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Jim St.Clair

Chief Trust Officer at Lumedic
Jim St.Clair Chief Trust Officer Lumedic

Jim St.Clair

Chief Trust Officer at Lumedic


Jim St.Clair

As the Chief Trust Officer for the Lumedic Exchange, the first internationally available patient-centric data exchange platform, Jim leads the development and harmonization of W3C verifiable credential data standards across healthcare and identity use cases. Additionally, as part of Tegria, a services and solutions company launched by Providence, one of the nation’s largest health systems, Jim joins Providence leaders directly contributing to HL7 project teams. Jim works closely to identify opportunities to leverage new developments in data standards and contribute technical advancements back to HL7, ISO, and IEEE standards development.
• Vice Chair, INCITS (ANSI) Blockchain Working Group, US member of ISO TC 307
• Member, IEEE P2145 Blockchain Governance WG, P2933 Medical Device WG, P2673 Medical Information Working Group
• Vice Chair, SSI in IOT WG, Sovrin Foundation
• Steering Committee Member, Trust over IP Foundation
• Healthcare Sector Coordinating Committee, Health Tech Risk WG
• Member, National Digital Twin Programme (UK)

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