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Thank you for your interest to attend the IoT Slam X virtual conference, taking place December 11th, 2019. Please complete the form below - filling in all required fields, within the allotted time. If the page fails to load correctly / or it times out please refresh the page and try again. If you are still having difficulties registering, please send us a mail to delegaterelations@iotslam.com with the reference / page error you are seeing and we will resolve this for you.

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What people are saying about the IoT Slam conference

Building on the successes of the inaugural IoT Slam, we expect to shape the IoT narrative, harvesting the very best IoT thought leadership from our IoT Community. We look forward to welcoming and hosting members in RTP,

Bill Mortimer, VP Spirent & IoT Community Chairman

The IoT Slam event is a unique opportunity for participants to not only learn how to survive in this perfect storm but to thrive in it by getting actionable insights.

Mac Devine, CTO of Cloud, IBM

A data-driven, analytic culture is key to driving value in IoT applications. Volume and velocity of IoT data requires increasing automation and machine intelligence. I am eager to participate in conversations about driving value from IoT data.

Oliver Schabenberger, CTO at SAS Software

IoT Slam allows IBM to connect with other industry leaders and the IoT community at large. We look forward to engaging with members of the IoT Community to share our experiences & explore together how to leverage IoT for transformative benefit

Chris O'Connor, CEO Persistent Systems, Former, GM IoT Offerings IBM


The IoT Community and board members love the IoT Slam Conference.  Our conferences are an excellent way to continually deliver exclusive, cutting edge IoT content designed for CxO, executives and business line management, as well as technology oriented executives. Each year we look forward to our IoT Slam Conference and genuinely enjoy being able to provide education and networking opportunities throughout our community.  Offering new IoT content that is created to help take your business to the next level is something we look forward to doing every year.   The success of the IoT Slam Conferences would not be possible without the help of our wonderful sponsors.  We look forward to what amazing things will happen this April.  Do not miss the chance to join us for the IoT Slam Conference 2019! 

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