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The Internet of Things as a platform for development

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The Internet of Things as a platform for development

The IoT means many things to different people, but one thing is clear: The IoT spans all verticals, enterprises and markets — at least it will. Capitalizing on the IoT means having a strategy to address all aspects of the deployment, and that means engaging at multiple layers.

In this session David will show how each layer of the IoT Ecosystem integrates with, and is dependent upon, each other and address the common aspects that cut across any IoT business model.


David Simmons, IoT Evangelist

David is an Internet of Things pioneer who has been working in the field of IoT for over a decade. David has experience with both software and hardware development in the IoT space as well as experience working with and fostering development communities.

David worked on Project Sun SPOT at Sun Labs — one of the first IoT platforms for innovation — and most recently has worked on Ultra-Low Power IoT chips for battery less deployments of IoT devices.

Session Tags

End-User, Government, Enterprise, Small / Medium Enterprise

Developers, Standards, Data Collection, interoperability

CxO, VP / Director

Expert, Advanced, Intermediate, Beginner

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