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The Theorem of Everything

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The Theorem of Everything

Session Abstract:

We are familiar with the Arthur C Clarke adage, where technology can be indistinguishable from magic but we have learned since then that that magic can fade away upon repeated use. So what is the next step beyond magic? It is the ability to alter outcomes. In this presentation, a theorem will be presented which is postulated to supersede Clarke’s adage. Simply put, “Once you know everything, you can change anything.”

This presentation will show how we can go from magic to attainment through moving from the ‘Internet of Things’ to the ‘Holism of Things.’ Our new tools and analytics can convey the most minute dataset in relation to a larger picture. Where currently we adapt tools to respond to certain input or triggers, we will have the capability in the future to have these datasets respond to our wishes. Because of the amount and quality of data taken in, we remove or mitigate risks in greater factors and with more certainty than ever before. While we invent new tools and processes to deal with the management of the glut of data and bring ourselves that much closer to the ‘magic,’ we must think farther ahead to where all this data points us to in the future.

Using a current US-based lottery system as an example, this presentation will step the audience through the recent past of mythology of explain winning numbers, to the present of spreadsheets of prediction, where finally showing how a future not only describes the outcome with greatest level of confidence but to actually change the outcome using the Holism of Things.

Why talk about the future when the present is still very fluid when it comes to the Internet of Things? We must prepare ourselves to think of how this will impact not only our individual lives but how we may be actors, together, unwittingly performing tasks to meet expected event outcomes. We must be prepared to philosophically understand the risks and dangers of an nth degree system where we, the human race, have only the illusion of choice and direction. This presentation will leave key talking points for understanding how the future of the Internet of Things could change who we are as the human race.


Thom Wiley
Data Sorcerer at The House Connected

Thom Wiley grew up in the wilds of Eastern Kentucky and after college, spent most of his years in Durham, North Carolina which makes him, according to the recent influx of residents, ‘nearly native.’ He has received professional education from MIT, Harvard and UC Berkeley with emphasis on Data Science and Supply Chain Management.

Currently, he is in a start-up that applies IoT demand management to SOHO (Small Office, Home Office) and Single Occupancy Dwellings. He has also written several monographs from I/O Blockchain security concerns and how to remediate, to comparing IBM’s Watson to Asimov’s Psychohistory ‘Prime Radiant.’ He currently owns the softest dog in Durham, NC.

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