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IoT Community Announces IoT Grand Slam 2016 Virtual Internet of Things Conference Agenda

Highly acclaimed IoT Slam® series commences virtually on-line, December 1, 2016 – featuring elite speakers, exclusive topics, and world class sessions.

San Francisco, October 5, 2016 – The Internet of Things community, the world’s largest network of CxOs and IoT professionals, today announced the agenda for its IoT Grand Slam virtual conference taking place December 1, 2016 online in the Cloud.

With expert contributions from CxOs and IoT practitioners at IBM, Microsoft, HP Enterprise, Emerson, Spirent, GE Digital, Progress Software, Wipro, Entringa, Autodesk, Helium, Rapid 7, Greenwave, Vigilant, and Amyx IoT – amongst other leading lights, the IoT Grand Slam 2016 event is a must attend event for anyone seeking to learn about best practices of IoT from a horizontal industry perspective.

IoT Grand Slam 2016 features insights, best practices, and exclusive IoT use cases showcasing:

  • Tools to create real-world-like data to design and build business processes and applications and share them across the enterprise.
  • Techniques to use Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) modeling engines to derive meaning from large data sets and deliver prescriptive solutions.
  • How to deal with areas such as connectivity, security, and battery design that are affected when designing 3G, LTE, and the upcoming LTE Cat M1 and Cat NB1 technologies into IoT devices.
  • An in-depth look at practical aspects of successful IoT solutions – the IoT standards landscape, deployable solution architecture, security requirements, network technologies and connectivity, interoperability and service delivery.
  • Bringing the physical world online by using platforms that make it as easy for developers to connect products to the internet as it is to make web applications today.
  • What factors are driving edge computing and why it may come sooner than we think.
  • Illustrating effective IoT security testing using a holistic approach that focuses on the entire ecosystem of an IoT solution, including: hardware, mobile, and cloud environments.
  • How wearable data coupled with advanced analytics can be used to significantly improve occupational health and safety.
  • Highlight the architecture and algorithms that delivered these results, and how they can be applied to optimizing other kinds of facilities.
  • How sensors, machine learning and prescriptive analytics bring data center management into the modern age.

The full IoT Grand Slam 2016 Conference program, topics, themes, and list of speakers can be viewed via https://iotslam.com/grand-slam-2016-agenda/

“We are excited to announce the agenda for the IoT Grand Slam 2016 Conference and we are delighted to unveil this ahead of schedule,” said Bill Mortimer, Vice President of Strategic Marketing at Spirent Communications, and IoT Slam Organizing Committee Chairman. “We received great submissions which have led to yet another tremendous amount of world-class IoT content for this next installment of IoT Slam. We are very pleased to deliver an event that features real world industry use cases and meaningful take-aways that provide actionable insights on key industry themes. We look forward to welcoming and hosting members of our IoT Community and the broader IoT and enterprise industry in the cloud on December 1, 2016.”

Commenting on the announcement, Chris O’Connor, General Manager of IBM Watson IoT, and a member of the IoT Community Advisory Board said, “IBM Watson IoT is thrilled to be involved in another IoT Slam. As the IoT community grows, it’s exciting to see new insights as we all learn more while forging ahead with the Internet of Things. I look forward to sharing some perspectives on what we see as key IoT opportunities, and am excited to hear from so many other leaders on how they view the IoT landscape. I encourage the global IoT community to join us on December 1 to discuss how we can find the greatest success as we continue on the IoT journey.”

Sam George, Director, Microsoft Azure IoT said, “As IoT continues to transform the world around us, the team at Microsoft is excited to be working with so many members of the industry ecosystem to effect change. We look forward to sharing practical, real-world examples of how everyday customers are getting started with IoT with so many innovative colleagues at the IoT Grand Slam 2016 Conference this December.”   

Also commenting on the announcement, David Hill, Executive Director of the IoTC – IoT Community said, “We are excited to showcase another world class line up of IoT thought leaders and practitioners to the IoT Grand Slam event. Combined with the IoT Health Slam event taking place on December 2nd, we are sure to deliver the most comprehensive and cutting edge IoT material around. This exemplifies where the IoTC (IoT Community) is headed in 2017 and beyond.” 

For more information about IoT Slam 2016 and to register now, please visit https://iotslam.com/register/. Registered Attendees will also benefit from receiving full access to on-demand proceedings as well as access to all IoT Slam 2016, and 2015 Sessions.

About IoT Grand Slam™
Grand Slam – an IoT Slam® production, is the Internet of Things Community’s (IoTC) third international virtual IoT conference, covering standards, interoperability, open source, integration, security, infrastructure, business models, research, innovation, best practices, technology, industry implementation and compliance, from a horizontal industry perspective in the world of IoT. The online conference will take place December 1, 2016. For more information, visit www.iotslam.com. Grand Slam delivers the best in class IoT Strategy, Leadership, Advisory and Methodology – (SLAM)™.

About Internet of Things Community™
The IoT Community is the world’s largest CxO community of senior business leaders and IoT practitioners consisting of 16,000+ members. The function of the community is to focus on the adoption and application of IoT in commercial environments, seeking to understand and contribute to applying the technology or overcoming the wide variety of barriers, inhibitors, and technical and operational issues. For more information about the Internet of Things community, or to apply for free membership, please visit https://iotslam.com/community.

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Link to press release via Businesswire: IoT Community (IoTC) Announces IoT Grand Slam 2016 Virtual Internet of Things Conference Agenda