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Securing Wireless Communications for Fixed Devices

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Securing Wireless Communications for Fixed Devices

Session Abstract:

Businesses are increasingly being attacked through vulnerable devices that provide entry points into the network for malicious perpetrators. Wireless devices, employed to improve efficiency and convenience, raise concerns of increasing vulnerability. Legacy devices with less secure communications deepen the concern. Even such endpoints as perimeter security cameras can be points of entry for an attacker. To address this problem, a solution is proposed to secure wireless communications with a novel method of authentication. Taking advantage of multipath-induced phenomena, it is possible to extract a set of attributes which may be used to authenticate each known device. The utilized attributes form a stable and unique fingerprint for each transmitting device in a fixed infrastructure environment. Authenticating known devices based on this fingerprint prevents any other device from communicating with the router or gateway employing this technology. By performing authentication in the physical layer, legacy devices are protected.


Page Heller
CEO at Endpoint Security Inc

Seven-time founder, R. Page Heller, is familiar with moving innovation from the lab-bench to the marketplace. Currently, Mr. Heller is the CEO of startup Endpoint Security, a cybersecurity company for the Internet of things.

He is a Professional Engineer and Certified Licensing Professional bringing technology commercialization to his startups. In addition to Endpoint, Mr. Heller founded and operated six companies in the electronics, software-as-a-service and energy sectors. He served as CEO for Micon Engineering, an electronics design firm designing industrial control systems for 3M, General Electric, Schlumberger, Pirelli, NASA and others. His company designed products for a variety of application areas from outer space and ocean floor.

He was later employed by The Texas A&M University System office of technology commercialization as the Interim Executive Director, where he served for 17 years shepherding the office from two million to ten million in royalty revenues. He conducts courses in Korea, Canada, Russia, Kazakhstan, Chile, Mexico and other international venues. He most recently worked at the University of Notre Dame in the IDEA Center.

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