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Eliminating Complexities for IoT Developers: A Deep Dive into Helium’s Development Experience OD

01 Dec 2016
14:45 - 15:15
Olympus Room

Eliminating Complexities for IoT Developers: A Deep Dive into Helium’s Development Experience OD

Session Details:

helium_logo_thumbnailThis session will cover how companies and developers can bring the physical world online by using platforms that make it as easy for developers to connect products to the Internet as it is to make Web applications today. Helium CTO Marc Nijdam will discuss why IoT deployments and value industry-wide have stalled, and why the promise of easily deployable wireless, battery powered sensors that would enable varied solutions from business optimizations to exciting consumer products, has not yet been realized due to the extremely high cost, time and complexity of building low power wireless devices.

To solve these challenges, Marc will explain the value of holistic end-to-end IoT solutions to enable applications for M2M, industrial and enterprise use cases, and how these platforms eliminate the complexity for developers to bring the physical world online and reduce development time. By enabling developers to connect any physical “thing” in their environment to the Internet, end-to-end IoT solutions can seamlessly bring and keep the physical world online. The key is in complete platforms, which include hardware, development modules, security, radio technologies, dashboards and SDKs, that can empower developers to build IoT devices quickly, while abstracting and solving the hard parts for them.


Marc Nijdam
CTO at Helium

Marc started out his career at HP Labs in the United Kingdom, designing and leading the development and commercialization of HP’s SmartFrog and language for describing and deploying complex distributed software configurations. He then joined Qualcomm as one of the early architects and builders of mobile operating systems and frameworks and created the UI components for the company’s BREW mobile software platform. In his career Marc has focused on the design, scalability and resilience of software and development teams. Beyond being a typical Dutch guy, he likes to sail fast boats and hang out with his wife and dog in wide open spaces.

Session Tags:

Enterprise, Small / Medium Enterprise

Interoperability, Cloud, Platform, IoT, Developers

CxO, VP / Director, Middle Management, Technical, Business Line Management, Operations

Expert, Advanced, Intermediate



Manufacturing, Telecom, Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Industrials, Healthcare

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