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Pushing IoT Analytics to the Edge

21 Jun 2018
13:15 - 13:45
Main Room

Pushing IoT Analytics to the Edge

Session Abstract:

As IoT Architectures mature and evolve the ability to both collect and analyze sensor data has become a mission critical. But forwarding all data to a central repository — be it on-premise or cloud-based — becomes more and more impractical as the number of sensors and the amount of data grow. Pushing data collection and analysis further to the edge is becoming a requirement for IoT deployments.

With most data platforms, it simply isn’t practical, or even possible, to push collection AND analytics to the edge. In this talk I’ll show how I’ve done exactly this with a combination of open source hardware — Pine64 — and open source software — InfluxDB — to build a practical, efficient and scalable data collection and analysis gateway device for IoT deployments.


David G. Simmons
Senior Developer Evangelist at InfluxData

David G. Simmons is the Senior IoT Developer Evangelist at InfluxData, helping developers around the globe manage the streams of data that their devices produce. He is passionate about IoT and helped to develop the very first IoT Developer Platform before “IoT” was even ‘a thing.’ David has held numerous technical evangelist roles at companies such as DragonFlyIoT, Riverbed Technologies, and Sun Microsystems.

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