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Decentralized Identity for the Internet of Things

Nelson Petracek Global Chief Technology Officer (CTO) TIBCO Software, Inc.
10 Dec 2021
13:30 - 14:00
Keynote Room

Decentralized Identity for the Internet of Things


As the world transforms to digital, companies try to stay relevant while balancing demands for sustainability and social responsibility. Effective, efficient, and secure operations are critical. To achieve the agility needed to succeed in an increasingly connected world, many organizations are turning to IoT to extend processing boundaries, allow for autonomous interactions, and power decisions with more data. The ability to trust the identity of IoT devices is crucial. If a device is compromised or impersonated, decisions made on associated data can’t be trusted; results can be catastrophic. Certificates and keys are options, but can be complex to manage and maintain. What other options are emerging? How can trust be built into an IoT device network? Join this session to hear about work in the area of blockchain, emerging decentralized identity, and how it could be applied.


As Chief Technology Officer of TIBCO Software, Nelson Petracek helps shape the development of TIBCO’s technology platforms and products. With over 20 years of experience, Nelson works to deliver solutions for the digital transformation age, drawing upon his deep knowledge of APIs, cloud, event-driven architectures, blockchain, and analytical applications. A technology evangelist, author, and frequent speaker, Nelson works with customers on the practical use of technologies and architectures and advises on various information creation and delivery patterns. He holds a Bachelor’s of Commerce in Computational Science from the University of Saskatchewan.

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