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Device-Focus: Connecting Big Pharma’s Scientific Lab Instruments

Michael Patrick, Chief Innovation Officer, Phizzle
19 Aug 2022
16:15 - 16:45
Keynote Room

Device-Focus: Connecting Big Pharma’s Scientific Lab Instruments

Session Abstract:

Phizzle CIO Michael Patrick will appear for the first time at IoT Slam to deliver a deep-dive on Big Pharma’s lab instrumentation and hardware. Mike’s hands-on experience operating new tech in critical drug production labs allows him to answer a key question for the IoT industry: what does it take to succeed as a 3rd-party technology provider with Fortune 100 Pharma? This discussion will be technical and cater to IT architects, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and those interested in solutions for drug manufacturing digitization / automation.


Michael Patrick, Chief Innovation Officer, Phizzle. Michael started with Phizzle in 2008 and brings to the team his over 38 years of experience on the design, development, and integration of high availability real-time systems. Prior to being CIO at Phizzle he developed mission/life critical software for commercial, military, and space-based platforms for companies such as Boeing and BAE Systems. Michael’s broad and extensive expertise in implementing high performance solutions has been key to all Phizzle’s software and forms the core engine of Phizzle’s IoT solution. In his spare time Michael is a mentor for a FIRST robotics team where he brings his passion for engineering, science and robotics to high school students. Michael received a BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering from SUNY Buffalo in 1983.


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