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The IoT Community Announces the exclusive agenda for the IoT Day Slam 2020 Conference, to be held in New Orleans, USA, April 9th, 2020 

Elite IoT thought leaders and practitioners to convene in New Orleans, April 9th 2020, at the IoT Day Slam 2020 Conference; part of the IEEE’s World Forum on the Internet of Things (April 5-9) WFIoT 2020;

IoT Day Slam explores opportunities in 5G, Edge, AI, and addresses barriers to an intelligent and connected future for enterprise and industrial organizations; sharing real-world IoT use-cases and best practices at the IoT Community’s eleventh IoT Slam conference

New Orleans, USA, March 2, 2020The Internet of Things Community® (IoT Community®), the world’s first to market, longest standing and the largest community of IoT thought leaders and practitioners, comprised of 23,000+ IoT practitioners and elite corporate members that include SAS, AWS, Spirent, HPE, Zebra Technologies, ClearBlade, T-Systems and many more, today announced the exclusive agenda for the IoT Day Slam 2020 conference, to be held on April 9th, 2020 in New Orleans, USA, as part of the IEEE’s World Forum on the Internet of Things, (April 5-9). The conference marks the IoT Community’s eleventh international IoT Slam branded conference, and provides the global IoT ecosystem with a unique opportunity to learn from expert innovative practitioners, about the “best of the best” use-cases and best practices for enterprises designing, developing, and shaping the future of the IoT landscape.

The second annual IoT Day Slam event, builds on the inaugural event last year, which was created to coincide with World IoT Day on April 9th, an annual occurrence, that has become recognized universally across the IoT landscape as World IoT Day; allowing the IoT Community to celebrate how IoT is transforming the harvesting and processing of data that was once inaccessible. The eleventh conference in the series of IoT Slam events will be recorded and accessible online, to be viewed on any computer, tablet or mobile device shortly after the live proceedings.

“What better way to celebrate World IoT Day 2020 than to bring together some of the world’s industry’s top experts to discuss the latest in IoT applications, technology, security and regulatory compliance,” said Nancy Shemwell, chief operations officer and member of the IoT Community’s advisory board. “Now a fixture on the IoT Community calendar, World IoT Day represents an opportunity for our industry to take stock of the progress made year over year, and to look ahead to what the next wave of innovation will enable. We will highlight the best thought leadership shaping and driving the narrative and we look forward to meeting industrial and enterprise members of the NOLA IoT Community.”

The IoT Day Slam conference features expert contributions from elite IoT practitioners at leading-edge organizations including: Amazon AWS, IBM, HPE, CertNexus, T-Systems North America, W8less, ClearBlade Inc, SAS, AT&T, Zebra Technologies, and Ericsson, amongst other leading tech & industry thought leaders, and IoT Practitioners from the IoT ecosystem and members of the IoT Community.

Two Dynamics Revolutionizing the Edge and IoT --- Converged OT/IT and as-a-Service

Delivering the IoT Day Slam 2020 Headline keynote, Dr. Tom Bradicich, VP & Hewlett Packard Fellow, Global Head, IoT and Edge CoE & Labs, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, member of the IoT Community Board of Advisors and Chairman of the Converged Edge Center of Excellence, will present “Two Dynamics Revolutionizing the Edge and IoT — Converged OT/IT and as-a-Service” The keynote will discuss how IoT and edge solutions continue to evolve with new use cases and advancements in many areas. For several years, while at National Instruments and now at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Dr. Tom Bradicich led teams to pioneer several real world cases for the IoT and edge — with many customers deployments. He will share how his past experiences are shaping his current work developing first-of-a-kind solutions that converge OT (operational technologies) with IT, and, apply new as-a-Service technologies to the edge and IoT. The challenges to adoption, and supply side (vendor) and demand side (customer) benefits will be discussed. In his capacity chairing the IoT Community’s Converged Edge CoE, Dr. Tom will share a reference “converged edge” solution, which includes solution elements from several IoT Community member companies across the industry ecosystem.

Co-headlining the IoT Day Slam is Juthika Khargharia, PhD, SAS, who will present a keynote titled: The rise of AI in the Internet of Things; This keynote will discuss how The amount of data being generated in the Internet of Things from sensors, devices, equipment, and infrastructure is on a very rapid incline. Thus, there is an ever-increasing need for the use of advanced analytics methodologies and embedded AI to understand and process IoT data for meaningful business insights. This confluence of AI and IoT, also known as AIoT will run the entire gamut from personalization in healthcare for the connected patient to the prediction of component failures in large industrial assets. In this session, we will cover a variety of AIoT applications across multiple industries and discuss how this leads to transformative business growth. These applications will continue to improve with faster processors, more advanced machine learning algorithms, and deeper integration to edge devices.

Additionally, Mac Davine, IBM Fellow and founding IoT Community Board of Advisor, will present a 3 way keynote with Cole Crawford, CEO, VaporIO, and David Bruemmer, CEO, W8less – Enabling the age of autonomy with the Internet of Moving Things. In this keynote, the trio will expand on the recent The IoT Slam series of discussions about IoT and the Age of Autonomy; with a look at how companies need to prepare for an Internet of Moving Things. The keynote will provide insights into the enabling technologies which are transforming industries and changing the fundamental architecture for Data Centers, Cloud, IoT and AI. Every device and even some of the things we don’t generally regard as devices (e.g. cars, manufacturing equipment, etc.) are essentially becoming robots. The centralized solution architectures and services in our enterprise data centers today are not viable for the industry use cases that the Age of Autonomy brings so fundamental changes must be made. Truly autonomous devices will replace those that are merely automated. This is a natural evolution of IoT due to autonomy becoming a necessity to handle the volume, velocity and veracity of real-time data being generated. However, in order for this evolution to occur successfully, fundamental solution architecture changes must be made to support this Internet of Moving Things.

Additionally, Eric Simone, CEO, ClearBlade – one the hottest Edge Computing companies ranked #3 by CRN in it’s Top 20 Edge Companies of 2020 report, will deliver a keynote: outlining how smart Buildings are at the forefront of the Industrial Internet of Things. But creating a smart building is an extremely complicated task, requiring the connecting of hundreds and possibly thousands of components, devices, systems, and interfaces. Many hardware vendors are offering smart building components (elevators, HVAC, lighting, security, power etc.) creating a confusing marketplace of devices, capabilities, and systems that do not communicate with one another. Using examples from our customer American Dream in East Rutherford, NJ, I will explain how enterprise software and edge computing is being used to enhance customer service and manage all of their disparate building components to create a truly smart building. American Dream is a large “mega mall” based in East Rutherford, NJ developed by the Triple Five Group, a family-run real estate conglomerate that also owns the Mall of Americas. The first phase of American Dream opened Oct 25th.  American Dream is approximately 3 million square feet (45% retail and 55% entertainment) and projects 40 million visitors annually. The complex includes over 450 shops, services and amenities, complemented by the best in entertainment, food, art and culture. American Dream will also feature a distinct shopping environment dedicated to iconic luxury brands and younger, fashion-forward retail. ClearBlade is providing the IoT Platform and Edge software infrastructure to deliver a complete and personalized real-time customer experiences while enabling future applications for entertainment and building operations.

The IoT Day Slam 2020 event will host a series of panel discussions throughout the day that will deep dive into core areas on the IoT Community coverage including:

1) IoT is advancing smart buildings: Smart buildings not only help building owner’s reduce costs, they also help tenants with smart solutions that keep them happy. Applications for personal control of lighting, HVAC, access control, and much more all start with one common thing, IoT devices such as sensors, actuators, software and computer devices. Find out how the IoT Community is leading the smart building revolution. Hear how new and innovative applications are unifying the in-building experience. These then are integrated with evolving AI solutions to improve the overall quality of experience. We will begin with an overview of what many consider the smartest building in the USA at this time – District 555 and then explore how IoT devices, apps and smart technology make all this possible.

2) Infrastructure, connectivity and mobility: The IoT Community presents a Mobility, Connectivity in IoT Center of Excellence (MCIoTCoE) panel discussion on the transformational aspects of 5G and how it can enable new capabilities for your IoT communities. We have brought together a group of leaders that build, test, and provide the 5G services. 5G with its promised speeds, ability to manage latency, and software defined flexibility can deliver changes the IoT landscape.

3) Women in IoT:  In the world of Digital Transformation – where does the employee fit?  The work environment is undergoing constant change and automation. How does the employee maintain their relevance and ability to demonstrate personal value in an environment where the workforce is decentralized and under constant evolution, reorganization and automation. Brought to you by the Women in IoT Center of Excellence, our panelists will provide audience members a forum where they can learn to how to have their accomplishments stand out and be valued in this time of digital disruption.  The panel will discuss how these leaders embrace the changing landscape, culture and automation benefits of IoT to live their lives on-line and how they can continue to grow in their businesses and careers.

4) Security, Privacy and Trust: The IoT Community® presents a panel discussion on the ever-changing digital security threat landscape, hosted by technology and security expert Jason Cook, Cyber Defense Labs COO and IoT Community Board Member. Learn how security risks are evolving as IoT continues its growth and maturity, and how to minimize your risk in implementation and adoption for applications such as smart cities and grids. Join us as the expert panelists discuss leading-edge security best practices and IoT security protocols and standards such as Mitre Att&ck, NIST, and Zero Trust Frameworks, and how these can help to safeguard your organization from a cyber incident.

5) Healthcare IoT; Discover how the Healthcare IoT Community Center of Excellence Advisory Board is leading the way towards best practice industry adoption. This panel session will include the following Healthcare IoT Community advisory board members.

The line-up of IoT Day Slam 2020 Speakers includes:

Dr. Tom Bradicich, VP & Hewlett Packard Fellow, Global Head, Edge & IoT Labs and CoE, Hewlett Packard Enterprise,Chair, Converged Edge Center of Excellence, IoT Community
Jim Sabogal, Senior Director for Healthcare and Life Sciences at T-Systems North America
David Bruemmer, Founder and CEO, W8less
Amy Wheelus, VP – Broadband and Video Systems, AT&T
Eric Simone, Founder and CEO, ClearBlade Inc
Juthika Khargharia, Ph.D, Global IoT Evangelist, SAS
Jason Cook, COO, Cyber Defense Labs (CDL)
Michele Null, Global Marketing Leader IoT Division at SAS, (WIoTCoE, Future of IoT Pillar of Excellence Leader)
Nancy Shemwell, COO, IoT Community
Chris Sullivan, Global Healthcare Practice Lead,Zebra Technologies and  Chairman, Healthcare IoT Center of Excellence
Leonard Lee, Managing Director, neXt Curve
Rod Cruz – General Manager, Healthcare Solutions, at AT&T
Brenda Boehm, Interim Chief Innovation Security Officer, Board Advisor,Amazech Solutions
Cole Crawford, Founder and CEO, Vapor IO,
Deborah Sawyer, Managing Director, Dallas, ZRG Partners
Mac Devine, IBM Fellow & Member of IoT Community Advisory Board
Harry Smeenk, Founder Smart Buildings Online, LLC
Wayne Irwin,  Vice President, Operations, Global Customer Unit, Emerging Business, Ericsson
Bill Mortimer, Chairman of IoT Community Advisory Board

The full list of conference agenda, topics, and line up of speakers can be viewed here – https://iotslam.com/iot-day-slam-2020-agenda/

The IoT Day Slam 2020 conference, features exclusive end-user focused program and luminary thought leaders, academics and legends from the IoT ecosystem and members of the IoT Community.  The event will present crucial learnings and inspirational ideas around future trends and challenges across industrial, enterprise and public sector / government IoT, exploring the opportunities 5G, Edge, AI, enable in smart buildings, cities, societies and the connected home / office, healthcare and life sciences, and autonomous vehicles.

David Hill, Executive Director of the IoT Community said, “We are thrilled to unveil another exclusive and world class line-up of IoT thought leaders and practitioners at the IoT Day Slam 2020 Conference. No better way to celebrate World IoT Day and I invite members, partners, and anyone who wants to engage with the ioT Community, to join us at this fascinating event in New Orleans, on April 9th.”

“We are pleased to announce another first-class agenda for the eleventh in the series of exclusive IoT Slam conferences.” said Bill Mortimer, IoT Community Advisory Board Chairman. “We are very pleased to deliver an event that features real-world industry use cases and meaningful takeaways that will provide actionable insights on key industry themes.”

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IoT Day Slam 2020 is the Internet of Things Community’s fourth annual in-person IoT Slam® conference and its eleventh international conference overall, covering a horizontal industry perspective, across the entire spectrum of IoT. IoT Day Slam 2020 takes place April 9th, 2020, co-hosted with the IEEE World Forum on the Internet of Things, held at Hilton New Orleans Riverside, 2 Poydras Street, New Orleans, Louisiana. For more information, visit https://iotslam.com IoT Day Slam delivers the best in class IoT Strategy, Leadership, Advisory and Methodology – (SLAM)™ – IoT Slam®.

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