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Trust Architectures in IoT

11 Dec 2020
Event Center

Trust Architectures in IoT

Enterprises need to trust the data that informs their business operations. Increasingly, vast amounts of mission critical information is being collected by machines at the edge, outside the data centers, by the Internet of Things. Connected machines also take actions as part of automated business processes. These actions and the algorithms that drive them must also be trustworthy and dependable.

This talk will be a deep dive into system architectures and protocols that allow us to bootstrap, scale and maintain trust between fleets of devices and enterprise services. We’ll dig into architectures for scaling device enrollment, bootstraping secure and private communication, exchanging authorization credentials in a variety of dynamic business scenarios, enforcing trust policies, and more.


Mrinal Wadhwa is CTO at Ockam. He is passionate about Distributed Systems, Applied Cryptography and the Internet of Things. At Ockam, Mrinal and his team are building open source tools to help you establish secure connections and trustful exchange of information within connected systems.


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