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Anja Obradovic

Product Manager, IoT, Infobip
Anja Obradovic, Product Manager, IoT, Infobip

Anja Obradovic

Product Manager, IoT, Infobip


Anja Obradovic, Product Manager, IoT, Infobip, Passionate business expert with an academic background in electrical engineering and 10 years of experience in mobile networks, cloud & communications at Infobip Limited. My first role within Infobip was to launch a start-up that has grown into a very successful project. I then transitioned pure technical knowledge towards building strong relationships with telecom verticals in North America and Latin America in 2013-2019. My experiences include developing entire business departments and strategies, achieving goals via objective-based planning, market expertise, data-driven decision making, implementation of business and people management in the above mentioned markets. Currently I am a product manager solving challenges in the IoT ecosystem and helping customers innovate in the field of transportation. My current role is to liaise with technical experts/ engineers and business to drive results and adoption of our products.

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