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Solving the Data (Meaning) Dilemma for IoT

Solving the Data (Meaning) Dilemma for IoT

Session Abstract:

The IoT Community has made significant progress in developing competencies for data collection – but we haven’t quite figured out how to make all the data we collect useful at scale. This is partly because we have not implemented strong methods that provide us with a shared and trusted understanding of what the data means.  The “data dilemma” for IoT is a solvable problem.  Applying the principles of Enterprise Knowledge Graph (EKG) can significantly enhance the value from your investment in IoT connectivity.  The pathway forward is linked to mature data content standards that were developed specifically for this purpose.  In this session we will explore the principles of sustainability for IoT to ensure that data is always accessible (via unique, permanent and resolvable identifiers), meaningful (via machine-readable, self-describing ontologies), secure (via datapoint authorization and entitlement control), and has a well-defined provenance (via origin condition and source designation).


Moderator: Adam Drobot, Chairman of the Board, OpenTechWorks, Inc.

  • Jacobus Geluk, Chief Technology Officer, agnos.ai
  • Michael Atkin, Director, Enterprise Knowledge Graph Foundation, Inc.
  • Dessa Glasser, Principal at FRG and Independent Board Member at Oppenheimer Holdings Inc.

Jacobus Geluk is the founder and CTO of agnos.ai, a consulting company that helps organizations on their journey to connecting all their data and implementing strategic use cases based on Enterprise Knowledge Graph technology. He is also one of the founders of the EKG Foundation and worked as a Fellow Architect at Bank of New York where his team implemented the first large scale EKG in the financial industry.

Michael Atkin has over 30 years of experience as a strategic analyst to financial institutions, regulators and market authorities on the principles, practices and operational realities of data management. Mike is currently a principal with agnos.ai – a knowledge graph consulting firm providing advice on how to unify data using semantic capabilities and open standards. Mike’s tenure in data management spans from the foundations of the information industry to the adoption of the next generation of data platforms. He has served as a senior advisor to several regulatory bodies in both the US and Europe. Mike was the founder of the Enterprise Data Management Council and is currently a director of the Enterprise Knowledge Graph Foundation.

Dessa Glasser, Ph.D., is a principal at Financial Risk Group with a 30-year track record designing and implementing innovative solutions and organizations in risk, data, and analytics. She is an Independent Member of the Board of Directors for Oppenheimer & Co. Dessa moved into the private sector after teaching at Rutgers University. At JPMorgan Chase, she launched firm-wide Capital Stress Testing Analytics team; then, as its first CDO, she built the Chief Data Office for Asset Management. She was deputy director of the Office of Financial Research for the U.S. Treasury, where she supported the Financial Stability Oversight Council and implemented data, standards, and analytic solutions, including the global Legal Entity Identifier. She established the Chief Risk Office for Bunge, where she served as the first CRO. She also held senior positions at Credit Suisse, Merrill Lynch, IBM, and KPMG. Dessa has a Ph.D. and M.A. in economics from Fordham University, and she serves on the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Advisory Board. She has a B.S. in business administration from Fairleigh Dickinson University.

Dr. Adam T. Drobot is a technologist with over forty years of experience in industry, the public sector, and in research. Today his activities include strategic consulting, start-ups, and participation in industry associations and government advisory bodies. He is the Chairman of the Board of OpenTechWorks, Inc. a company specializing in open source software. Previously he was the Managing Director and CTO of 2M Companies in Dallas, TX, from 2010-2012, and President of the Applied Research and Government Business Units at Telcordia Technologies and the company’s CTO from 2002 to 2010. Prior to that, Adam managed the Advanced Technology Group at Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC). He also served as the Senior Vice President for Science and Technology as part of his 27 years of service at SAIC from 1975 to 2002.
He has published more than 100 journal articles, and is a frequent contributor to industry literature. He currently holds 26 patents. Adam is a member of Several Corporate Boards, and the FCC Technology Advisory Council. He is on the Board of the Telecommunications Industry Association where he has Chaired the TIA Technology Committee. He is the 2007 recipient of IEEE’s Managerial Excellence Award. For the IEEE he has Chaired IEEE Employee Benefits and Compensation Committee, the IEEE Awards Recognition Council, served as a member of the IEEE Awards Board. During 2017 and 2018 he chaired the IEEE IoT Activities Board that oversees the multi-society IEEE IoT Initiative. He holds a BS in Engineering Physics from Cornell University and a PhD. in Plasma Physics from the University of Texas.

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