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Your Thing is Pwned

IoT Slam 2016 Internet of Things Conference Paul Fremantle
Eclipse Room

Your Thing is Pwned

Session Abstract

IoT Slam 2016 Internet of Things Conference University of PortsmouthThe Internet of Things is growing exponentially, and it is creating a virtually infinite attack space for hackers, government snoops and others. In this session we will explore the challenges of security for IoT, including reviewing some existing attacks and predicting others. We will explore, hardware, software, network and cloud attacks. We will look at what solutions there are and how to create a better environment for secure IoT.


Paul Fremantle
Co-Founder of WSO2

Paul Fremantle is the Co-Founder of WSO2 and an active board observer and advisor. He was CTO of the company until early 2015. Paul is a committer and member of the Apache Foundation where he helped start numerous projects including Axis2, and Synapse. Paul previously was a Senior Technical Staff Member at IBM where he led the open sourcing of three internal projects and added the first SOA support to the WebSphere platform. Paul plays the tin whistle and is a keen snowboarded. He is researching secure middleware for the Internet of Things at Portsmouth University.

Session Tags:

End-User, Government, Enterprise, Small / Medium Enterprise, OEM

Security, Cloud

CxO, VP / Director, Middle Management, Technical, Operations




Retail, Telecom, Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare, Consumer, Automotive

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