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Emerson Network Power Joins IoTC (IoT Community), Will Provide Keynote at IoT Grand Slam Virtual Internet of Things Conference

Keynote to address IoT platforms and open architecture

San Francisco [Nov. 2, 2016 ] –  The IoTC (IoT Community) – the world’s largest group of CxOs and IoT professionals, announces Emerson Network Power, soon to become Vertiv, as a corporate member of the IoTC and a Gold Partner for the IoT Grand Slam virtual conference taking place December 1, 2016.

At the virtual event, Steve Blackwell, Vice President of Engineering for Data Center Solutions at Emerson Network Power, will present a keynote address outlining how today’s IoT systems include an increasingly complex mix of new and legacy devices, each with its own unique capabilities and idiosyncrasies. In a perfect world, these intelligent devices would provide complete, consistent interfaces using industry-standard protocols. Unfortunately, this is not the case for many existing devices. Instead, IoT platforms must communicate with each device using its own set of supported interfaces and protocols, even though the data that is returned is sometimes inconsistent, incomplete, or even misidentified. The challenge for the system designer is to derive order from this state of confusion.

Although the task of creating and maintaining consistent device data models can be difficult and resource-intensive, Emerson Network Power is leading the way in enabling industrial and enterprise data centers the ability to gain insight into the operation of complex systems. We look forward to hearing the Emerson perspective on IoT at this year’s event,” said Bill Mortimer, Executive Vice President of Strategic Marketing at Spirent Communications, and Chairman of the IoT Slam® Conference and IoT Community.

“Being an active member of the Internet of Things Community and its Grand IoT Slam event allows Emerson Network Power to collaborate with other industry leaders, both sharing our knowledge and learning from this relationship,” said Steve Hassell, President of Data Center Solutions for Emerson Network Power, and a member of the IoT Community Advisory Board. “As the market leader in Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM), we have created a unified platform that enables cross-domain management, providing significant, quantifiable value to our customers, helping them to lower operating costs, identify system limitations, and improve equipment utilization. We look forward to engaging with members of the IoT Community on December 1st to share our experiences and explore together how to leverage IoT for transformative benefit.”

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About Emerson Network Power

Emerson Network Power is the world’s leading provider of critical infrastructure technologies and life cycle services for information and communications technology systems. With an expansive portfolio of intelligent, rapidly deployable hardware and software solutions for power, thermal and infrastructure management, Emerson Network Power enables efficient, highly-available networks. On August 2, 2016, Emerson announced an agreement to sell its Network Power business to Platinum Equity. The sale is expected to close by December 31, 2016, at which time Emerson Network Power will become Vertiv. Learn more at www.EmersonNetworkPower.com

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Link to announcement via Businesswire – http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20161102005381/en/Emerson-Network-Power-Joins-IoTC-IoT-Community