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The Internet of Things Community is the world’s largest and longest standing CxO community of senior business leaders and IoT practitioners consisting of 23,000+ members.  The IoT Community offers virtual and live conferences designed to deliver exclusive, cutting-edge IoT content for CxO, executives, business line management, and technology-oriented executives. Our conferences, IoT Slam Live, IoT Grand Slam Virtual Conference, and Health Slam are events that feature important topics in the IoT community presented by highly sought after speakers.  

Hardware and software can rapidly change.  Keep up with these changes by joining and collaborating with world-class keynote speakers through engaging panel topics, panelists, on-topic user-centered content, interactive workshops, and meaningful tutorials. Our goal is to provide you with insight, results, and critical takeaways that can be used right away!  Whether you are an engineer, researcher, roboticist, maker, developer, designer, founder of a startup, or an innovator gather with us in the Cloud to expand your knowledge. 

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