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Panel: Security, Privacy & Trust in IoT Center of Excellence; Reducing your risk in a virtual world of ‘things’

Kevin Cassidy - Data Privacy Expert, Cyber Defense Labs
Jason Cook, Chief Operating Officer & Managing Partner at Cyber Defense Labs (CDL)
09 Apr 2020
16:00 - 16:45
Keynote Room

Panel: Security, Privacy & Trust in IoT Center of Excellence; Reducing your risk in a virtual world of ‘things’


The IoT Community® presents a panel discussion on the ever-changing digital security threat landscape, hosted by technology and security expert Jason Cook, Cyber Defense Labs COO and IoT Community Board Member. Current events have accelerated us into a virtual world that just in the last few weeks everyone is adjusting to… we are setting a new norm that will no doubt drive a new wave of innovation and way of life. We are suddenly embracing a virtual workforce, virtual schooling, virtual consumers, virtual patients, virtual shoppers and even for some virtual worshipers! Then you look at this from an IoT perspective – people are now taking their smart devices with them, technology embedded clothing, footware, medical devices (some embedded)… People are now a cluster of things, and now are multidimensional in the ‘virtual’ roles they live. This is fantastic progress, but at the same time significantly raises the risk – so how do we reduce and balance the risk with progress. Our panel will explore this.


Moderator: Jason Cook

Kate Kuehn – SVP at vArmour and Board Advisor
Chris Holm – Global CIO Perot Group and Board Member
Kevin Cassidy – Data Privacy Expert, Cyber Defense Labs

Jason Cook is a seasoned IT, Security & Telecoms executive with a track record of defining strategic direction, implementing complex global programs, reorganizing & improving dysfunctional Business & IT departments. Mr. Cook is now the Chief Operating Officer & Managing Partner at Cyber Defense Labs (CDL), a full lifecycle information security service provider helping companies manage, detect and respond to today’s cyber risks. Over a 28 year career Mr. Cook has held a number of leadership roles including CISO, CTO and IT Director at BT one of the world’s leading global telecommunications, managed service and security providers. He serves on the board of several technology and security companies and is a frequent speaker on technology and security issues. Previously he was Managing Director at The Chertoff Group Strategic Advisory Services practice, collaborating with clients to tackle their most critical security issues providing leadership, strategic direction and operational expertise to help secure and grow business.

Kate Kuehn has been an active thought leader in Security & Advanced Network Technologies for close to 20 years. She led some of the industry’s first projects in DDOS, Ethernet as a network (CPA), SaaS and IaaS. Since joining vArmour, Kate has been focusing on how vArmour works globally with companies to create a strong ecosystem, including technology partners, Go-To-Market partners and cloud providers. Her role ensures that vArmour has the right mix of customers and partners to approach the market worldwide. Previously, Kate worked in Security and emerging technologies for companies like nseon, Wandera, BT & Verizon. She is passionate about security, and her main areas offocus include the role of security within digital transformation initiatives, diversity & STEAM outreach.

Kevin Cassidy, J.D. is the Director of Privacy and Compliance Services at Cyber Defense Labs (CDL). Cassidy possesses extensive national security and law enforcement experience, having conducted hundreds of investigations involving sensitive criminal, counterintelligence, and counterterrorism operations. Enhanced by his legal expertise, Cassidy helps client partners spot issues quickly and accurately in order to ensure their most critical assets remain resilient in today’s dynamic threat environment. His practice assists clients in navigating the myriad of laws and regulations related to privacy and compliance. Cassidy has completed an FBI cyber training program and has been awarded both Global Information Assurance Certifications (GIAC) in GIAC Security Essentials (GSEC) and GIAC Critical Controls (GCCC). Prior to joining the Cyber Defense Labs team, Cassidy served more than 24 years with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), performing important roles as Acting Chief Division Counsel (A/CDC), Superviso y Special Agent (SSA), and Special Agent (SA) over the course of his career. During his tenure with the FBI, Cassidy served in both supervisory and investigative roles with extensive experience working criminal, counterintelligence, and counterterrorism cases, including program management responsibilities in the Usama Bin Laden Unit at FBI Headquarters during the bombing of the USS Cole and the attacks on 9/11. Cassidy is also an FBI certified Crisis Management Coordinator and has extensive experience from his roles in a multitude of critical incidents. Before receiving an appointment to the FBI, he practiced law in several areas, including complex corporate litigation. Cassidy has a wide range of experience in complex investigations, crisis management, strategic planning, intelligence and analysis, and regulatory compliance. Cassidy has appeared on national television on several occasions. Cassidy’s FBI investigations have been featured on America’s Most Wanted and the Discovery Channel series, FBI Files. Hi efforts resulted in nominations for several FBI Director’s Awards and an Attorney General’s Award.

Chris Holm – awaiting Bio


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