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Combining Digital Health and the Trusted Doctor – Patient Relationship to Improve Health and Reduce Utilization

Jeff Greene, CEO & Founder at MedEncentive

Combining Digital Health and the Trusted Doctor – Patient Relationship to Improve Health and Reduce Utilization

Session Abstract:

Low self management is driven by two key factors: knowledge and motivation. Companies spend significant amounts of money on programs to help people manage their chronic conditions and improve their health with little uptake. Combining a digital health solution to increase knowledge and using the trusted doctor-patient relationship to motivate people achieves the Quadruple Aim of better health, healthcare, lower cost and doctor and patient fulfillment. This session will educate attendees on how to properly motivate people to learn and self-manage, producing lower costs and a return on investment for the employer/payer.


Jeff Greene
CEO & FOunder at MedEncentive

Jeff Greene is an entrepreneur, award-winning innovator, population health and practice management expert, human factors engineer, and former self-insured business owner. Described as one of the smartest persons in healthcare, Greene (Jeff) is the inventor of the “Trilateral Health Accountability Model,” a web-based system designed to improve health and lower costs, for which he earned three U.S. patents and a Canadian patent.

Greene is founder and CEO of MedEncentive LLC, a web-based health improvement/cost containment service company, headquartered in Oklahoma City. Among his many awards, (Greene) Jeff holds the distinction of being the only person ever awarded the Risk Innovator of the Year by the insurance industry, and the Patient Advocate of the Year by the medical community. Being recognized by such diverse professions is a testament to Jeff’s ingenuity and desire to help his fellow man.

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Government, Enterprise, Small / Medium Enterprise

Digital Health, Health Literacy, Cost Containment, Self Management

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Healthcare, Consumer, Government / Public Sector

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