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Making Magic: Building A Seamless World

Making Magic: Building A Seamless World

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IoT Slam 2015 Virtual Internet of Things Conference hellofuture-logoEveryone talks about the future, but how do you actually build it? Chris takes us into his vision of a seamless world, where the power of big data, predictive analytics, automation and ambient computing come together to build a world where stuff simply just happens, finally fulfilling the promise of freeing us up from drudgery to think the big thoughts. Most futuristic visions of the future are wrong: the more ambient computing gets, then less visual technology gets: it will move down the stack of our awareness, leading to the platformization of everything.


Chris Kalaboukis
CEO, hellofuture llc

Chris is a CTO, inventor, futurist, coder, blogger, podcaster & speaker and that’s just according to his Twitter profile. Having lost count after 50 of his inventions became issued patents, he spends most of his time thinking about the future, seamlessness, ambient intelligence, crowdification, platformization and coining new words. He’s launched startups, ran innovation programs for companies like Yahoo!, Walmart.com & Citigroup, blogs incessantly, podcasts and has a web TV show at thinkfuture.tv. You can find him at thinkfuture.com reporting on innovation, startups & the future, not necessarily those and not necessarily in that order.

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