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Creating a Safer and Enhanced Passenger Experience while Enabling a ‘Rideshare Passenger Economy’

CJ Meurell, Co-Founder, Motion Intelligence
09 Apr 2019
17:00 - 17:30
Virtual Room 2

Creating a Safer and Enhanced Passenger Experience while Enabling a ‘Rideshare Passenger Economy’

Session Abstract:

Let’s focus on the interior features within the new reality of Level 5 Autonomous Vehicles: ALL occupants are now passengers. Connectivity, comfort and a tailored ride experience will dictate which vehicle manufacturers and rideshare services rise to the top.

Once all of the passenger mobile devices are precisely located Evvy enables seat adjustments, temperature settings, window shade settings, etc., according to the passenger’s preference profile.

If this passenger had a premium vehicle WIFI subscription, for example, Evvy could automatically connect him to the vehicle wifi, leapfrogging the password entry step. With the appropriate 3rd party support, Evvy could prioritize bandwidth settings, infotainment access, by passenger/seat location in the vehicle.

This customizable ‘pathway’ to passengers based on their location in the vehicle enables the same e-commerce, targeted advertising, curated content delivery capabilities Motion Intelligence is working to deliver in vehicles today.

From a security standpoint, Evvy can collect ‘blindfold’ passenger identification information who are participating in the ride but did not order the rideshare service including the duration of time a passenger spends in the car by identifying at what point his device exited the vehicle, and if it moved to any other seats within the vehicle. Once the rideshare transport ends with no Emergency incidents the ‘blindfold’ passenger identification information would be deleted. Evvy can detect unauthorized or “unscheduled” devices that enter the vehicle and report them to a 3rd party.

If passengers opt-in ahead of time for the ‘enhanced rideshare experience’ Evvy would be allowed to market a few customized or tailored advertisements to the passenger’s mobile device (based on the passenger’s enhanced passenger service profile) in exchange for a gift certificate or discount coupon delivered to the driver’s mobile device for products and services available within a certain time period located in and around the dropoff destination.


CJ Meurell – Co-Founder at Motion Intelligence
Sue Spradley – CEO at Motion Intelligence

CJ is co-founder of Motion Intelligence, responsible for global strategy and business development. Over the past two years, he has led Motion Intelligence from developing software to prevent drivers from being distracted by their mobile devices to a software technology platform which detects, identifies and precisely locates all smart mobile devices inside a vehicle. Once the smart mobile devices are located, use cases are enabled which focus on driver safety, vehicle ‘branded’ passenger experiences and car-ride-share passenger e-commerce opportunities. Previous to Motion Intelligence, CJ led a global sales and business development team focused on C-level engagements with network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) and network integrators for Viavi Solutions. His team created market opportunities, by integrating Viavi service enablement technology with Viavi’s global partner’s technology, products, and solutions. This unique technology integration creates new and enhances existing, “edge to core” service enablement solutions, allowing our global partners to monetize the network for their customers, at the same time, profitably grow their managed services and solutions portfolios. CJ’s international experience includes ex-pat assignments in China and Europe, leading multifunctional teams while defining and executing a profitable business strategy within the wireless ecosystem including wireless semiconductor, mobile device, network infrastructure, and service provider markets.CJ’s career spans over 35 years of executive leadership and general management (P&L) positions in the automotive telematics, semiconductor, flat panel display, and wireless telecommunications industries. CJ earned electrical engineering degrees from the Pennsylvania State University, With Distinction, the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, Magna Cum Laude, and an MBA from Union College, Schenectady, New York

Sue Spradley is CEO of Motion Intelligence, Inc., and Board Chair of US Ignite, a public/private partnership with NSF to drive application adoption across smart cites and 5G deployments. She also serves on the boards of Qorvo, Inc., Avaya, and NetScout. A veteran telecom senior executive leader, Sue has previously served as Executive Vice President of Viavi, Head of North America for Nokia Siemens Networks, and President of Nortel Networks. Sue’s experience spans P&L management, sales, R&D, operations, and services across the globe. She specializes in managing all phases of growth, turnaround, and diversification from start up to $2 billion in revenue. She is active in government and community affairs and currently resides in Colorado Springs, CO.

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