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Call For Papers is now Closed: Grand Slam Virtual Internet of Things Conference, December 1st 2016

The 2 previous IoT Slam’s were a huge success. The IoT “Grand Slam” event will raise the bar even higher!


IoT Enabler Topics  Enterprise IoT Topics IoT Developer Topics IoT Platform Topics
Sensors and data points. Industrial / Enterprise Benchmarking Applications and Platforms Standards and collaboration
Devices and Appliances Authentication and Security Cloud and Storage Edge Computing (Fog)
Ubiquitous coverage and connectivity Infrastructure and Processing Evolving Standards Swarm intelligence
Automation and Cognitive Computing Digital Transformation / Interoperability Open Source Learning Software Organization
Wearables and Augmented Reality Bandwidth and Pipe Availability Blockchain for IoT Platforms and portability
Microcontrollers Big Data Analytics Interoperability and validation Software Architecture
Mobile Payments Business Transformation Prescriptive Analytics Big Data Analytics
Near Field Communication Commercial Viability Incubating IoT Ecosystems Vertical Alignment and Customization
Regulations / Impact of “Brexit” Visualization / Data Insights Development Environments Mobile and Connectivity


TRACK 1: Standards: Multiple initiatives which lack unification and ratification

StandardsWith the number and variety of IoT standards that have different design objectives and target applications, how does and should an IoT developer make sensible choices when they are architecting, designing and implementing their devices and applications. How can a developer test their implementation interoperates with other implementations and performs satisfactorily in the field, especially when deployed in large numbers and perhaps in hostile environment conditions. How can develop make their implementation as future-proof as their operating environment demands.

TRACK 2: Interoperability and Integration

integrationThis track will focus on the issues and opportunities related to interoperability and integration.

  • Who needs or wants to work together? In what ways?
  • What is required and desirable to enable the inter-operation or integration of these related applications or systems?
  • What commercial and technical frameworks need to be in place? What is the impact going to be on the industry and the end-user consumer or enterprise?

TRACK 3: Security: Defending Applications, Pipes and End-points from Attack

IoT security remains an ongoing challenge. Developers are confronted with ensuring their implementations are secure. How can developers ensure their implementations are successfully resilient against known vulnerabilities and future threats, as much as that is possible. How will their device and application work securely in the network and when interoperating with other systems.

This track will help address the core inhibitor to date – Security, and provide clear guidelines on how this should be approached.

TRACK 4: Inexperience with Network Communications, Security and IT

SecurityWith IoT emerging in many applications segments, in such a wide range of functionality and complexity, the industry is faced with the challenged that many developers do not have as deep as experience in network communications, security and IT that mobile phone, smartphone and tablet developers have had in the past.

How can a developer learn and adopt the best practices for their device, application or the networks to which their devices or application will be connected.

What is needed to overcome the challenges.

TRACK 5: Volume and Variety of Devices and Applications

Device_ApplicationNetwork operators have to ensure IoT devices can be simply, safely and securely connected to your networks such that the device can work satisfactorily, the network can offer the quality of service expected for the application, and the customer experience is satisfactory, whether the customer is a human or an application. With the large number and variety of devices and applications, operators have to develop systems to get devices connected to their networks quickly and use active techniques and analytics to verify the operation of the device and application, initially they are first connected, after some time as the number of devices on the network scales large. What are the key performance indicators or characteristics that determine if a IoT device is operating satisfactorily or abnormally.

TRACK 6: In the Field for Long Periods and in Hostile Environments

FieldMany IoT devices and applications need to operate in the field for long periods of time and in hostile environments, characterized by harsh temperature, humidity and exposed to humans, animals and nature. How can an operator ensure the satisfactory operation over the expected lifetime of the device or application? Battery life is a serious challenge for many IoT devices and applications.

TRACK 7. Best Practices: Lessons Learned from putting IoT strategies into practice

IoT Slam 2015 Internet of Things ConferenceWe will focus on sharing and learning from the experiences in developing, deploying and managing IoT-enabled systems and applications to understand the challenges and best practices to realize the high-impact benefits from IoT. For example, we anticipate we will explore how to put in place a data hub for your city, enterprise or community, and how to combine data in a useful, interconnected way to address infrastructure challenges. We will discuss the partnerships, projects and schemes major stakeholders are undertaking, and the lessons learned. We will explore the best ways to engage with IoT planners and solutions providers to establish the optimal means of partnership, and building on common commercial interests. We will explore the opportunities for companies looking to leverage IoT throughout their developments.

Abstract Requirements, Milestones, and Time frames

All full paper submissions will be peer reviewed and evaluated based on originality, technical and/or research content/depth, correctness, relevance to conference, contributions, and readability. Proposals may include panels, seminars, case studies, workshops, posters and presentations. Abstract should be submitted in English and should consist of approximately 400 words. Please ensure you describe the presentation target audience, and ensure you define the format and outcomes.

Submissions criteria

  • Originality of the content
  • Priority of topics being proposed
  • Learning objectives and outcomes for the audience
  • Objectivity – Theory vs Reality
  • Organization of information
  • Relevance to the conference tracks and clarity of session
  • Reputation of the speaker – position, accomplishments / prior speakerships
  • C-Level speakers are given added preference
  • Replays, or sessions that have been presented before at other industry events / conferences are unlikely to be accepted, as material for our event is intended to be “exclusive”

Speaker Milestones and important Dates

Call For Papers Opens – July 19th 2016
Call For Papers Closes – September 18th 2016
Confirmations of Acceptance Sent – October 3rd 2016
Confirmed Speakers Announced – October 10th 2016
Standard Registration Opens – October 11th 2016
IoT Grand Slam Commences – December 1st 2016
Health Slam Commences – December 2nd 2016

Review Process

The Committee reserves the right to solicit presentations in addition to those submitted to ensure a balanced and appropriate conference program. You will be notified if your abstract is accepted for presentation. All accepted presentation abstracts will be posted to the conference agenda page. By submitting an abstract you confirm that all conference presentations may be digitally recorded and subsequently uploaded to the conference Web page and/or otherwise distributed and shared with a larger audience through post event proliferation. Paper submission and review will be handled by our online system.

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IoT Grand Slam® Virtual Internet of Things Conference

IoT Slam Internet of Things Conference

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