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Panel Session – IoT in the Enterprise OD

Panel Session – IoT in the Enterprise OD

Session Abstract:

Enterprises are adopting IoT for addressing key business aspects. What are the Success factors they see from IoT and what are some of the key issues they see that they expect vendors to address. The Panel will discuss how one customer is adopting IoT, and what the market and vendors view about the needs of the enterprise customer.

  • How an enterprise is adopting IoT ?
  • How much leverage do they see from Existing infrastructure ?
  • What key issues do they see ?
  • What do IoT vendor/platform providers need to do ?
  • What do services providers need to do ?
  • Some interesting use-cases they are seeing ?



Yogi Sikri – IoT and Mobility Leader at Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Nick Mcguire, Vice President, Enterprise Research at CCS Insight
David Sherr, Founder, New Global Enterprises
Tim Kalenuik, Industrial IoT Advisory Leader, HPE
Michael Kaldenbach,  IT Innovation Analyst at Shell

Yogi Sikri
HP-Enterprise, Marc WilkinsonYogi Sikri is an IoT and Mobility Leader at Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE), responsible for building solutions that are deployed by HPE Global 500 Enterprise Accounts. Recently in the area of IoT, Yogi has been driving the Enterprise services strategy, and enabling key HPE customers to adopt IoT in Industrial and Enterprise scenarios, and building solutions that leverage existing Enterprise Assets, and bring in new IoT capabilities to solve new business areas. Yogi has been a Mobility expert and a product/solution manager with HPE since 2007, and has launched 7 products and solutions. Yogi is an avid speaker, and has led 50+ CXO speaking events. His latest article in July 2016 for the CIO Magazine (tinyurl.com/yogimcio), discusses the role of BYOD and the impact in IoT in the enterprise. Before joining HPE, Yogi was a Technology Leader and Architect at Bluestone since 1995, which was a startup that enabled the transformation of Legacy Enterprise and Consumer systems to Web based systems, driven by J2EE Middleware technology and an IDE for building Internet based services. Yogi hold a Masters Degree in Administrative Studies from Missouri State University and a B.E in Computer Science from Poona University, India. Besides his day job, Yogi enjoys Yoga, Movement & Chanting and Dreaming up new ideas to make the world a peaceful place.

Nick Mcguire
logoNick McQuire has an established background in enterprise mobility. He joins CCS Insight after serving as head of the Global Enterprise Mobility Alliance (GEMA). Prior to that Nick was a vice president at IDC, where he led the firm’s enterprise mobility strategies operation in London. With degrees from the University of St Andrews in Scotland and Mount Allison University in Canada, he continues CCS Insight’s practice of hiring only the most talented analysts in their fields.

shell_logo-svgMichael Kaldenbach
Michael Kaldenbach is The IT Innovation Analyst at Shell, who’s role it is expected to facilitate the identification, assessment and development of IT Innovation opportunities.


David Sherr,
ngelogo-bigDavid is founder of New Global Enterprises which is dedicated to assisting firms to manage and profit from the complexities and changes of modern markets and technologies. Currently, he is helping Fortune 500 companies plan and execute global technology strategies. His over 50 years of business, systems and technology experience helps in understanding challenges of the modern-day enterprise. His main information technology areas of experience cover Equity Trading, Sales and Research, Public Finance, Money Markets Trading, Investment Banking, Banking Credit Systems, Portfolio Management, Market Quote Distribution and Statements Processing for Mutual Funds, Brokerage and Credit Unions.

hewlett_packard_enterprise_logo-svgTim Kalenuik, Industrial IoT Advisory Leader, HPE
With a passion for mechanical design and 34 years of hands on industrial IT experience, Tim Kalenuik has become an thought leader in manufacturing IT systems. Tim’s resume features real world experience in steel production and fabrication, automotive manufacturing and hands on experience in aerospace fabrication. Tim brings a vast array of manufacturing and engineering knowledge to the world of IIOT. He has spent his last 22 years developing, deploying and managing IT systems proven to improve business and manufacturing processes alike. Currently working in the field of Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) he is creating multi-tiered IIOT solutions for a large Consumer Packaged Goods manufacturer that will bring measurable cost savings.

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