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Thriving on the open edge

Dr. Stefanie Chiras, Senior Vice President, Partner Ecosystem Success, Red Hat
10 Dec 2021
12:50 - 13:25
Keynote Room

Thriving on the open edge

Session Abstract:

We’ve seen edge computing transform many industries including manufacturing, automotive, finance, retail, telecommunications, and government. It has opened up a world of possibilities, enabling organizations to quickly adapt to evolving customer needs, capture new opportunities, and drive differentiation. In practice, every edge is different, a reality that demands an open, edge-native platform. It is here that the critical connection between edge and the open hybrid cloud comes into the spotlight. Applying an open approach to the edge – with partners, customers and competitors working together – enables innovation and drives the consistency and interoperability that thriving on the open edge demands.


Stefanie Chiras is Senior Vice President of Partner Ecosystem Success at Red Hat, leading Red Hat’s global partner ecosystem engagement, and playing a critical role in increasing the understanding of the value of Red Hat’s product portfolio within the ecosystem and defining the strategy for partnering with Red Hat for customer success. Prior to joining Red Hat in 2018, Chiras served as Vice President of Offering Management at IBM Cognitive Systems. As part of the Cognitive Systems brand team, she led worldwide business for the systems and software portfolios, AIX, IBM i, LinuxINUX®, and the cloud stack. She has extensive experience in both business and technology, including technical roles that range from silicon technology to system architecture.