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How Edge Computing Delivers ROI in Process Manufacturing

Stan Galanski, SVP of Engineering Services, CBT
19 Aug 2020
14:45 - 15:15
Keynote Room

How Edge Computing Delivers ROI in Process Manufacturing

Session Abstract:

Modern connected business demands that we deliver faster, safer, more reliable and lower cost compute platforms than ever before. In this session, we’ll review how Edge Computing is quickly becoming the optimal architecture for addressing these desired attributes in industries such as Manufacturing, Automotive, Healthcare, Construction, and Retail, as well as cite some of the leading companies investing in Edge Computing. We will share a real-world example of a Process Manufacturing Plant that has deployed HPE’s Edgeline products which contributed direct and indirect ROI for solutions of Condition Monitoring, Video Analytics, Connected Worker, and Operational Analytics. Finally, we are prepared to share some of the lessons learned from our experience delivering these solutions and subsequently discuss how your business could reap the benefits of an Edge Computing implementation.


Stan Galanski, is SVP of Engineering Services, CBT. Stan is a Program and Engineering Executive in Information Technology, with Aerospace and IT Industry experience. Significant achievements in Program Management, Solution Design/Deployment/Test, Domestic and Global Sales, Product Management, and developing GTM Strategies with Systems Integrators, and OEMs. Recent accomplishments in integrating IT/OT technologies and bringing advanced IIoT Solutions to market for process and discrete Manufacturing companies. Across-the-board experience in government contracts, corporate restructuring (mergers and acquisitions), overseeing large program, sales, and engineering-specific teams, executive customer engagement, and mentoring diverse corporate personnel. Complimentary knowledge and practice in sales pipeline production, project management, business plan development, and budget adherence. Consistently met program deliveries, achieved revenue goals while maintaining customer satisfaction throughout contract periods. Aspiring to lead companies into new frontiers, e.g., Digital and Information Technologies, Aerospace Sciences.