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Flirting with change – How We can Shift our Focus from Doing Leadership to Being Leaders

Noa Ronen - Speaker, Certified Leadership & Business Coach From Barriers to Breakthroughs
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Flirting with change – How We can Shift our Focus from Doing Leadership to Being Leaders

Session Abstract:

Noa was the master of flirting with change. She learned how to overcome her assumption that she can let go of her fears and dare her self to show up as a leader and put what matters to her before her fears. With her out of the box approach, thought-provoking style and ton of vulnerability Noa shares messy stories from her own personal change and working with other leaders who lead cultural or personal change. Noa’s Main Talking Points:

What is Norm?
How to break through the barriers of social and internal Norms?
The beauty of being lost when we lead a change – How at the moment when everything goes wrong, in the chaos, there is beauty and dare I say even creativity and innovation?
From Awareless through Awaremess to Awareness
Balanced Decision-Making Leadership – how can we move from doing leadership to being leaders and engage actions with emotional and cognitive barriers?

The audience will leave inspired and with the unique DARE model. The model engages the being and doing of leadership to create a balanced leadership. The model uniqueness is that it meets the leaders where they are rather than them fitting to Noa’s model. The model is their leadership map with actionable steps to engage: self-reflection, strategy, emotions, and actions.

What the audience says: “Thank you for making me rethink my leadership and the way I make decisions”, “You made me realize that I am ignoring my limiting thoughts and emotions and this is why people don’t follow me.”


Noa Ronen
Leadership Coach, Disruptor at Noa Ronen Coaching

Noa brings more than 20 years of experience in Change Management, Human Resources, Project Management, Talent Development, and Leadership in the profit and not for profit arena.
Since 2001, Noa helps Individuals, teams, and leaders to Dare.
Noa led change management processes with organizations like Generali Insurance Group (Israel) and Orange Telecom. 
Since her move to the US Noa works with Progressive Executives, Social Leaders, non-profit executive directors, leaders at the UN/UNDP and expatriates as the sole NetExpat Coach in North Carolina, an International Relocation Company, based in Brussels. During her Board President role with ICF Raleigh Area Chapter from 2015-2017 membership grew by 70% and the chapter won 3 awards (out of 150 ICF chapters around the world). Noa also signed a partnership agreement with two other associations to bring more opportunities to the ICF chapter members and chaired the chapter’s two first leadership conferences promoting leadership culture in the Triangle region. Noa received her MBA from The University of Derby, England, She holds PCC certification – Advanced Professional Certified Coach from ICF (International Coach Federation), ACN advanced certified coach with Arbinger Institute, and Tilt365 certification – personality and 360 Assessment for leaders and teams.

Session Tags

End-User, Enterprise, Small / Medium Enterprise

Social Leadership, Out of the Box, no norms, Being of Leadership, Awareness, Mindfulness, Leading Change, Thought Leadership

VP / Director, Middle Management, Business Line Management

Intermediate, Beginner



Telecom, Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Consumer, Pharmaceutical / BioTech

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