time he is on several Advisory Boards in the areas of IoT, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and SAP. (He is on the IoTCommunity Board of Advisers for Healthcare.) Session Tags End-User, Enterprise, Small / Medium Enterprise Mobile, Infrastructure, IoT, Pharma, Healthcare, SupplyChain VP / Director, Middle Management, Business Line Management, Operations Intermediate http://www.linkedin.com/in/jimsabogal https://twitter.com/tsystemscom Manufacturing, Telecom, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical / BioTech Join our IoT Community at https://www.linkedin.com/groups/4662022/profile IoT Slam Virtual Internet of Things Conference
Jim Sabogal

Creating a Safer and Enhanced Passenger Experience while Enabling a ‘Rideshare Passenger Economy’

Session Abstract: Let’s focus on the interior features within the new reality of Level 5 Autonomous Vehicles: ALL occupants are now passengers. Connectivity, comfort and a tailored ride experience will dictate which vehicle manufacturers and rideshare services rise to the top. Once all of the passenger mobile devices are precisely located Evvy enables seat adjustments, temperature settings, window shade settings, etc., according to the passenger’s preference profile. If this passenger had a premium vehicle WIFI subscription, for example, Evvy could automatically connect him to the vehicle wifi, leapfrogging the password entry step. With the appropriate 3rd party support, Evvy could prioritize bandwidth settings, infotainment access, by passenger/seat location in the vehicle. This customizable ‘pathway’ to passengers based on their location in the vehicle enables the same e-commerce, targeted advertising, curated content delivery capabilities Motion Intelligence is working to deliver in vehicles today. From a security standpoint, Evvy can collect ‘blindfold’ passenger identification information who are participating in the ride but did not order the rideshare service including the duration of time a passenger spends in the car by identifying at what point his device exited the vehicle, and if it moved to any other seats within the vehicle. Once the rideshare transport ends with no Emergency incidents the ‘blindfold’ passenger identification information would be deleted. Evvy can detect unauthorized or “unscheduled” devices that enter the vehicle and report them to a 3rd party. If passengers opt-in ahead of time for the ‘enhanced rideshare experience’ Evvy would be allowed to market a few customized or tailored advertisements to the passenger’s mobile device (based on the passenger’s enhanced passenger service profile) in exchange for a gift certificate or discount coupon delivered to the driver’s mobile device for products and services available within a certain time period located in and around the dropoff destination. Speakers: CJ Meurell – Co-Founder at Motion Intelligence Sue Spradley – CEO at Motion Intelligence CJ is co-founder of Motion Intelligence, responsible for global strategy and business development. Over the past two years, he has led Motion Intelligence from developing software to prevent drivers from being distracted by their mobile devices to a software technology platform which detects, identifies and precisely locates all smart mobile devices inside a vehicle. Once the smart mobile devices are located, use cases are enabled which focus on driver safety, vehicle ‘branded’ passenger experiences and car-ride-share passenger e-commerce opportunities. Previous to Motion Intelligence, CJ led a global sales and business development team focused on C-level engagements with network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) and network integrators for Viavi Solutions. His team created market opportunities, by integrating Viavi service enablement technology with Viavi’s global partner’s technology, products, and solutions. This unique technology integration creates new and enhances existing, “edge to core” service enablement solutions, allowing our global partners to monetize the network for their customers, at the same time, profitably grow their managed services and solutions portfolios. CJ’s international experience includes ex-pat assignments in China and Europe, leading multifunctional teams while defining and executing a profitable business strategy...
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CJ Meurell, Co-Founder, Motion Intelligence
CJ Meurell
Sue Spradley

Autonomous Vehicles lead us to Smart Mobility

Session Abstract: Autonomous Vehicles began by promising to keep our roads safe and now are bringing us connected and electric cars. Do you know why this is creating a cascade of industry disruptions? It is because they are extending mobility from the phone to the car and changing urban mobility as we know it. Join Technology Futurist Sudha Jamthe to learn what is Smart Mobility and what is MAAS (Mobility as a Service) and TAAS (Transportation as a Service) focused on 3 main topics: AV Technology Stack and how can you build products around it AV Data and how does it aid in the Smart Mobility AV business models and who is going to fund Smart Mobility This session will give you insights on how to pivot your career and innovate in your business to the AV and smart mobility space and learn resources to get started right away. Speaker: Sudha Jamthe is the CEO of IoT Disruptions and an entrepreneurial mobile product leader with 20+ years experience building Consumer Mobile and eCommerce Products for Business Growth. She is the author of the book IoT Disruptions and the upcoming new book “The Internet of Things Business Primer”. She hosts a weekly show called “The IoT Show” on YouTube and is an instructor at Stanford Continuing Ed School for the class Building a Successful Business with Mobile and Internet of Things. Sudha is a champion for Girls Who Code and hosts mentor programs for kids at Devcamps and hackathons. She believes that coding is a fundamental skill similar to reading for the future and inspires kids to learn coding with educational programs in schools and corporate partnerships.  She has been a venture mentor at MIT and Director at Bay Area Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ Meetups. She writes for TechCrunch, Mashable, GigaOm and Venturebeat as a respected technology futurist. You can always find her latest opinions at coolastory.com, LinkedIn Pulse, Periscope and @sujamthe. She is an advisor for Blockchain University and Barcelona Technology School. Sudha Jamthe is the author of “2030 The Driverless World: Business Transformation from Autonomous Vehicles” and 3 IoT books. She teaches IoT Business at Stanford Continuing studies and aspires to bring Cognitive IoT and Autonomous Vehicles together. © IoT Community’s IoT Day Slam 2019 Internet of Things Conference Join the IoT Community at https://iotslam.com/community
Sudha Jamthe, CEO, IoTDisruptions.com
Sudha Jamthe

Closing Keynote: The Internet of Moving Things

Session Abstract: The first revolution connected desktops. The second one connected moving people. The 3rd one is connecting static things. Is the 4th one connecting moving things ? Come, attend and learn more about the world of Internet of moving things. Speaker: Rahul Vijay Rahul Vijay is a key partner to business development teams in managing partner-supplier ecosystems. He is also a Key partner to CFOs to successfully achieve total cost of ownership reduction goals, a Key partner to CTOs for technology renting and buying strategies, a Key partner to chief legal officers for risk reduction, compliance and contracting. Rahul has end-to-end source to pay experience including partnerships, sourcing, procurement, supply chain, logistics, contract law, systems, market drivers, understanding of cost structures and sales incentives. Regularly engages in executive presentations, reporting, capital and expense planning, cost modeling, inventory planning and analytics. Rahul is a seasoned deal-maker and negotiator and is well networked in high-tech industry with a deep understanding of key players and emerging technologies and trends. He possess a trusted network of global peers and mentors and regularly partners with organizational presidents and directors to develop business cases, perform due diligence analyses and Buy vs. Rent vs. Build strategies. He is an expert in supplier management and risk management. Have led teams to effectively partner up with cross-functional teams to ‘get things done quickly’ in complex large organizations. Rahul is adept at internal selling and have built teams from scratch. Managed multiple complex global teams and initiatives by hiring best talent, building strong working relationships with key internal and external partners, securing ‘a seat at the table’ with stakeholders, and acting as a trusted adviser. Former business development professional, management consultant, media professional and engineer. Advisory Board The function of the IoT Community, is to focus on the adoption & application of IoT in commercial environments, seeking to understand & contribute to applying the technology or overcoming the wide variety of barriers, inhibitors, and technical & operational issues. As a member of the board, Rahul will provide impartial input and guidance to the overall vision, strategy and execution that is helping to shape the current and future direction for the IoT Community, as well as the broader IoT industry.
Rahul Vijay | Head of Global Telecom Sourcing | Uber
Rahul Vijay

Final Conference Remarks, by BoA Member Vernon Turner & Conclusion of IoT Day Slam 2019

Wrapping up the day will be IoT Community Advisory Board Chairman – Bill Mortimer and recently appointed Board of Adviser Member Vernon Turner reflecting on what would by then have been an amazing day, filled to the brim with expert views, insights and overall best practices that can be implemented to deliver meaningful outcomes.
Vernon Turner - IoT Thought Leader
Vernon Turner

IoT Day Slam 2019 On-Demand Agenda

We have assembled these awesome thought leaders and subject matter experts to present even more content at the IoT Day Slam 2019.
Day 1
09 Apr 2019

Flirting with change – How We can Shift our Focus from Doing Leadership to Being Leaders

Session Abstract: Noa was the master of flirting with change. She learned how to overcome her assumption that she can let go of her fears and dare her self to show up as a leader and put what matters to her before her fears. With her out of the box approach, thought-provoking style and ton of vulnerability Noa shares messy stories from her own personal change and working with other leaders who lead cultural or personal change. Noa’s Main Talking Points: What is Norm? How to break through the barriers of social and internal Norms? The beauty of being lost...
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Noa Ronen - Speaker, Certified Leadership & Business Coach From Barriers to Breakthroughs
Noa Ronen

The State of Edge Computing for IoT

Session Abstract: Edge computing is becoming a key architectural component for industrial IoT deployments. Gartner Group identifies edge computing as one of their top Tech Trends for 2019. The opportunity to process data at the edge of the network, closer to the sensors and actuators, before data is sent to the cloud results in improved security, more efficient data movement, and better performance for industrial IoT use cases. This presentation will explore three aspects of edge computing: – The benefits of edge computing for industrial IoT use cases – The key features delivered in edge computing solutions – A survey...
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Ian Skerrett, IoT Analyst at Ian Skerrett Consulting
Ian Skerrett

The resurgence of tech and privacy

Session Abstract: How the tech consumer can become more privacy conscious without going crazy and how enterprises can choose to (or not) become more empathetic to build a sustainable business and relationship We seem to be living in a constant tsunami of privacy breaches and industrial ethical misconduct by the digital czars of the connected universe, namely Facebook, Google … did I mention Facebook. The Cambridge Analytica/Facebook expose seems like ages ago, since then we have seen Facebook in the spotlight again exposed of not just making their customers’ data available to over 150 partners but allowing those partners to...
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Ashwin Krishnan, COO, UberKnowledge
Ashwin Krishnan

Smart buildings session – what are the benefits of a e2e iot platform service

Session Abstract: Smart Buildings and the IoT sector in general rely on the one hand on a robust connectivity and on the other hand on a standardized platform layer to enable the services they wish to provide. Why there is a need to digitize the buildings and their assets? One of the main challenges within the Facility Management industry is a lack of use-case-comprehensive and standardized TC/IT platform services, to tackle the existing hurdles. Only one example is to get a transparency about the “real” utilization regarding the office spaces. With the end-to-end service, starting from minimally invasive IoT sensors...
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Wolfgang Werner - Tribe Smart Building at T-Systems
Wolfgang Werner

Moving from IoT to ML and AI: Expanding the Top Line

Session Abstract: Many firms are leading the race to digital nirvana. Lots of them started with IoT and made a transition. Now, as AI has become more inferential, the focus is shifting from robotics to strategy. This talk will cover some of the ways this has changed the firms and altered their business models. In finance, one firm has turned itself into the “Amazon of Finance.” In pharma, new urgency has been focused on data analytics, shortening the time to value, and creating new standards. In other retailing industries, systems have moved from sensor networks to performing analytics at the...
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Robert Cohen Senior Fellow at Economic Strategy Institute
Robert Cohen

The Business of IoT Data

Session Abstract: 20 Million IoT devices are on their way to create Petabytes of data from connected devices impacting all industries and all gamuts of lives. This data becomes the backbone to create intelligence using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Come find answers from a global IoT Women leaders on IoT Day. What is the reality of gathering the right data in quantity, quality without biases in a business setting? What are the privacy and security implications of such data? What is the best practice of dealing with Privacy by Design to comply with GDPR? What are the Industrial IoT...
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Sudha Jamthe, CEO, IoTDisruptions.com
Sudha Jamthe
Deanna Shaw - Director of Design, Internet of Things at IBM
Deanna Shaw
Roxy Stimpson, OCTO Sr. Director of Engineering – Cloud Service and Analytics, F5
Roxy Stimpson

DataOps Practice

Session Abstract: DataOps has emerged as a methodical approach to improving the speed and quality of analytics through advanced data processing and management practices and processes. Due to the complexity and immaturity, it is very hard to implement DataOps. This talk presents a holistic framework, comprising the key building blocks of the overarching DataOps practice: Foundation, Anatomy, Discipline, and Enablement (FADE). We will anatomize the DataOps in terms of 6W+2H, followed by a walkthrough of the core DataOps foundation. Then we will drill down to the integral components of DataOps discipline for the pragmatic adoption and brown-field undertakings in complex...
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Tony Shan - Chief IoTologist
Tony Shan

Optimizing Washroom Maintenance by IoT Increased Working Efficiency by Over 20%

Session Abstract: Optimizing Washroom Maintenance by IoT Increased Working Efficiency by Over 20% Facility maintenance is a labor-intensive function and a large expense for many businesses including airports, conference venues, shopping malls, hospitals and schools and more. Yet, clean washrooms with replenished hand towel dispensers is a vital component of the experience these organizations want to provide to the staff, visitors and customers in their facilities. The biggest challenge in facility maintenance today is driving increased efficiency and productivity from the people in charge of cleaning buildings. Purchasing the cheapest tissue, paper towels and liners will not deliver sufficient savings....
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Ville Ylläsjärvi, CMO, co-founder, Haltian
Ville Ylläsjärvi

Deep Learning Facility testbed: Applying Artificial Intelligence Solutions for Smart Buildings Autonomy

Session Abstract: To illustrate how AI works in the real world, we will describe an IIC testbed focused on delivering a solution that optimizes asset utilization and energy efficiency in a building that includes the optimized maintenance of monitored assets, energy efficiency through adjustments in all power-consuming services and improvement of visitor experience. While the initial deployment of this testbed targets the Toshiba Kawasaki building in Tokyo, Japan, we started expanding to other facilities. Our thinking covers challenges faced by all types of large facilities which may include hospitals, hotels, malls, factories, airports, etc. Speaker Dr. Said Tabet is the...
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Technology Lead IoT and Artificial Intelligence Strategy Senior Technologist, Corporate Office of the CTO, Dell EMC
Dr. Said Tabet