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Smart Buildings Keynote by Marriott – Developing the Connected Building

Farukh Aslam - CEO & President Sinclair Holdings LLC, The Sinclair - A Marriott Autograph Hotel
09 Apr 2019
10:45 - 11.15
Virtual Keynote Room

Smart Buildings Keynote by Marriott – Developing the Connected Building

Session Abstract:

What does it mean to have a smart building? We see a smart building as a building where every single device can communicate with each other to become more efficient and enhance the user experience. As a building developer, we’re always seeking for new ways to push the limit of efficiency and intelligence. In our current ongoing Marriott Autograph Hotel project, we’re utilizing a digital electricity backbone to power distributed Cisco Digital Building Switches which then provide PoE power and network connectivity to lighting, motor shades, mini bars, door locks, sensors, phones, cameras, and electric mirrors. In our next project, we plan on pushing the envelope even further by going 100% DC power, move TVs and VRF AC units to PoE, and create a DC micro-grid which could allow us a Net-Zero building. What does all this achieve? A safer, more intelligent, and effectively cheaper building where information and control is at your fingertips.


Farukh Aslam 
CEO of Sinclair Holdings

Farukh Aslam is a commercial real estate developer based in Fort Worth focusing in hotels, office buildings and upscale apartments. In 1999 he started in Telecom infrastructure and focused on VOIP when it was still in its infancy. At that time he started a company overseas to set up Asia’s 3 rd largest FTTH (Fiber to the Home) network which today has grown to over 800 employees. Lately his focus is “Digital Building” and “IOT” in the commercial buildings. He has deployed PoE powered lighting and other building infrastructure such as Video surveillance and access control using PoE as well. He is working very closely with LG to make up to 55” LED TVs and inside building AC unit to be powered also using PoE, along with other products such as Somfy window motor shades, a digital mirror from Electric Mirror, and a PoE powered Mini Bar. One of the most fascinating technologies he is working with these days is “Digital Electricity” which holds the possibility of completely eliminating high voltage electricity from a project and it is currently deployed in a Historic building in downtown Fort Worth. Looking forward, Farukh is developing a complete DC apartment building with a DC microgrid including solar power, DC powered appliances, and a complete Digital Electricity Backbone.

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