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Digitalizing Mining: Connecting The Unconnected With IoT

Richa Daga, Software Engineer, Cisco
19 Aug 2022
On-Demand Hall

Digitalizing Mining: Connecting The Unconnected With IoT

Session Abstract:

The mining industry faces increased pressure today. It grapples with skilled labor shortages, increased mining accidents, commodity price fluctuations, economic volatility and shifting customer demands. Also, with these issues accelerated by the pandemic, it is high time the mining industry breaks the barriers of its traditional ways to maintain efficiency, product quality, and safety for its onsite personnel. The mine operators need to break down old operational silos and pursue safer and smarter business methods. It is possible through wired and wireless network solutions that connect to sensors and devices to provide visibility and control over data and processes. IoT is a savior in the mining industry and with its increased adoption comes increased cost savings with other tangible benefits. Mining personnel can use Industrial IoT (IIOT) applications to communicate directly with field and energy technology devices in the site control room and for dispatch, underground, open-pit operations, and fleets. The continuous analysis of sensor data gathered from these machines helps in proactive maintenance and management, preventing mishaps. A highly available, deterministic, and secure network infrastructure can enable autonomous and remote operations, reducing human errors and safeguarding people against high-risk environments. Robust networking technologies for industrial automation systems are the foundation for the industrial IoT and Industry 4.0 evolution – connecting sensors, actuators, and control systems to machine-learning and digital innovations in the cloud. IT/OT convergence in networking and security technology becomes a critical driver of optimizations and improvements in the mining ecosystem. As the world becomes more environmentally conscious, there is also a move for the mining industry to examine and improve environmental impacts. Mines need to adopt measures to improve energy utilization, reduce water consumption, improve water reclamation, and reduce their carbon footprint. Enabling the digital mine, connecting IoT sensors, and leveraging digital technologies for real-time operational visibility and process optimization will assist in making mines eco-friendly. IoT is the future of the mining industry and is driving innovation. With the right use of data, right connectivity, and cyber security, let’s delve into the transformation possible through digitalizing mining and connecting the unconnected. Join this session at IoTSlam’22 to experience a deep journey into the world of mines and explore the technologies and capabilities that can power mining into a resilient, flexible, safe, and sustainable industry.


With a Master of Technology in Networks and Networked Systems, Richa Daga is as technical as you can get. She is working as a Software Engineer at Cisco and has vast work experience in the telecom and optical networking domain. Prior to this, she worked at Ciena and has developed cutting-edge products supporting data traffic up to terabits of speed. Her passion lies in technologies and chipsets that connect the world. She was the chairperson of the IEEE Women in Engineering group of her alma mater and is a core member of the ‘She Speaks Bureau’ global initiative, supporting the cause of Diversity and Inclusion. She has been a host and judge at national-level women hackathons and has technical papers published in national conferences, receiving the best orator award at many gatherings. She received an outstanding student volunteer award in the Women in Engineering field by the Delhi section of IEEE, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Richa was a speaker at the past IoT Slams where she shared her insights regarding 5G, IoT, Smart Grids, Edge Cloud, Submarine Networks and SD-WAN. She has appeared as a guest on the global Signal Wire’s ClueCon tech show, Kaufmann’s Woman Leadership Show, and was also a speaker at IEEE Smart Cities Week, IEEE Woman in Engineering International Leadership Conference, and WomenTech Conference. She is also a technical author at global Enterprise Viewpoint Publication and IEEE Newsletter for their Smart Cities special edition. Richa believes in investing in knowledge and sharing it with other technical communities globally. She is based out of New Delhi, India.

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