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The Era of Interoperability is Here: Automating Core IIOT Processes

Ryan Brady, CTO at Phizzle
09 Apr 2021
16:45 - 17:15
Keynote Room

The Era of Interoperability is Here: Automating Core IIOT Processes

Session Abstract:

At this April’s IoT Slam, Phizzle will debut a fully automated fleet of scientific particle counters. This event will be the first in history to demonstrate multi-vendor particle counter automation. The presentation will cover the technical process for connecting and automating scientific devices from different vendors with a single cloud-based UI. Interoperability challenges and the compelling ROI for remotely operating these core business functions is covered. This will be a live exhibition of functionality from Phizzle’s lab environment.


Ryan Brady
Chief Technology Officer at Phizzle

Ryan’s ability to architect and build backend systems which make the IoT work for real-time engagement while leading the company’s technical vision brought him to his current position of CTO. As the VP of Engineering, his expertise in the SaaS industry guided the company’s transition into an edge computing solution.

Previous experience includes working closely with industry experts in the litigation world to create advanced data visualizations. As a trial consultant, he worked closely with experts in the medical, transportation, oil & gas, and technology/structural engineering industries, Ryan helped attorneys win verdicts in the hundreds of millions of dollars. He did this while using many of the same tools he created to automate the visualization of large amounts of data in real time, which is where he got his start with Phizzle in 2013.

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