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Keynote: How manufacturers can create value at scale with IoT technology from edge to cloud

Keynote: How manufacturers can create value at scale with IoT technology from edge to cloud

Session Abstract:

Manufacturing need to improve their industrial operations. But historical methods for getting to the next level of improvement no longer deliver the performance that is needed to thrive. Today’s environment requires operations managers to:
• Visualize various data sources to get a 360° view on their operations from MES, ERP, LIMS, Data historian to IoT and sensor data.
• Optimize processes so that process variability can be explained in terms of yield and energy consumption, and optimal setpoints can be fed back to operators in real time.
• Predict maintenance and schedule required maintenance and spare parts ordering automatically.
• Analyze quality parameters to determine drivers of product quality and use prediction models to help steer process parameters to optimize EOL quality.
• Uncover new insights into operations and supply chain through real-time KPI reporting to engineers and control room operators.
If you’re stuck in a pilot project, unable to scale, or unclear where analytics can make a difference in your operations, this Keynote Panel will be very informative. Join SAS, Proximus and Microsoft to learn more about five key ingredients needed on the road to value at scale with advanced analytics for manufacturers globally.


SASGeorge Berekos, Sr. Business Development Manager, SAS IoT Division, Over the past 15 years, George Berekos’ expertise has been launching new technologies across geographies (EMEA, Asia and LatAm). From building the strategy, operating model, GTM to sales enablement and sales management. In his current role in SAS, he is responsible the Business Development for EMEA, working with strategic partners to co-develop & co-sell IoT solutions across industries.

SASSander Huysmans, stands for connecting compelling business challenges with AI,  to create something new, better, purposeful and lasting. He’s a firm believer that AIoT strongly accelerates and improves business outcomes cross industry.

Frédéric Lhostte, Head of Analytics, Things and Application at Proximus. 20+ years of professional experience in telecom and innovation. Tech-Optimist passionate about new digital solutions with positive impact. Loves to translate technology into customer centric solutions and to accompany customers in their digital transformation journey.

Laurence Janssens, Manufacturing Lead Microsoft – Western Europe, Laurence empowers the digital transformation of process and discrete manufacturers. She has a true passion for the power of cloud and edge technologies in industrial and business model revolution.