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Tanis Cornell

CEO - EWF International
Tanis Cornell, CEO - EWF International

Tanis Cornell

CEO - EWF International


ioteclipse.org logoTanis Cornell possesses a broad background in senior leadership positions ranging from Fortune 500 to start up environments. Featured in Sales and Marketing Management Magazine, Tanis helps organizations in rapidly growing their business and developing the organizational structure needed to succeed. A former competitive speech teacher, Tanis is a sought-after speaker on women’s career issues, business growth, and marketing issues.

As the CEO and Dallas Co-Owner of EWF International, she relates to the challenges women business owners and executives face. She is passionate about helping women leaders grow their business and increase their effectiveness. She strives to help women gain the skills and knowledge needed to excel and meet their personal and professional goals.

As an accredited executive coach and a certified Lumina Learning practitioner, Tanis works with individuals, leadership teams, and department teams. She helps to increase a team’s self-awareness with practical development to assess and improve communication, teamwork, and leadership. She delivers customized development programs and workshops designed to help individuals and teams become more effective leaders and employees.

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