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Hyper Cloud – The Future of Edge Cloud

Scott England-Sullivan North American Chief of Edge Technology, Red Hat
08 Apr 2022
12:00 - 12:30
Keynote Room

Hyper Cloud – The Future of Edge Cloud

Session Abstract:

In today’s cloud computing world we have a well-understood model of execution and delivery for the cloud; any workload, any footprint, and any location. The problem space is neat and confined to an on-prem or off-prem cloud hosting data and consumable applications with standard interfaces such as desktops or phones. To bring the edge into the cloud computing world requires a new paradigm as the complexities are by orders of magnitude more challenging. The edge problem space starts with the understanding that all edge services are either revenue-impacting and/or safety-critical which implies a zero tolerance for risk. Breaking down the problem space further, the user can be human or an object, computers can be simple or complex device and number in the tens to hundreds of thousands, and the locations can be localized or distributed over a multi-geographical region with consistent to no connectivity and everywhere in between.  In this talk, we will discuss these challenges and look to a new paradigm, Hyper Cloud. Hyper Cloud elevates the goals of cloud computing from any workload, any footprint, any location to any user, any endpoint, any location. It’s a technical bridge between the fast-moving world of IT and the pragmatic and measured world of OT (Operational Technology). We will also explore the cultural change required for both when looking to increase the pace and reduce the cost of innovation while balancing it with hubris in an ages-old practice.


Scott England-Sullivan

North American Chief of Edge Technology, Red Hat

Scott is a lifelong contributor/committer, consumer, and strategic advisor for open source technologies and his work can be found throughout mission-critical technology systems in both the public and private sectors. Currently, Scott serves as the Chief of Edge Technology for Red Hat North America where he drives the edge go-to-market, enablement, and solution strategies for the customer-facing field.

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