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Vision to Value: Findings from a Worldwide Study of IoT Adoption in Consumer Products Industry

21 Jun 2018
10:50 - 11:20
Room A

Vision to Value: Findings from a Worldwide Study of IoT Adoption in Consumer Products Industry

Session Abstract:

IoT is a game-changing force, a market expected to top half a trillion dollars within 5 years. But what does this mean for the consumer products industry? To find out, SAP recently conducted the first-ever global study of IoT adoption specifically targeting consumer products executives. What did we find? Consumer products companies face pressing business challenges…and they know where they need to progress. A significant set of respondents had a very clear understanding of IoT and its applicability. The IoT hype is all around consumer gadgets, but there is massive value in applying IoT to supply chain processes. This in-person session will explore these findings in depth, as well as implications for the path forward.


Don Gordon
Senior Director of Marketing, Consumer Products Industry at SAP

Don Gordon is the Worldwide Marketing Director for Consumer Products Industry at SAP, focused on branding, strategy, and thought leadership. Prior to joining SAP, he held several senior marketing leadership roles at IBM, including leading global marketing for the Retail industry as well as messaging and thought leadership for IBM Cloud. Earlier he founded and led the Account-based Marketing team at PwC Consulting. In addition to co-authoring the SAP Global Study of IoT Adoption in Consumer Products, Don co-authored the white paper, “Consumer Products and AI: Putting Machine Learning to Work.”

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Enterprise, Small / Medium Enterprise

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