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Chris Wixom

VP Wireless Commercial Sales - Corning
Chris Wixom, VP Wireless Commercial Sales - Corning

Chris Wixom

VP Wireless Commercial Sales - Corning


Chris Wixom – When asked about career success, I often say a key ingredient is enjoying—and believing in—what you do. As a senior sales, marketing, and new business development executive working in the telecom, computer and technology industries, I recognize how much this personally holds true. Throughout my career, I have been responsible for generating revenue and new business—both as a direct contributor and as a sales management leader. I have developed and managed high-energy technology sales teams that consistently “hit their numbers.” I’ve also played a key role in driving strategic realignments, orchestrating startup traction, and accelerating rapid growth for companies that provide unique services and solutions that are in step with our ever-evolving world. And, yes, I’ve enjoyed and believed in my work every step of the way.

Over the past 25 years, I have amassed a great deal of experience and esteemed track record in:

• Contributing to the transformation of organizations through innovative enterprise-wide initiatives that build brand value and generate sustainable, profitable growth.
• Forging highly successful partnerships with premier clientele, software and hardware OEMs, and telecommunications companies.
• Positioning organizations for acquisition and merger activities.
• Reversing company losses, driving earnings growth, and achieving market win-backs.
• Planning, implementing, and managing modern sales best practices at both strategic and operational levels.

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