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The resurgence of tech and privacy

Ashwin Krishnan, COO, UberKnowledge
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The resurgence of tech and privacy

Session Abstract:

How the tech consumer can become more privacy conscious without going crazy and how enterprises can choose to (or not) become more empathetic to build a sustainable business and relationship We seem to be living in a constant tsunami of privacy breaches and industrial ethical misconduct by the digital czars of the connected universe, namely Facebook, Google … did I mention Facebook. The Cambridge Analytica/Facebook expose seems like ages ago, since then we have seen Facebook in the spotlight again exposed of not just making their customers’ data available to over 150 partners but allowing those partners to even modify the content – for instance changing or deleting our Messenger conversations, and more recently the Google+ shutdown due to a data breach the size of which is still not revealed.

Where there is smoke…? There is a rise of activist bodies to inform the consumer or shock them even further. But there is very little in terms of practical advice that a digitally distracted and, frankly, jaded consumer can implement today. This talk will correct that. It will provide an actionable framework that the consumer can implement – not a one size fits all – but rather a customizable blueprint to allow for gradual assimilation of what is possible using some amazing new tools as well as existing ones to make this pragmatic.

Similarly for the enterprise, this is an opportunity to learn how to treat the consumer and that means not just as a digital data source for hypertargeting and manipulation into unconscious decision making. That will backfire and you may not get a second chance. Instead realize that the consumer is waking up and treat them with respect and empathy that will pay off both in the short and long term. Again a framework that the enterprise can use to gauge their ethics coefficient and constantly monitor and adjust to keep their digital appetite in check and allow their empathy to explode.


Ashwin Krishnan
COO at UberKnowledge

Ashwin is the COO of UberKnowledge, a cybersecurity knowledge-sharing, training and communication organization. He is also a tech ethicist, writer, podcast host, and speaker. He is particularly interested in educating and empowering both consumers and vendors of the role of ethics in tech. You can find more about Ashwin including links to his speaking engagements and his writing on his website. His most recent podcasts can be found at Uberknowledge.

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