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Electric Vehicle Charging Cybersecurity – a Critical Risk

Pranav Patel, President, ResiliAnt
08 Apr 2022
On-Demand Hall

Electric Vehicle Charging Cybersecurity – a Critical Risk

Session Abstract:

EV Charging Station market as part of the Intelligent Transportation is expected to see a significant growth with the new infrastructure bill in the US. At the same, these EV charging stations face many cybersecurity related risk. The risks range from loss of personal identifiable, billing or financial information to compromise of partner networks, damage to battery or other EV components, compromise of life safety systems, malfunctioning EV supply equipment (EVSE), and bulk system frequency increase. The adoption of EV without robust cybersecurity could bring considerable risk in terms of availability of asset and infrastructure, safety of people, and confidentiality. This session will discuss best practices and a cost-efficient approach of managing EV charging infrastructure cybersecurity risk.


Pranav Patel
President at ResiliAnt

Pranav Patel is the founder and CEO of ResiliAnt/MediTechSafe. He is also a board member in Centum Electronics and Adetel Group. Pranav is a thought leader, an innovator and a serial entrepreneur. Pranav previously served in business, operations and commercial leadership capacities with GE and Siemens, mostly recently as General Manager of GE Healthcare’s North American services business. He has been an early innovator in the Big Data and Artificial Intelligence space. Pranav has led start-up of multiple businesses including an Energy Storage company.

Pranav holds a bachelor’s degree with honors in electrical engineering from the University of Illinois @ Urbana – Champaign, a master’s degree in electrical and computer engineering and a second master’s degree in industrial engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He later finished his MBA degree from the Georgia State University. He has co-authored several patents.

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