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Keynote – IoT: from the art of the possible to the very practical. OD

IoT Slam 2015 Virtual Internet of Things Conference - Sam George
01 Dec 2016
13:20 - 13:55
Grand Keynote Theatre

Keynote – IoT: from the art of the possible to the very practical. OD

Session Abstract:

microsoft_logo_2012-svgIoT – from the art of the possible to the very practical. This is an incredibly exciting time. IoT is rapidly transforming the world around us and helping companies increase efficiency, reduce energy waste, gain deeper insights, and create entirely new businesses. Microsoft Azure is all in on IoT and Sam George leads Azure’s IoT efforts. Sam will talk about what is possible in IoT using large and mid-size customer examples as well as the very practical steps companies can take to get started with IoT.


Sam George
Partner, Director – Azure IoT & Service Fabric, Microsoft

Sam George
is the Director of Azure IoT, responsible for the Azure IoT Suite, Azure IoT Services and our IoT Device SDK. He has been at Microsoft since 1997 years and has spent time in all three engineering disciplines (development, test and program management). Sam spent most of his career as a dev manager, dev lead, or developer and in 2011 I switched to a program management leadership position. Sam is responsible for Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Internet of Things (IoT) offerings. As a GPM he is responsible for Microsoft’s developed facing platform offerings, including features and API shape – as well as business and market strategy. His team works directly with customers and top tier partners to evolve the product.

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